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The Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 4:15 am

Fei Yu

The Clock Tower

A grand facility that was constructed between the Isle of Erin and the Highlands of Alba, the clock tower quickly gained its renown as a place of learning and education. Considered something akin to a sister branch to the magic school of Caelum, while the school focuses more on educational purposes, the Clock Tower quickly became the focus of magical research and experimentation within a safe environment.

The tower itself as the name suggests is a giant structure with a clock at the top, which the citizens of Caelum affectionately call 'Big Benny'. although surrounding the tower are several facilities meant to enhance the experience and livelihood of those who visit. People frequently compare the Clock Tower to something akin to a magic university, but in truth beyond its research, the Clock Tower has a more serious purpose. First and foremost is the functionality as an anchor to help stabilize the barrier protecting Earthland from the void, while at the same time, the Clock Tower has started to focus its resources on the studying of otherworldly phenomena, with the most focus being currently devoted to the subject of 'Voidal Corruption'.


Péra apó ti Theótita: In the common tongue translated to: Beyond Divinity, the saying that represents the common belief of the scholars and mages working at the clock tower is that the fate of Earthland should be up to its denizen to decide, and as such they will need to continue being stimulated to grow and overcome their limits. To truly transcend in a way similar to the otherworldly beings.

Ευλογημένο από τις Νεράιδες: A unique trait to the Clock Tower is the fact that despite it being a technological marvel, it has been entirely constructed by the collaboration of Fae and a group of ancient mages who still followed the old way. As such one can frequently find a pixie or another Fae fluttering around the tower in search of entertainment.

Πύργος ρολογιού: The Clock Tower is a sacred monument of Caelum, to the point the people often call it 'The tower of Divinity' they also respect it and consider it a structure once build by one of the Fae's guardian deities to help the denizen of the tower transcend their limits. As such to try to attack or damage the tower is sacrilegious and superstition suggests it will cast down the wrath of the mighty Albion upon the perpetuator.

Not all is as it seems: While the island is concealed near the Isle of Erin, those who find the island's whereabouts and possess the magical insight to observe mana will quickly notice that there is a constant wave of Fae magic radiating from the tower and that the inhabitants of the island resonate with it. Should one dare to try to delve too deep into the secrets of the island they will come to realize that the island is a sanctuary for fairies and their allies and that all the NPCs mentioned below are clever illusions made real by the magic of the fairies.


The Clock Tower is under the protection of Fei-yu, a mysterious fairy  who has become appointed as the director of the Clock Tower, functioning both as its protector and administrator. However, to those who conquer the secrets of the Divine Tower will quickly learn that the island itself is the sanctuary of a far more enigmatic being.


The Clock Tower: The Clock Tower is commonly seen as the most important facility in the surrounding area. Ever since its creation it became one of the forerunners on magic research and even became acknowledged by the Magic Council of Earthland in terms of its importance.

Fairy's Retreat: A favorite among the local scholars, Fairy's Retreat is a tavern that prides itself upon its delicious food, plentiful beverages, and cheap accommodation for any visitors during their time at the research institute. Due to the fact they offer discounts to those trying to contribute to the research of the Clock Tower, the place is often packed to the limit.

Gathering Of Heroes: Also commonly called the 'Hero Guild' or 'Adventurer's guild' by locals, this particular establishment serves as a place where people can take requests from locals to help them with various matters, although it is a branch of a chain, the Adventurer's guild serves as an excellent place to meet new friends or find a job. The local authorities of the island also consider this their base, so people can often be found to report troublemakers here.

The Administrator's Mansion: The Administrator's mansion, as the name suggests is the residence the people build in honor of the leader of the Clock Tower and became its director. Although too grand for her liking, Fei-yu has offered the spare rooms to guests and adventurers alike who have proven their worth at the Clock Tower. Rumors suggest that Fae can be frequently frolicking in the gardens, to the mild annoyance of the caretaker.

Arena Of Justice: The Arena of Justice, as the name suggests is the primary way for foreigners to settle grudges with each other. Done under the watchful eye of the leader of the local authorities and Myne who serves as a liaison between the island and foreign forces. The only way to carry out the law on this island for foreigners is by challenging the offender to a one-on-one duel, and either being allowed to take them into custody by winning, or to carry out judgment right there and then. However, rules have it that an equivalent trade must be offered between both individuals. Freedom for freedom, a life for a life.

Sleep Proudly Graveyard: A somber graveyard within the city. The name translates to: Sleep Proudly, which is a reference to many of the victims who succumbed to the powers the voidal corruption granted them. If desired their body is either released to the family of the individual or if not claimed after a while they are given a proper burial ceremony on the island itself.


Rhiannon: Also commonly called 'Rhia' by long term visitors, Rhiannon is the owner of the Fairy's tavern. A young and mysterious lady who has been around for as long as people can remember. Some stories suggest she is a fairy, others jokingly remark that she just likes mythology too much. She is overall kind and understanding and often provides travelers with support and encouragement for their attempts to conquer the tower.

Eliot: A young and ambitious adventurer who seeks to enroll into the Clock Tower in the hope of curing his ailing little sister. Eliot is a passionate, albeit somewhat naïve person who can often be found hiring people to overcome the admission tests alongside him.

Frey: The leader of the local authorities on the island. Frey once made a name for herself as the leader of a famous mercenary corporation in Seven who alongside her crew settled down on the island and later on took the role of peacekeeper. Charismatic, cunning, and a master of martial arts, few could think of a better leader than her. However, she seems to be harboring a secret...

Hecate: One of the staff members of the Adventurer's Guild, she is quite passionate about hearing the stories of Adventurers who work at the Clock Tower. If it comes to rumors and tales about the island there is no better source than Hecate!

Alpha: A Werewolf that is the leader of a small gang on the island. The man can be frequently found challenging adventurers to duels and causing general mischief on the island. Few know the reasons behind his actions, aside from the fact that he gets surprisingly restless around Frey.

Daewen: A maid working at the Divine Mansion, she often can be found hiring adventurers willing to earn some extra jewels by making them work around the mansion. Despite her enthusiasm for the work, she does struggle with the recklessness of her master, and the fact so many guests end up staying at the mansion.

Wysteria: One of the mysterious guards of the Clock Tower. Few know what she does during her free time, but when seen at the tower she can often be found leading people into the tower and explaining the nature of the research being conducted. Wysteria is considered an Administrator, meaning she is in charge of many of the tests being run at the facility.

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