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Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open

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Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 1:33 pm

Kamui sighed as she relaxed in the hot waters. This was becoming a regular occurrence for her as she stayed in Hosenka. It reminded her so much of home and the happier moments of her childhood. This hot spring was technically a public one, but she hadn't had much company in the time she was relaxing in it. Which was usually what she liked best, to the point her chatty companion was banned from being here with her. Mami didn't like hot springs much anyways, it was too hot for the cheagle, mostly since their species seemed to prefer colder climates.

But tonight she was so relaxed that she invited an acquaintance to join her. Well, she tried. August was a bit confused with the directions, and when he finally arrived he took one look at Kamui stretched out in the hot spring, turned around, and left. Kamui thought it was rather rude of him, but she would confront the man about it later. For now, she was content, her hair done up, a small towel around her body, and a glass of sake in her hands. as she soaked.


Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:22 pm


The Christina had been in Hosenka for just a few days now and Navi finally had some time to explore on his own and let the atmosphere sink in. The area of the town he was wandering through now was old, run down and empty. That was save for a few of the ancient bath houses that should have been closed down but stayed open out of sheer familial pride and stubbornness.  Which was endearing to the man, it somewhat reminded him of himself, old and forgotten but carrying on out of sheer stubborn grit.

The amnesiac hobbled into one of these places and saw the old owner, a woman who was as shrivelled as a prune was sitting behind a reception counter, her eyes barely open as she gently snored away softly. This brought a smile to the barkeeper’s face as he moved over and dinged the bell, waking the woman up. After a short interaction she handed over a set of fresh clean towels and waved in the general direction of the doors… which had no gender signs on. This place must have been older than the woman in charge. With a soft chuckle Navi moved to the right side and went to change out of his clothing. After placing his shorts, sandals and shirt in a basket and placing it in a cubby he took his towel and wrapped it around his torso for now before using his cane to move into the actual hot spring.

That was when a peculiar sight hit him, a rather beautiful woman relaxing with her body on full display! With a smiling sigh the man moved forward and made to get into the water, removing his towel to fold it by his cane. Now his entire scar littered body was on show, and not all of them were old, he had the body of a seasoned veteran of combat. “I hope you don’t mind the company. This place is so run down I can’t tell which side is meant for whom.” He said as he sunk into the water, not caring all that much for being in the presence of a woman. He was too sore, and his leg ached from the days activities so the hot water would do it some good.

Navi: ffcc00


Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 11:52 am

She never did this sort of thing. This kind of thing was very joyan and so foreign to her. But people told her its ok and perfectly fine and normal. So she'd slowly make her way to the hotspring area. Very self concious about that. Well... slowly is not the right term. More like she'd beeline for the hotspring water so her body can be covered by something and would just wanna slink in when no one is looking. She'd see people were there talking, so not paying attention to her. Thats when she got in the hotspring. But she woiuldnt be close to anyone. Certainly not to an older dude who was essentially a stranger. And well, itd be weird to be close to a girl. So she was fine where she was. Joyans were really weird with this stuff, she cant understand it, but at least she tried it


Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 12:06 am

Kmaui notices rather quickly that she has company from the noises in the changing and washing area of the Osen. Thinking August had changed his mind, Kamui stayed in her lounged position and took another sip of her sake. By the time she put the cup back on the floating tray, the person had come out. To her surprise, it was a well-built man with scars plenty who had a wild look about him that immediately piqued her interest. They had the air and body of a battle-worn veteran, and Kamui had to urge to reach over to where her katana was wrapped in a towel and challenge this man to a friendly duel. That urge dropped though when she noticed the man walked with a limp. He could still definitely be a challenge, but outright challenging a disabled person first was unhonourable. 

When the man sits down with a groan into the pool and speaks to her, Kamui can only give him a look that shows how little she minds him joining her. "This one does not know. But in my time here have found little issue with the hostess or other patrons regarding this matter." She says, eyeing his outer right forearm and noting the guild mark. She was going to comment on it when another person entered the bathing area. It was a rather shell-shocked-looking girl with bright pink hair. 

There was a beat on Kamui's part as she waited for this girl to move. When she didn't Kamui gave her a look that could be interpreted as stern, though she was going to be confused. "If you stay there standing, you shall catch a cold. Sit." She said to the girl, eyes pointing to a spot beside Kamui, but away from the man.

Turning her attention away from the girl, Kamui looks toward Navi and offers a cup of sake. Pouring a cup for both of the newcomers, even if they didn't accept she would simply drink the cups herself, and say. "In my homeland of Joya it is custom to enjoy sake, rice wine, in osen's such as these, and it is not permitted to pour it yourself when in the presence of others. Therefore allow me, if you so wish to indulge." Kamui says, taking a moment to glance at the guild mark on the girl's abdomen. "I see you are both guild mages, here for the event taking place between your guilds. I am Tsunagi Kamui, an acquaintance of Mielle Auclair of Blue Pegasus. Be at ease." Kamui finishes, laying back in the hot spring, sipping sake again.


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It felt so good to have the steaming water wash away his pains, so much so that he almost missed the new stranger walk into the corner of his vision. He paid them no mind and kept looking up to the sky above as the original woman gave him the feeling of a hunting predator who had just seen challenging kill. It wasn’t quite the reaction he was hoping to get, but it was still better than being screamed at to get out and called names. The original lass was blunt in her announcement to the new attendee, calling for her to sit or catch a cold.

He finally looked down from the sky and witnessed the full form that was proudly displayed with no shame. She was pouring a set of drinks for him and the newcomer, explaining that her Joyan culture mandated that she pour drinks for them. With a nod he readied his hand to stop the gently floating tray, taking the cup he had been offered and then gently nudging it towards the quiet girl.

“You know Mielle? She’s a cute little lass.” Navi admitted, letting his deep voice flow like a stream of water through gravel. “I’ll do my best to care for her, you need not worry.” He added on, showing his protective nature over his guildmates, and the woman he had upset and made amends with.

It was rare for him to have drinks poured for him, so this sake was something he was going to savour. In a clean motion he brought the cup to his lips and took a drink, the warm liquid washed through him and the warmth it provided matched the spring water that he was lounging in. “Call me Navi, Blue Pegasus’ new bartender.” He said offering a nod to both ladies before leaning back to place his cup back onto the edge by his cane and towel. Every twist and turn he made showed more scars of both old and fading and the recent.

Navi: ffcc00


Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 3:04 am

It didnt take long to quickly get settled as she was spotted and told to sit. So she decided to do so as soon as possible to get the warmth of the hot spring. She stll hasnt spoken though yet as the joyan spoke of their culture and sake.

Thats when the girl remarked they were both guild mages. She was called Kamui or was it Tsunagi? She never knew with joyan names and their reverse order. Anywho she wasnt in a guild but an acquintance
"Oh yeah, I know her. She's nice" she spoke still a bit timidly. But at least she was speaking.

The other guy was also a Blue Pegasus guy called Navi, a bartender. Well, she guessed since they introduced themselves, it was her turn
"My name is Sally, I am from Fairy Tail" if one didnt notice from the guild mark. But at least they had a name now


Is It Peeping If There's Permission? [FPHS – Peeping Show] Open Empty Wed Feb 14, 2024 12:34 am

Kmaui gave Navi an overly serious nod at his word of taking care of Mielle. While the girl did conspire with that Rune Knight to have Kamui take Mami under her wing, which was annoying, the cheagle and the dol were still friends so Kamui saw her often enough. It was more of an icebreaker and a reason to get them to relax. 

"A bartender you say? hm. Tell me, what do you think of this sake? It has a different flavour compared to those made directly in my homeland. But while this osen is rundown, their sake is good for a local brew." Kamui comments calmly, taking a sip of her own drink. Usually, Kamui hated small talk, but since this was a topic that actually interested her, she didn't mind this time. But after glancing at this Sally girl, Kamui realized she had no idea how to include her in the conversation, mostly since he seemed uninterested in alcohol. Hmm, Mielle complaining to her through Mami about ignoring her friend would be troublesome, but outside that common person,  Kamui had no link to this girl. Hopefully, the scarred bartender would pick up the social slack. Bartenders were supposed to be good at small talk, right?

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