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The Spotlight That Can Shine Through A Thunderstorm (Short/WIP)

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The Spotlight That Can Shine Through A Thunderstorm (Short/WIP) Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 10:54 pm

Name: The Spotlight That Can Shine Through A Thunderstorm

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Kamui and Dae Seong

Story: Not as long ago as you may think, on a rainy day in the country of Joya, a young boy sat in a dilapidated temple, the downpour so heavy that he didn’t hear the running of feet. Soon another boy came into view, and the two met. Dae Seong and Tsunagi Katsuragi were an unlikely duo, a friendship as unlikely as their meeting. This is the story of that friendship, from meeting, bonding, sharing, fighting and finally, their parting. Later, they would grow into a pop star who found love that healed, and a woman finding the strength to prove herself for love's sake.

Objective: Tell the story of two childhood friends, from meeting to separation.

Kamui As A Child:

Dae Seong As A Child:

Name: In Covered Cloud, Rain’s A’ Fall’n

Rank: A

Type: Good

Participants: Dae Seong, Kamui

Summary: Young Dae Seong has found himself stuck in a run-down temple during a very heavy rainstorm, heavier thoughts on his mind. He will soon find himself joined by another young boy named Tsunagi Katsuragi, who not only running from the rain. The two get to talking. And a friendship is built.

Others: Dae Seoing’s parents, Kamui’s Clan members

  • Have the two meet in the temple
  • Have them bond
  • Have them agree to meet again in the future
  • Dae Seong and Kamui must separately attempt to sneak away from their daily lives
  • Their meet and play in a forest of maple trees, Katsuragi showing Dae
  • Seong how to play traditional music, Dae Seong showing Katsurragi’s normal children's games
  • They must sneak back without anyone realizing they have gone, or believe a lie as to where they have been (this must be rolled)
  • If they fail their roll they must show them receiving their punishment
  • If they succeed, they must show how they believed duped their families

Name: Under The Maple Leaves, Secret Meetings Had

Rank: A

Type: Good

Participants: Dae Seong, Kamui

Summary: Years have passed, and the two preteens continue to meet. As the two talk in the dilapidated under maple trees, their secret friendship gets discovered as the boys' bullies find them.


  • Briefly show the two continuing to meet up until they are preteens
  • Have them meet at their favourite spot and begin their usual routine together
  • They are then interrupted by some of Katsuragi’s half-siblings and younger clan members, who had followed the boy and begin to mercilessly mock him
  • Have Dae Seong stand up for Kamui
  • The two agree to meet someone else since their old spot had been discovered
  • The next week they meet up, only for a few of Dae Seong's schoolmates to walk by. They cruelly ignore Dae Seong and judge him behind his back
  • Have Kamui confront them for Dae Seong
  • Later show the two children’s guardians finding out about their friendship and banning them from seeing each other
  • The two continue to meet up anyway, but with more difficulty

Name: Fall, Rise, But Something Is Lost

Rank: A

Type: Good

Participants: Dae Seong, Kamui

Summary: The two are now teenagers, angry at everyone, but mostly at themselves, and are destined to separate.

  • The two young men meet up. They had been angry at each other lately, mostly for reasons unrelated to their friendship, issues at home that followed them everywhere
  • They get into a fight and leave on bad terms
  • Later Katsuragi’s mother dies, and Dae Seong is told to leave Joya
  • They meet one last time by chance, right before Dae Seong leaves the country and Katsuragi goes into seclusion
  • They talk one last time, before leaving with the possibility of never seeing each other again

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