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Azure Fenic

As the informant packed his belongings into his bags something told him that he needed to ensure that everything would be okay while he was away the informant left detailed notes for his subordinates to follow along with protocols to follow. "Okay, I shouldn't keep him waiting anymore." activating his locking system Azure made his way to the stables. His griffin waited in her stable eagerly awaiting his arrival as it had been some time scene they had last taken a trip together that wasn't around the north. She was more excited than him to finally take a step outside the walls of the guild. It was odd the last time he even set foot in Rune Knight country he was planning to destroy their headquarters he could still do that if he truly wanted to but then Yuurie or Brone would try and fight him.

Once she was all equipped with his bags and other items Extortion let out a powerful squawk just before sprinting off and taking flight. As the mighty creature soared through the air all the stress that had been building up started to slowly melt away, Azure had forgotten just how nice it felt to be in the clouds with only his thoughts and the distant sounds of the world below. Part of him wished that his summons could fly but at the same time, he didn't need them buzzing around his room or office while he was working. Leaving the guild after so long felt really good it felt as though a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulder.

Flying always made time slow down when he used to travel around more it felt like he was taking months to get anywhere when in reality it was roughly a few hours if they didn't stop for breaks. Azure looked over his shoulder to see what he could only guess to be a family of doves flying behind them seeing them fly, seeing reminded him of when his family went on an impromptu camping trip and they had to walk all the way to the campsite. At the time he was just getting over a fever but managed to keep up with his family. Soon the birds headed in their own direction leaving the two alone once more, he was lost deep in his memory of happy days they flew right over Oak. "Once I finish up here how bout we go South?" Extortion did a small bob as if to say she agreed to the offer. The sky had started to replace its morning them with its midday them as they reached their destination.

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