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What To Do On Vacation (Drink Obviously) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Open

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What To Do On Vacation (Drink Obviously) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Open Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 1:55 pm

August sat down in a random bar in Hosenka and sighed. After finding out that he had a half-sister and getting to know her a bit, Elise suggested he join her here as a vacation since he supposedly needed it. It took a bit of convincing on her part, but in the end, he folded and went with her. By pure coincidence, he ran into his flustered cousin who was doing work so she could help her guild do some sort of event in the city. Mielle, knowing August was mainly a paper pusher in the Rune Knights, roped August into helping her file some paperwork. The damn doll could be crafty at times. In the meantime, he had done some sightseeing with Elise. 

Today he had intended on joining his sister, but caught her drinking with someone else at a bar and didn't want to intrude. So he was going to spend time with his cousin, but she also looked busy so August simply left without greeting her. Kamui, another friend of his, invited him somewhere, but after finding out it was joining her in a hot spring, August did the gentlemanly thing and left. To be fair, that was yesterday, but August just couldn't find it in himself to seek her out again, not after that eyeful he received.

So now he was stuck alone at a random bar, his friends and family all too busy for him. He was currently staring into a cup of alcohol the locals called sake, questioning his life choices.


What To Do On Vacation (Drink Obviously) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Open Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:47 pm


Navi had learned the hard way that Blue Pegasus liked to party and party hard. That was all well and good, but with his bum leg there were certain things he could just not keep up with and that was not for lack of trying! The guild had split up over the last few days to unwind and have their own personal time, which left the barman to his own devices. His own devices being wandering the city and looking for something interesting to do. That lead him to a rundown old bath house yesterday and a new friend.

Today his wanderings lead him to a bar that had the scent of good alcohol and better food wafting from its inviting and open doors. That was more than enough to bring the amnesiac in to investigate.

With the tell-tale thudding of his cane hitting the floor her approached the bar next to a sullen looking young man and leaned against it. That was Sake in his hand, he must be drinking to unwind. “Hey barkeep, set up a tab for Navi of Blue Pegasus.” He called to which the man behind the bar nodded and took a slip of paper and marked a note on it. “Start me on a fruity sake, hot. I want to feel it.” The amnesiac said, finding this the perfect time to test his alcohol tolerance.

Navi then looked to the side and nodded to his soon to be drinking buddy, it was time to be a friend he needed. “Are you doing okay chum?” He asked with a friendly smile, just as a small jug of Sake and a cup was placed next to his hand.

Navi: ffcc00


What To Do On Vacation (Drink Obviously) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Open Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 12:19 am

August gives a bleary look to the man suddenly sitting beside him. Nav, was it? August was only listening in on the man's brief conversation with the barkeep. Thinking back August knew this man. Not directly, but he had helped Mielle with paperwork for the event being hosted with her guild, the reason he was even in Hosenka. He had only briefly glanced at the attendant's name list since it was part of what he was helping with (more city and rune knight bureaucracy, nothing confidential for the guild). "You are... Mielle's guildmate." Was August's first words to the man, the full realization causing him to straighten his posture and give the man his best most charming smile. "Yes, I am well, thank you for asking." He lied between his teeth. "Private August Toussaint of the Rune Knights, at your service. Any guildmate of my cousin is a friend of mine." August says while using his Archive Magic to pull up the man's stats, something only August could see, finding him to be the Rune Knight's general equal at least on that level. After the fright of looking at his sister's stats the first time very recently, this made August relax a tad


What To Do On Vacation (Drink Obviously) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Open Empty Fri Feb 09, 2024 2:52 pm


The scarred bartender nodded as the man understood that Navi was a guildmate of Mielle’s, a friendly smile on his face as a cup of sake was being raised up to his lips. The warm fruity liquid had a good sharp taste that he quickly sipped softly before placing it back down. The rush of the warm alcohol gave him a good feeling and served as a good introduction to the days drinking.

“it’s good to meet you August. Any family of Mielle is a friend of mine.” Navi spoke, giving his new friends a friendly nod, letting the young protector know that he himself is willing to protect too. “Call me Navi, I’m the amnesiac bartender of Blue Pegasus.” He said to give a formal introduction to the Rune Knight, raising his sake up in an act of cheers, ready for them to clink together.

Navi pulled his cup back and drank the rest of it in a naturally practiced motion, the liquid barely touching his lips before he swallowed it with a wild grin. A grin his previous friendly and kind smiles before betrayed, a natural instinct of a predator that was quickly washed away as he turned to face the bar keep and he raised two fingers. “Get us some Vodka, Yuzu liquor, lime juice and glasses with crushed ice. Tonight, me and my friend party.” He spoke, concocting a dangerous cocktail that would be more alcohol than anything but taste like a simple sweet lemon juice.

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What To Do On Vacation (Drink Obviously) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Open Empty Tue Feb 13, 2024 11:36 pm

August readily clinks his sake with the man when he offers. He seemed nice enough, and to be honest, August could use the company. He really didn't know that many people outside of Minstrel and Seven, let alone outside the Rune Knights. Doing a bit of casual networking was a good idea, especially now that August has finally reached the almost universally agreed drinking age. He was still building his tolerance to the stuff, but as a trained diplomat he could at least pretend to hold his own. It helped that while growing up in Misntrel wine flowed like blood, so he was at least used to the taste, and even had opinions. 

But as he looked at the man's temporarily wilder grin, which switched back to his friendly one almost as quickly, August knew he was in for more than the social drinking he did. Mostly as the man listed another order. Well, that was fine, August could handle himself. But while Navi was talking to the bartender, August quickly noticed that his status screen was still up from earlier. Usually, it went away on its own if August was not actively paying attention to keep it up, which he wasn't, but for some reason, it was lingering. Then with a raised eyebrow, the Archive mage noticed... what that a loading wheel? That's never happened before, not even when he was looking up the stats of strange or strong people. 

But August quickly realized that he was neglecting his new drinking partner, and looked at Navi with a smile. "Ah, forgive my distraction. And thank you for the drink." August said, briefly toasting the man with the cocktail that was ordered to him, then swinging it back. It was... very good. "Ah! I have never had this before. It's very good." August said, genuinely delighted. "I grew up in Minstrel and Seven you see, and they usually serve wine or champagne. This is my first time having sake as well. It pays well in experience to drink with a bartender I suppose." August compliments the man, trying to ignore how the drink affected him already.

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