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West to East (Kamui)

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West to East (Kamui) Empty Wed Jan 24, 2024 5:45 pm

The bustling city of Baska was left behind as Kamui and Mami began their journey towards the tranquil town of Hosenka. The road ahead promised adventure, and Kamui's stoic demeanor betrayed little of the anticipation she felt. Mami, on the other hand, bounced beside her, excitement radiating from the small creature.

Their first destination was the coastal town of Astera. Kamui led the way with a purposeful stride, her keen eyes scanning the surroundings for any potential threats. Mami, despite their small stature, kept up surprisingly well, their short legs moving rapidly to match Kamui's pace.

The road to Astera was lined with fields and meadows, the air filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers. Kamui rarely engaged in small talk, her focus on the path ahead, but Mami chattered away cheerfully.

Reaching Astera, the duo made their way to the bustling port. Ships of various sizes dotted the harbor, their sails billowing in the sea breeze. Kamui, having spent a considerable amount of her past wandering, was familiar with the intricacies of seafaring. She negotiated for passage on a merchant ship bound for Magnolia, a town known for its lively atmosphere and magical affinity.

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The boat ride was uneventful, with Kamui standing at the deck's edge, observing the ebb and flow of the ocean. Mami, perched on her shoulder, marveled at the vastness of the sea.

As they docked in Magnolia, Kamui and Mami disembarked and continued their journey on foot. The town's quaint charm and magical energy provided a brief respite before they faced the next leg of their adventure—the Marchen mountains.

The Marchen mountains stood tall and imposing, their peaks often shrouded in mist. Kamui led the way through the winding paths, her senses alert to any signs of danger. Mami, although occasionally overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the landscape, maintained their usual cheerful demeanor.

The mountainous terrain tested their endurance, the air growing thinner as they ascended. Kamui's steps remained steady, her body accustomed to traversing challenging landscapes. Mami, despite their diminutive size, showed remarkable resilience, clinging to Kamui's shoulder with unwavering determination.

At last, the duo descended from the Marchen mountains, greeted by the sight of Hosenka in the distance. The town's hot springs and serene atmosphere beckoned to them, promising a momentary reprieve from the rigors of their journey.

Kamui and Mami entered Hosenka, their footsteps echoing in the quaint streets. The town's distinct charm, combined with the soothing ambiance, signaled the end of one leg of their journey and the beginning of new possibilities. Kamui, true to her nature, scanned the surroundings with a vigilant gaze, while Mami admired the town's beauty. Keep inside Kamui relaxed a tad. Because Honesnka felt like home.

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