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Guarding, Touring, Peering (D-rank/Solo)

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Guarding, Touring, Peering (D-rank/Solo) Empty Sat Dec 16, 2023 9:43 pm

Mielle rubbed her eyes, exhaustion evident in every movement as she stepped into Hosenka City once again. Here was to another day of work. Seriously, she had a very wrong idea of what guild mages do most of the time. She was expecting danger and adventure, but instead, she seems to just be doing odd jobs for people. Wait, she technically did encounter quite a bit of danger on the way. Well shit, maybe odd jobs were better anyways.

With a weary sigh, she approached the entrance of the hotel she as staying at, spotting Granny Meirin, the proprietress who was letting her stay here, waiting with a no-nonsense expression. The elderly woman greeted her with a nod, her sharp eyes appraising Mielle's readiness for the next task.

"Ready for another job, dearie?" Granny Meirin asked, her tone brisk but somehow comforting.

Mielle managed a nod, summoning a small smile to her face. "Of course, Granny. What's the plan this time?" This woman had been working Mielle to the bone and had introduced her to that weird detective guy.

Granny Meirin explained the situation—foreign nobles visiting Hosenka City for a tour, and the staff's concerns about potential disruptions. The task was clear: guard the nobles throughout the entire tour, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience. The was the most legit mage thing Mielle has gotten the chance to do.

As the tour guide, Kaito, joined the group, Mielle couldn't help but notice the gruff demeanor he carried. She sensed that cooperation might not be his forte, but this was a job, and she was determined to see it through. To her surprise the gruff man gave her a high flag to hold, which she did, not wanting to argue.

The nobles arrived, adorned in lavish attire that spoke of their status. Mielle discreetly positioned herself at the back of the group, her keen eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of trouble. The city's vibrant energy seemed to contrast with her fatigue, but duty called.

The tour unfolded, and Mielle kept a vigilant watch, her senses attuned to the whispers of the bustling city. As they strolled through Hosenka's picturesque streets, she couldn't help but marvel at the contrast between the snow-covered mountains she had just left and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the city.

However, her musings were interrupted by a sudden commotion. A group of street performers, harmless but exuberant, attracted the attention of the nobles. Mielle, ever watchful, subtly guided them away from the distraction, ensuring the tour remained on course.

The afternoon sun cast a golden glow over Hosenka City as the tour reached its conclusion. Mielle returned to the entrance of the hotels with the nobles, relieved that the tour had been incident-free. Granny Meirin's approving nod hinted at a job well done.

"Thanks for keeping an eye out, dearie. The nobles seemed pleased," Granny Meirin remarked, handing Mielle a modest pouch of jewels. Frankly, Mielle was surprised the nobles took her, and her appearance, seriously as a bodyguard. 'Oh, the flag!' Mielle remembered. Kaito had her hold the flag to make it seem like she was just another guide when she was secretly the bodyguard. Almost clever of them.

As Mielle accepted her reward, she couldn't help but let out a small sigh. Her weary body longed for rest, but the satisfaction of a mission accomplished fueled her determination. As she bid farewell to Granny Meirin and the group, she couldn't shake the feeling that her journey in Hosenka had only just begun.

Word Count: 590

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