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Night's Serenity [Alexandre]

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Night's Serenity [Alexandre] Empty Wed Jan 10, 2024 9:54 am

Tch, lousy bartender.

Vanessa found herself spitting to one side from the beaten path, every city had it’s sleezy and shady spots but today she had found herself at one of the more popular bars in this place. Orchidia had some mighty people protecting it from what she heard and she wasn’t looking for trouble. Just looking for a drink. But she didn’t appreciate the glowers she got from some people and appreciated disrespect even less. Why was it her fault if they started the fight anyways? Some bruised knuckles and bruised faces later she was kicked out of the damn bar and now stuck out on the street.

Nursing her wounds, or apparent lack there of. She bet that the bartender probably would have let it slide if the situation was reversed and she had gotten her ass kicked instead. Thankfully he let her buy a gourd full of alcohol before departing with a warning that she shouldn’t come back here until much later. Something she’d probably heed if she wasn’t planning on trying to find herself somewhere less…

Cold? Maybe? She dug the idea of warmer places but she also went to where the work took her and she still had unfinished business up north. Some contracts on monsters and other nonsense that she was looking into. Taking a long draught from the gourd she’d let out a satisfied exhalation once she had her fill.

Should have asked him what this was called. It’s Delicious.

Vanessa found herself chuckling, leaning forward and watching some of the late night denizens walk past. People here felt safe enough to be out in the open so late into the night and she wasn’t about to change that. Drawing that kind of attention to yourself was a problem especially when you didn’t have the backing. Her somewhat cold eyes followed the couple for a few moments longer before she’d lean back on the staircase.

So many damn clouds too… can’t even see the stars or moon.

Not that she minded the dark so much; it was kind of her home but she did like star gazing more than just being bored and drinking in it. She’d have to figure out her own entertainment. Which shouldn’t be hard given that the liquor was starting to kick in. Maybe she should find a place to try to sleep? An inn over a bar would be nice… or maybe if there was someone willing to let her crash at their place for a few jewels. The currency of this… time was stranger than the last. Billfolds or metal coins. Rather than actual.. Gold? It was weird to her.


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Alexandre was returning from a quest, making his way to the guild hall, thus making his way through the Orchidia Streets as that was en route to back at the guild.
It was a good and settled quest, but what he desired was a drink. The man was parched from work and as much as he'd like to take a detour to a bar, he didnt want to waste time drinking, when he should be making his way back to the guild hall

He felt secure at night. He may have not been a monster in power. But he was better than your every day bozo, so he was safe from any smartass who wanted to start stuff. If he was in danger, then that meant the person was a significant threat.
Alexandre wondered about buying a weapon. Sword or knife or perhaps a new gun. He couldnt decide


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She found herself pausing amidst her drink as she noted someone walking down the street, eyes tracking them and trying to place a name to the face. Nothing really came to mind but she could tell he wasn’t like the others that had been walking about. He was more of a threat than she was no doubt. The hair raised on the back of her neck and she found herself nearly scowling.

If they were a guard here to check on the disturbance the bartender no doubt would make it her problem. But if they were just walking through on a patrol or something well.. She didn’t have much to worry about did she? Even less so if she was completely wrong. Staring quietly at them she’d raise her gourd in a bit of a greeting when they got close. While she wasn’t exactly the epitome of friendly it didn’t hurt to at least give people acknowledgement. Though she didn’t have much to say to the guy.

Not like she was going to introduce herself; she doubted that her name held much in the way of value these days so she felt like she needn’t bring it up if they started talking. Or if he just gave a wave to her she’d at least just stick to drinking. Either that or she might have just found a drinking partner. Or maybe someone who could direct her to where she could crash for the night.


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He walked and would cross paths with the person. The walker across him was definitely striking in their appearance. Memorable. And the Dragon Slayer would note them in his mind. Remember them and take note of them. Because this wasnt someone from the north or Orchidia in his opinion. But he had enough of thinking about them with the quick scan of his eyes and just walked on.

Contrary to the persons belief, Alexandre was not a guard nor was he called because of a bartender as he was simply a wanderer or a guild member of Paradise Dawn, returning from a quest he had at the outskirts of the town. All he cared about was 'getting home'. Though still, if you started problems on his watch, he would become your problem.
But that was not here nor there. He had no reason to interact with a stranger himself, he wasnt the quirky random type


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Quiet. Easy.

Vanessas eyes coldly watched the person pass her by, she wasn’t the chatty type but she didn’t know this place too well. She was good with directions she just needed to know where the nearest place to rest your head was. That hopefully wouldn’t find that much of an issue with a big ol purple sabertooth tiger demi-human. Exhaling as she finished another swig she’d consider how to ask this without feelin weird about it. Eventually she’d just let out a soft growl.

You there. Do you know this city well?

Vanessa shifted on the stairs, staring at Alexandre; still swearing up and down that she knew him from somewhere. Not at all really sure where exactly. Maybe there was a poster or something with his face on it or maybe she was drawing parallels between them and someone that she knew from the past… which would be frustrating because that was not a good group of people you wanted to be a part of. But given how far and how long she had been sealed she highly doubted. The world was a violent place.


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He glanced at her and gave her a look with a raised eyebrow
"I do." he used to live here for a bit before joining Paradise Dawn and after he joined that guild, he would merely pass the town when going on quests that required travel. Recently he had his sights on visiting the east of Fiore, an area he has never been to. But it has places like Magnolia and the Fairy Tail guild, which made him interested to see what was that all about

"What is it that you need?" he would ask her as the person clearly needed some form of direction or instruction, but he didnt know what the demihuman needed. An inn? A tavern? Or anything else. So for now he would wait for the person to give him an answer so he could properly help them on their way. He wondered where this person came from, but it wasnt his place to pry


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An ear flicked, then two and the daemon took a swig of her drink. So they both talked; they both could talk. There was a lot of quiet people here and a lot of superstitious people too. She didn’t chalk this fellow to be part of that. She had to figure he was from around here. If he wasn’t then… well she bargained on worse odds. Hearing that he knew this city well was a good thing to her at least. She’d count on her fingers the places she had been kicked out in the last week and didn’t want to really kick that up a few more times.

Lookin for a place to crash. Got any good suggestions?

She’d lean forward, one arm over a leg and her drink in a hand. She was curiously looking the fella over. She had a good eye for people; for dangerous folks. This guy gave her all the right sort of vibes for that. If she was on the better mend maybe they could have tusseled. But she bet that he’d have kicked her rear to kingdom come and back if he wanted to.

Preferably somewhere that doesn’t mind fur. Last few places charged a pretty penny cause of cleanin fees.


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When the person asked him if he knew of a place to crash, he did think about it "Well... I do know a few actually" question was what kind of a place the person wanted "Do you want a room from an inn or a rented apartment?" he wasnt sure what the daemon wanted, so he offered a choice. Like there was a question of price too and how much could she afford

When she mentioned fur, he shrugged "I dont know about that one though. You'd have to take it up with the landlords. I can give you options." Alexandre didnt really have pets, so he didnt have to deal with the fur problem. But now that he thinks about it, he felt bad for not having a pet. Maybe he should look into it and speak to someone from the guild about it. He was sure Lumikki knew what to do

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