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Payback (D-Rank/Solo)

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The moon hung low in the Hosenka City sky, casting a soft glow over the elegant buildings and narrow streets. Kamui navigated the lively city, adorned with vibrant lights and signs, reflecting the lively nature of the bustling nightlife. Tonight, however, Kamui's destination was not just any establishment; it was Madam Suzumi's renowned brothel, a place she held in high regard for its open-mindedness and acceptance. Because of that, she did not mind doing jobs for the mistress of the house on occasion.

Entering the brothel, Kamui was met with the sweet scent of incense, soft music, and the muted chatter of patrons enjoying themselves. Madam Suzumi, an imposing figure with a regal aura, awaited her in a dimly lit corner.

"Ah, Tsunagi Kamui, I presume," Madam Suzumi acknowledged with a nod as Kamui approached. "I've heard of your reputation. I have a task for someone of your particular talents."

Kamui, intrigued, inclined her head in acknowledgment. "I am listening."

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Madam Suzumi's eyes gleamed with a hint of annoyance. "We have an issue with a particular customer who has been using fake money. It's affecting the reputation of my establishment. I want you to find this imposter and teach them a lesson they won't forget." She says, subtly flashing Kamui some jewels from beneath her sleeve.

Kamui just looked coldly at her. "I will not kill the man for that amount, mostly since I doubt fighting him will bring me any challenge," Kamui states to the mistress of the house. "Nevertheless, give me the details, and I will make sure they learn their lesson." She adds before Madam Suzumi can frown at her.

The brothel owner handed Kamui a paper containing the customer's name, description, and any other relevant information. Kamui glanced over the details, committing them to memory. She then headed out into the lively streets of Hosenka, the city's vibrant nightlife serving as a perfect cover for her search.

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It didn't take long for Kamui to spot the targeted customer at a nearby tavern, oblivious to the storm brewing. The man, identified as Kaito Fujimoto, was enjoying a drink, blissfully unaware that his counterfeit actions had caught up with him.

Approaching the table, Kamui's piercing gaze fixed on Kaito. "Fujimoto Kaito, I presume?"

The man looked up, clearly surprised. "Who is asking?"

Kamui wasted no time in revealing the purpose of her visit. "I am Kamui, and I am here to collect what you owe Madam Suzumi. In real currency."

Kaito chuckled nervously, attempting to feign innocence. "I do not know what you are talking about."

Without hesitation, Kamui grabbed Kaito by the collar, her violet eyes ablaze with intensity. "You are using fake money, and you owe a debt. Pay up, or face the consequences."

Kaito, realizing the game was up, sneered. "I will not give you a single jewel. What are you going to do about it?"

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Kamui gave the man a look even colder than she one she gave the Madame. Still, a pleased gleam entered the woman's eyes. "This one was hoping you would be foolish enough to resist." With that she grabbed the man by the collar and easily dragged him out of the tavern, all those around them looking away from the scene.

In the dimly lit alley behind the tavern, the sound of a scuffle echoed. Kamui's fists found their mark, delivering swift justice to the counterfeit-using troublemaker. She didn't even decide to use her sword on this man, he was so pathetic. Once he was black and blue, begging for mercy, Kamui put the scabbard of her katana to his throat. "I presume you are now ready to make your payment?" She asks, looking the man dead in the eye. As she suspected, this was a very disappointing fight.

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Kaito nods with desperation, handing over a pouch to her with shaking hands. Kamui checks to see if they are real or not, and while she is doing that the foolish man attempts to attack her from behind. Kamui simply throws a fist up and knocks the man out.

Satisfied with her work, Kamui pockets the jewels and returns to the brothel, where Madam Suzumi awaits, her expression betraying no emotion. Kamui recounted the events, detailing how she had dealt with the imposter.

Madam Suzumi's stern demeanour softened into a subtle smile. "Good work, Tsunagi Kamui. It seems my reputation for hiring capable individuals is well-founded. Your reward awaits you."

After collecting her reward, Kamui left the brothel, the night still young and the city alive with activity. Another successful task completed, she could only sigh again in disappointment. While the workers were enjoyable to talk to and the jobs were not terrible, she wished that they offered more of a challenge.

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