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On The Prowl~ [FTBP Event - Pest control]

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On The Prowl~ [FTBP Event - Pest control] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 8:46 am


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“Hmph. They call this winter? It like warm breeze in Icerbergian summer…” Perhaps some so weary of the weather found at these kinds of altitudes that they might retreat to the water and the steam offered by the springs and sauna's and feel unable to leave them, Sasha Sinova was not among their number, and if anything seemed to feel a note of contempt for any who might retreat from what felt like the breath of the balmy months as the wind blew past her, at least when compared to what she had grown up with.
“Plenty of heat, and plenty who enjoy it…” Kneeling to touch the ground and feeling plenty of that geothermal goodness radiating through the ground as she did so, while it was perhaps true that this land might have been blessed with a better supply of temperature than most places thanks to the hotness which lay beneath the earth, ultimately from where she was standing folk in general in this land needed to toughen up and remember that only the fittest seemed to survive.

“The hunt is on…!” Certainly feeling that the at times troubling life which she had led up to this point had well prepared her for that as she paused for a moment and caught the scent of something worth feasting upon catching her nose, today there would be no need for a trip to some local eatery or something of the sort since this was a girl who was more than capable of surviving entirely off the land, and frankly she enjoyed that fact. After all, she preferred having no master than her own desire, didn't she~?


But I'm So Damn Good At It~
- Sasha Sins

credit to nat of adoxography.

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#2Kanna Kusanagi 

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Kanna Kusanagi


Kanna Kusanagi was pretty fucking far from a hero... But these guys were offering a fuckton of money for her to off some monsters and she'd be an idiot to turn a blind eye to opportunity like this. Of course, the difference between her and a more traditional hero was, once she was done here, she was equally likely to extort her employers to double her pay, lest she unleash twice as many monsters as the ones she killed. Would be a damn shame to go that far so hopefully it wouldn't come to that.

"Now, if I was an ugly, disgusting fire monster, where the fuck would I hide huh?", she mumbled aloud as she headed off into the wilderness in the outskirts of one particular hot springs inn that posted a request. Seemed that whatever kind of monsters had been harassing the owners came from this forest

Though the days had gotten warmer in the last week, the nights retained that frosty, wintery chill that made her yearn for a warmer setting, such as those hot springs she was now helping out for an exhorbitant price... Kanna looked left, then right, her whole curvaceous frame clad in the sleek metallic armor afforded to her by her bond with Heinrich, the God of Knowledge, a form fitting suit of power armor that retained her complete freedom of motion, allowing her to explore the wilderness unimpeded... The wild howled across the trees, and the blonde turned right... Down here... Tracks of... Something?

"That don't look like no animal I ever saw...", she noted, quickly catching how the grass beneath the tracks looked visibly scorched. A low whirr pierced the quiet as her armor slowly came to life, a subtle glow in her chest and palms as she prepared for action... Whatever she'd come here to hunt was getting close.


- Kanna Kusanagi

credit to nat of adoxography.

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