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Fantastic Fabrics (D-Rank/Solo)

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The sun was setting over the bustling city of Baska, casting warm hues across the streets as Kamui made her way to the heart of the city. She had a rather unusual destination for a seasoned warrior – a fashion boutique. As she approached, she could already see the vibrant and flamboyant outfits on display through the large glass windows. Kamui resisted the urge to sigh.

Upon entering, she was immediately greeted by a burst of colours and the enthusiastic voice of a man with a distinctly refined accent.

"Darling! You have the aura of a warrior, a conqueror! But fear not, for I am Fernando Milano, and I can turn you into a masterpiece! A living work of art!" The flamboyant fashion designer practically danced towards her, his hands gesturing dramatically. She was a beautiful specimen with her outfit perfectly matching her aura of strength and womanly style, along with a perfect matching colour scheme. The man approved.

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Kamui stood there, somewhat uncomfortable with the attention but intrigued by what this man could offer. She listened to his proposition – he needed someone to gather rare fabrics for his new fashion line. He explained that he desired the best and brightest fabrics, something that would catch the eye of the wealthiest in the city.

Reluctantly, Kamui agreed. She was in desperate need of cloth repairs and was conscious of what she wore as a trans woman, she wanted only the best. She disliked it, but this man was that thus she would run his stupid errand.

Fernando handed her a bright pink flier that she assumed was as flamboyant as the designer himself. The flier detailed the task, and Kamui noticed the promise of a generous reward for her efforts. That was enough incentive for her; after all, she needed her outfit fixed, and money was always useful in her travels.

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She headed to the local request board, creating a new topic to mark her involvement in this peculiar quest. The pink flier garnered attention from passersby, who exchanged puzzled glances with the stoic warrior. Kamui paid little mind to their whispers as she set off on her mission.

Arriving at Fernando's boutique, she was greeted with a flourish of fabrics, colours, and eccentric accessories. The designer welcomed her with open arms and began explaining the specific fabrics he desired. Kamui struggled to maintain focus; she cared little for the intricate details of fashion, though she was very fond of her current outfit, enough to seek the outlandish man out, despite disliking this type of person.

Nevertheless, she nodded along as Fernando showed her examples of what he was looking for. Once he felt confident that she understood, he sent her on her way, promising her that a stunning reward awaited upon her return.

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Navigating through Baska's streets, Kamui found herself in stores and markets, her eyes scanning for rare fabrics. She bargained with merchants, haggling for the best prices with an intensity that startled even the most seasoned sellers. Money exchanged hands, and Kamui amassed a collection of fabrics that met Fernando's criteria.

As she carefully carried the vibrant fabrics back to the boutique, Kamui couldn't help but feel a sense of disdain for the task at hand. Gathering fabrics did nothing to strengthen her, and the trivial nature of the quest irked her warrior spirit. Nevertheless, she reminded herself that this was a means to an end – a way to repair her worn outfit.

Returning to the boutique, Kamui handed over the fabrics to Fernando, who practically squealed in delight at the sight of his newfound treasures. He admired each piece with a connoisseur's eye, ensuring they met his exacting standards.

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As promised, Kamui received her reward, a pouch of jewels that clinked satisfyingly. Fernando thanked her profusely, promising that she would be the talk of the town once his fashion line debuted.

With a curt nod, Kamui turned to leave, her outfit repairs now within reach. It was time to head back to the hotel where she left Mami, eagerly awaiting her return with hopefully dinner prepared, as the cheagle had promised. It was it's last cooking venture that caused her outfit to tear in the first place (an accident with a flying knife) so the meal had better be good. As she stepped back into the streets of Baska, she couldn't shake the feeling of being out of her element. Yet, in her mind, the pursuit of strength remained the ultimate goal, even if it meant occasionally indulging in the eccentric world of fashion for the sake of practicality.

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