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Underground Associate - D Rank Solo Mission

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Underground Associate - D Rank Solo Mission Empty Thu Dec 14, 2023 11:47 pm

After braving the harsh conditions of the Marchen Mountains and successfully assisting Weirdlock Jones, Mielle Auclair found herself yearning for warmth and comfort. She found it that night, using some of her hard earned jewels to stay at a wonderful osen. The warm hot springs and comfortable bed made her feel like a brand new mage, something she sorely needed. In the morning, as she cheerfully made her way back to the heart of the city to find another job to do, a familiar figure caught her attention — Weirdlock Jones, the investigator she had just helped.

With a pompadour that seemed to defy gravity, Weirdlock greeted her with a nod. "Mielle, my dear, you have a taste for adventure, don't you?" he said with a sly smile. "There's something else that requires your particular set of skills. A shadow lurks in the Crimson Quarter, and we need to shed some light on it."

Intrigued, but a bit wary since this guy was both weird and suspicious, Mielle listened as Weirdlock explained the details of the job. Crime lords and cartels operated in the shadows of Hosenka, weaving webs of corruption that tainted the vibrant city. The task at hand was to infiltrate these organizations, gather information about their activities, and report back to the Rune Knights.

"Information is power, my dear, and you're about to become a key player," Weirdlock remarked, handing Mielle a discreet envelope containing the specifics of the mission. As she unfolded the parchment, she couldn't help but sigh audibly.

"Sneaking around?" Mielle muttered to herself as she walked away from the waving man, her frustrations evident. "Like hell, I'm a key player, he just wants me to do all the hard work for him. If he hadn't been recommended by the guild I'd think he was scamming me." Nevertheless, her sense of duty prevailed, and she begrudgingly accepted the challenge.

Dressed in her black and red kimono fusion outfit, a temporary departure from her usual pastel attire, Mielle set out to uncover the secrets of the underworld. The Crimson Quarter, with its vibrant façade concealing darker truths, welcomed her once again.

As she moved through the alleys and dimly lit corners, Mielle noticed the subtle shifts in atmosphere. The buzz of activity was different this time — a clandestine energy that hinted at the covert dealings of crime lords. Determined to gather valuable information she kept to the shadows and opened her ears to dirty dealings.

The task proved challenging, and Mielle's annoyance grew with each close call. At one point, she found herself dangerously close to being exposed by a suspicious criminal. Swiftly ducking behind a stack of crates, she held her breath, praying not to betray her presence.

The criminal, an imposing figure with a penetrating gaze, approached Mielle's hiding spot. As tension filled the air, an ingenious idea struck her. Drawing upon her thespian skills, she shifted into a doll-like stillness, her eye growing distant and face trying to copy an Ichimatsu Doll. The criminal, seemingly dismissing the notion of a living presence, moved on, leaving Mielle to exhale a silent sigh of relief.

After navigating the intricate web of crime and danger, Mielle emerged with a wealth of information. With the first light of dawn, she discreetly handed over her findings to the Rune Knights, completing the mission successfully. As she collected her reward, she couldn't resist a parting grumble.

"If they want information so badly, they should come down to the Crimson Quarter themselves," Mielle muttered, her complaints echoing through the quiet corners of Hosenka. Despite her grumbles, she couldn't deny the satisfaction of being a silent observer and contributing to the city's safety.

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