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Medicare (D-rank/Solo)

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Summoned by the Rune Knight headquarters, August Toussaint, a renowned member recognized for his efficiency, finds himself reluctantly thrust into a mission to address a health crisis unravelling the serenity of the once-peaceful city of Baska. The picturesque cityscape is now overshadowed by a mysterious illness, widely suspected to be the result of the nefarious activities of the Cold Colliers. Doctor Gerard, grappling with the overwhelming caseload, seeks the aid of the Rune Knights in managing the escalating situation.

As August arrives in Baska, the usual calm and order have given way to a city in disarray. The hospital, normally a hub of healing, is now strained beyond its limits. The urgency of the mission is palpable as August makes his way to Doctor Gerard's office, where he is briefed on the dire situation. The suspicion of the Cold Colliers' involvement looms large, prompting Gerard to urgently request August's assistance in delivering prescriptions to the citizens grappling with the crisis.

WC: 163


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In Gerard's office, August is confronted with the tangible evidence of the strain on the healthcare system. Two bags of medicine, each meticulously labelled for specific patients, lay before him. The overwhelming workload has left the hospital without available staff for deliveries. Thus, it's left to someone like him to finish the job for them. August is almost glad about the work since he is relatively unknown in Fiore and can use this as an opportunity to gain some reputation.

With his goal in mind, August respectfully accepts the responsibility of ensuring the timely delivery of much-needed medicine to the afflicted citizens. Armed with the prescriptions and clad in his distinctive Rune Knight uniform, August ventures into the bustling streets of Baska. His polished exterior exudes a sense of saintly duty, providing reassurance to worried citizens and embodying the archetypal image of a Rune Knight. Yet, beneath the veneer, August's thoughts reveal a pragmatic approach, a disinterest in the grand ideals often associated with his role and having his agenda in mind. Despite that, he has to admit it does feel decent to help people in person like this. He doesn't get to be on the front lines that often.

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Successfully delivering the medicine to the specified addresses, August witnesses the palpable gratitude and relief on the faces of the recipients. His exterior remains composed, a mask of saintly virtue, as he efficiently embodies the principles of the Rune Knights in service to the people.

With the deliveries completed, August returns to Doctor Gerard at the hospital, the weight of the crisis still evident in the air. Doctor Gerard expresses his heartfelt gratitude to August, lauding his saintly demeanour and unwavering commitment to duty, which the young man accepts with a polite smile on his well-crafted mask.

As he departs Baska, August carries with him the knowledge that his actions, though effective in addressing the crisis, have not altered his underlying skepticism toward what's behind this sudden surge of sickness. He decides to come back when things die down a little to help investigate these Cold Colliers. After all, it wouldn't do for his public image to relapse if the sickness does as well. As he leaves the image of those sick faces lingers in his mind...

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