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Seeking The Mole. [TLB – Hide and Seek]

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Seeking The Mole. [TLB – Hide and Seek] Empty Sun Jan 21, 2024 5:32 am

Vex and Nasira are pulled into a briefing about there being a mole that had over heard about the bow and the clues on how to find it. Vex and Nasira are told that there might be a vampire that was in disguise as a human and maybe a trusted ally turned to a vampire and they hadn't even noticed and as it is a spy or mole the local law enforcement will not know that they are killing a threat so to avoid having to spend time in the jail or being hulled away for worse Vex and Nasira are to take this mission on and be extra careful not to fail and not to get caught in the kill it will have to be fast and clean or there will be extra issues that might be fall the guild and the members as Vex and Nasira might end up looking like killers and that was a bigger issue to them as their guild was to serve the people and uphold the peace no matter which side they fight.

Vex nodded as she was looking like she understand the pressures and the danger that are coming along with this mission and he calls a few of her cult to have them go and start to look and see if they can locate the area where the mole might have gotten to and she was sure that they will at least find traces of the creature rather by divine means or other wise, the cultist rushed off to go and do their best to look for anyone that was fitting to be found and people that Vex can recall were around when the full thing had been read out to them in the guild. was it a guild member or an outside source that was free to get close to the trouble and could have over heard about the things that thing had held this was a huge matter. "Nasira do you have anything that is more stealth? Like weapon wise?" Vex knows she can probably snipe who ever they are but in case something was going to go wrong as they were going to set this up as right as they can so they kill the mole and that it is untraceable for the killing of the person that had bee planted or forced to serve the vampires.

Vex went and got her bow and other equipment that she hoped would be able to help her in this battle of time and not getting seen or caught at the scene or if they are lucky have something else kill them before they have to attempt to attack and that was something that she was planning if maybe she can get them without them actually having to do it themselves but that is a lot of hoops and a lot of planning that she would have to do in quick succession vs a faceless target that Vex still needs to find out about. This all had started to do her head in a bit as she was not having a easy time of it.


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Well what a time it seemed to be and Nasira and Vex would still seemingly be having a wonderful time as all these things kept seemingly piled up, in some manner Nasira was shocked they these two had gotten some kind of rest that would be close enough to actually make them function. In some manner Nasira had to be forced at one point because she almost didn't rest at all in which would not entirely be ideal for her or Vex to have to kind of deal with what all was going to come. What was next should have been expected in some manner but Nasira did not expect it.

It was not fun to know there was some one sneaking around as a mole in their ranks, If anything it as a disappointing but should have been expected to have such things happen, It was a matter of living after all Nasira was trying to live, so was Vex anyone here was trying to live. But it was for the safety of everyone they needed to solve this matter. Thus the matter at hand was starting to piece together what they could do. To Nasira was just another vampire who needed to be rid of.

Slowly everything was starting to be planned even if one matter came up Nasira did not entirely have an answer too. Did she have anything stealthy. Well the problem would become known quick."Vex...I don't actually own a weapon, I just have been using my hands to solve these problems."Yup Nasira has been personally handling Vampires by burning them while they went to attack her only to find things to steak them in the heart after wards unless some one else did it. Nasira was trying if anything. As well she really needed to actually go get herself a weapon later.

So she really did need to ask."Would I really need one at this time?"It was fair to as that because then she could see what she could figure out to use if she could get her hands on something quickly. Unsure it was entirely just something she could figure out on the spot or not she merely kind of just asked."Unless this is a matter i really can't just burn things to death?"Nasira odd but she was over all she was fairly smart to pick up on possible hints of what needs to be done. Nasira was realizing she couldn't exactly be so heated and just use to fire for everything and or her fist as well. So now she guessed she had to wait for what Vex would say about while she seemed to be getting a bow ready. Where Nasira seemed to think about it a bit more."I really need to go weapon shopping it seems."She mentioned almost like the context of the moment she realized how no longer prepared she is to deal with this situation before her.



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She looked at Nasira and she realized that she really had never used a weapon in the whole time that they had been going at this group of missions and that Nasira might be a little under prepared for the world of these missions. "Yeah magic is going to draw a lot of attention here, fire magic especially will draw a crowd as someone will think something is on fire if they see it and sound alarms." Vex reached into her bag and pulls out the two daggers that she carries with her for close quarters fighting and he holds them out to her. "Please take one of these to use on the mission so that you are not fully unarmed." Vex was holding out the god hunter and the mero daggers as both were strong in their own way and both had a sharp edge that were able to cut and keep up with the rest of the weapons and would be useful if it was Nasira alone that found the Vampire mole.

After Nasira had made her choice Vex put away the other dagger and got back to trying to track and find to where the mole might have gone as the longer they stand around and aren't moving the closer their enemies get to having a weapon that will put their smaller guild at a higher risk of being taken out of existence first before they moved to take the rest of the country and it's people but she knows that with Nasira they should be able to handle this as Nasira from the first time they had met seemed to be able to adapt and take on the challenges that had come toward them so there was nothing that was truly going to hold Nasira back from anything that might not be on this level plus Vex herself was here to help and make sure that the woman was not forced to stray from the path of safety as Vex was a spellsinger and her healing and buffs would keep Nasira safe and alive if it came down to it.
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Was it most ideal, not really it was over all a matter in a situation Nasira would have to fix later getting over the disappointment she temporarily felt over these matters. It seemed since Vex mentioned that. Nasira would have to do things she didn't think she would have too. Reflect a few things taught to her long along form some one."Well I guess, I will have to reflect the starting teaching of Valerie when i was first transported to Fiore.."Nasira over all did not seem like she was too excited but that idea but seemed to come to terms with it quickly."Suppose my sneaking skills where something she tried to teach me, But it was not really my interest." Nasira was rambling a bit but settled down mentally.

Is it be the most Nasira way of doing things? Not entirely she was more of a front fighter and dealing with out needing stealth and sneakiness. But alas Nasira had two small weapons now. She was already still polite about it."I will do what i can."Nasira had a feeling she wouldn't be the most sneaky but even if these weapons where seemingly well taken care of She would still get some piece of cloth she happen to have on her, Test the sharpness of it and then clean off each one. It seemed these things where almost like she had done them over with some one else before. She was not doubting the quality and how well taken care they where by Vex but it seemed almost like a drill in her mind."If Valerie where here she would laugh at me after telling her I would never use that training..."Then well she left it at that since she was most likely wasting time.

Tales of her life where hinted in the open and if anything in some manner it could show that Nasira over all knew a few things that might leave questionable of why she was taught it but she did not seem to use it but often barely spoke about it to start with. Before they started fully going into mission mode she then walked over and pat her hand on Vex's shoulder for a moment."Have you recovered enough form other matters?"Check ins where normal for Nasira even if it might be annoying. She had to be sure.

After then Nasira seemed to ready herself to do what needed to be done, the normal she normally some what wore was taken off and folded neat and put aside. She would be coming back for that later. Even taking off that normal golden head piece she had on her head and putting it on top of it. Then while she was stretching her legs and she would lean over and whisper vex's ear."Tell me which way to go, I will act I am doing other things in the background,if you found them give me a signal."Nasira had a plan in mind to an act on and wait for a signal from Vex.


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"Oh you had someone that had taught you the art of stealth? Seems you are more impressive than I thought. It is good that you had gotten some teachings in this matter as you are not left empty handed." She was surprised to hear that she had been taught in the way of fighting with stealth and not drawing attention. Vex thinks this is the first time she had heard anything about this but she guessed that the woman was entitled to have some of the mystery of her past kept that way but they needed to make sure that they stayed on the same page so she is not left to be caught and tortured for info.

"Rather you saw eye to eye with this woman matters not but I doubt she would laugh at you, probably an I told you that you would need it might come though." She was unsure what her teacher was like but she doubted that she was as cruel as to taunt this poor woman but she would have had a rougher time recovering from it as this woman seemed tough on the outside but she feels like the woman was a fair bit softer on the inside and would not recover well if she was to mess up but Vex is willing to put her trust into this woman and what she was doing but Vex will keep an eye out so that she watched her back properly.

Feeling the hand touch her and looks at Nasira. "Yes I have recovered enough to handle this no worries I knew I needed the time to recover and once this is all over I think I owe you dinner or a day at the beach to help you see the sun a bit more." It was a slight joke at the fact that Nasira seemed to be lost in her own mind constantly and that was something that was not going to be able to break easily as this woman needed to see that she needs ways to defend herself that are not magic. There are many ways to beat magic in this world so magic is never going to be the end all beat all of things as there will always be a balance that needed to be with held to make sure that they have the room to learn it.

Vex saw the woman seeming to be removing her clothes a bit and is now confused for what the plan is. "You head following this round of paths and I will try to get to the roof tops and look for any sight of him and then make a signal for you to go and strike while you can as we need to be careful and not get caught or you to get killed by them." Vex hurried off to get up to the building's roof tops as she moves along keeping a low profile as her steps are silent and don't draw attention of the guards and others that are moving around in the city be low and she keeps going as she looks for the trail of the fake person that was not on their team.


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There was a fair amount of things people didn't know about Nasira, But in some manner she was taking her time and seeing how this all worked out for her. She would retort about it."She showed me a long time a go and being stubborn. I told her it was useless and i would never use such skills...Guess I was wrong."Nasira didn't seem over all disappointed or upset just kind of knew if the world showed her how things worked the person who showed might have considered telling her she told her so."It is easier to use a knife, even if snapping a neck is easy."In some manner talking like this was grim talk was normal from her, But over all Nasira had seen things that over all she had seen enough in life that most likely people either where not use to being subjected too or could only hear of in passing.

Nonetheless she was okay in the end."We never really disagreed with each other. She just was use to very rough street ridden life, but even she was some times the type to tell you I told you so, she just did what was right to help me."Nasira left it at that. After all that was long ago and not like the person was there to defend themselves even if was not entirely the case.

In some manner the offer was not all that bad but Nasira seemingly almost felt like she was not needing to do it, not because it was not nice. But Nasira seemed oddly humble like it was her normal duty or just expected of her as a job and nothing else was expected of her."I thank you for the offer, Even if you do not need to. Feel free to talk to me about such things after we are done what is going on here."It was her trying not to say no, Because she understood why Vex was offering and saying such a thing when Nasira was just the way she was. At least for now even if she was considering it, Nasira had not flat out said no yet. After all there was things going on that they needed to do like finding the mole that was important at this point and they need to do it quietly and effectively.

Which well kind of was the point of the planning, They where getting pretty quick about it too. Nasira seemed pretty content with the plan Vex had set up. Thus she would follow along with out much problem because everything was pretty clear and when she tried she realized she kind of just said nothing and did things. Merely nodding that the plan was a go Nasira seemingly was able to talk off and seemingly eventually fading into the area with out much problem. Waiting for the sign how she did this was most likely confusing to everyone.




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Vex was not fully sure to what the other woman was getting at and she wondered if she should maybe really dig into it. This seems like more of a trauma thing than something she should be digging into. This other woman seemed to be of a strong standing in the other woman’s life so she will not question it. She keeps on the move as she jumps from roof tops and keeps her eyes sharp as she looked for the target and she sees it and lets out a bird call to sport and signal to Nasira and hopes that Nasira was still within ear shot of her.

Vex keeps tracking her and has her bow at the ready but she doesn’t take a shot. She was going to let Nasira do it as she needed to have it done and them get out of the city and back to the guild hall before they can be fingered as the killers and she wonders if in the end the woman will have the heart to murder the vampire and get the mission completed, there are a lot of things she was not sure on on this quest and it was doing all this shady stuff. Like they are the guild of this area why are they having to sneak around and have it all have to be hidden so it doesn’t come out to the public.

She keeps tracking while watching out for people that could be witnesses to their mission of assassination so Nasira will not be murdered or in danger of being caught. The longer this missions goes the more she feels worried that this mission will go bad and she puts her hood up as she takes a few shots to scare people away from the way the target was going so that Nasira will have an empty way clear of witnesses to do the assassination cleanly. She just hopes the target doesn’t get smart to what she is doing. She also hoped that Nasira doesn’t get over powered by the target either as the woman seemed to be more punchy so daggers and knifes might not be her wheel house but she really can’t do anything about that right now as she was on a roof top firing warning shots to both draw people away from this area and have those that are looking for cause in a different area so they don’t interfere in the assassination of the traitorous monster that wished to end the world with it’s other vampire kind.

Vex kept moving and watching as she was not sure if she herself had been seen as this was starting to make her feel like she was on edge as there were troubles being here to start with and now they are close enough to the target to strike and get the kill and make sure that they can keep going and not risking too many things on her own end but she was sure that they were going to get this done right but she was not looking out for keeping herself as safe as she is trying to keep Nasira right now but she needs the rookie to get the experience and if she fails to seal the deal she will do it her self but for now she will put her faith in the other woman as she was the lead on this one and vex has faith in the woman keeping to the path and getting the assassination done for the good of the country and the world.
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It was going to be an interesting time, Vex was going to witness many things and Nasira had hoped she was not going to be looked upon strangely with how she did what was asked of her, Even if it was something that most people wouldn't judge her for. But at least personal worry in her in mind where kind of set aside for the moment while she was waiting to find the right target. Eventually she most likely would find them. Then it was just waiting for the moment to be right, which who knew when that would be.

The lingerings of the right signs of the target was the thing that was key at this time she was trying to figure out, She was not given what they look like. Nasira seemingly fitting into a crowd well was trying to pick out who it was or when this sign was coming, which was but as long as she focused everything would go as planned. This was all something she had been told before she just needed to wait until it all worked out. Then again the good part of lingering about the down you already know how to live in

You know how to fit in and sneak in. Thus she could easily remember all of the time Valerie would spook Nasira while they where out. Nasira only got up set because she was protective and yelled at her at times only for Valerie to point out they she was being a bit too hard about doing this work. For many years it was a lesson she did not get now days it is as simple knowing they if you didn't think about it and looked liked you belonged there you would get by being sneaky.

But given the things missing from them and they where seeking some one who might be reading something or looking like they worried about something Nasira was starting to seemingly close in on who she thought it was, But since she was taking it slow if Vex gave her a sign then well she would act on that too. There where a few people Nasira felt was the person they where looking for, so she would make wait a moment in case Vex gave her a sign to jump on them."She had yet to pull out her knives showing she was just waiting to know and wanting to make sure she didn't get the wrong person either. Even if this was stressful Nasira did not seem all that stressed out, even if most people could feel stressed out in these matters. But it was something everyone handled different. It was just her waiting for that just right moment. There was some one reading something and it almost looked like Nasira was not paying attentiont to them. Was this going to be a missed target by her? or perfect timing?


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Vex has set the stage for the other woman so it was up to her to finish this up or not Vex believed and would give any kind of back up that she can but this dance of death was fully up to Nasira to finish as Vex has been doing all she could and this one was fully down to it. Vex moved a few more roof tops keeping the guards on their toes as there was no way to really trace the arrows back to her just a random rouge mage that was scaring towns people, no one was hurt by her so they will think it is just some kid playing a dumb prank and nothing will really be looked into but Vex still has to be careful as if she gets caught the guild will be involved in this all and that was what they were all trying to avoid right now then maybe later they can take credit but for now they needed to do this off the books.

Vex was still running along the roof tops as long as she stayed up here she was as safe as she could be from the people down below and she scans the crowd looking for the fire mage and if she was closing in on the target or not and she sent out a butterfly of water and arcane energy to Nasira to help her find her way to the target it whispering what it knows into her ear and Vex hopes that it will be enough to help the woman and she gets a stead aim on the target in cause the woman was to fail and if it failed she would let loose her arrow straight into the vampire to kill him hopefully instantly but Vex still is not sure if that is going to happen.
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Most people might be unable to be manage the tension that most could feel in this manner. Nasira managed these things better because she was always far more prepared to dive head first into these things, A sense of duty to what must be done will always do that. Focus was important as well all things over all was just piecing together nicely. Over all it seemed that things where just going to be perfect because everything kind of worked when the right people where behind it. Everything was lining up and working to out work there was a trust and sign of everything to be in place.

To Nasira now thinking and settled on the target she was thinking was correct. It was going to be gamble one she was willing to take at this point,One had to go with their gut feeling. After all a person standing still and reading something was not over all uncommon, Why Nasira chose this one because she could eventually sneak around to see what they where reading and it matches what they were looking out for. Reading a Religious text that Nasira had seen before was the key in this matter.

It seemed when the time was right Nasira did not waste the moment. It was over all just something if you looked at Nasira and realized she preferred not stealthing about and fighting face to face. It was some kind of pride with her or just something she viewed some what honourable. So to see the coming actions was odd, Nasira did not seem interested in sneaky stealth games. But she wanted to not waste time and be effective so most likely each action was carefully considered. So when it seemed like the time was right with the people around her target seemed large enough.

That was when Nasira acted. There was something about seeing Nasira grasp some one and pull them away by neck while covering their mouth, Then god rid of the target as quickly as she could, the sound of six movements,followed up by and final one, Then Nasira seemingly moved on her way quickly. after all the task was done. In some manner almost like Nasira was never there to start with and the target with left dead to rot whenever it was found.

It was now time to get out and follow the way she needed too. It was not too hard to keep track of because Vex seemed to have been watching and made sure they the way she needed to go was shown. All and all an effortless method of handling things. one to get their hands dirty. Maybe this was the better way, After all Nasira showed she was worried about the safety of her guild members. But Nasira was in the end just doing the business that was needed of her, if her home was safe then she would most likely not look at anything else around her.




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