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Cleaning Duties (Solo D-Rank)

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Cleaning Duties (Solo D-Rank) 610761_yTop6r6B

Descending from the frigid heights of the Marchen Mountains, Mielle Auclair found herself in Hosenka Town, a vibrant and culturally rich settlement. The crimson quarter, with its narrow streets adorned by lanterns and cherry blossoms, welcomed her. Having decided to immerse herself in the town's Japanese-inspired ambiance, Mielle underwent a transformation of her own.

In preparation for her arrival in Hosenka, Mielle had temporarily dyed her light blonde hair to a sleek black. The change was subtle but effective, giving her a more understated appearance that harmonized with the traditional aesthetic of the town. Her once wavy, blonde locks were now a cascade of jet black, falling gracefully down to her knees.

To complement her new hairstyle and immerse herself further in the cultural vibes, Mielle had chosen to wear a fusion of a kimono and a dress. The outfit blended the elegance of the traditional kimono with a modern touch, featuring a striking combination of black and red fabric. The dress flowed gracefully, adorned with intricate patterns reminiscent of the circles and targets that symbolized Weirdlock Jones's unique style.

Embracing her role as a mage of Blue Pegasus, Mielle felt a sense of pride in her appearance. The fusion outfit not only paid homage to the town's cultural influence but also showcased her commitment to adapting and respecting the customs of Hosenka. Or maybe Mielle was just a damn diva.

Making her way through the quarter, Mielle followed the directions to Weirdlock Jones's office. The description of the eccentric investigator's appearance had prepared her for something out of the ordinary, but the sight that greeted her surpassed expectations.

The office, tucked away in a corner building, had an air of organized chaos. Mielle hesitated for a moment before knocking on the door, unsure if she was interrupting a crucial investigation. When there was no response, she cautiously pushed the door open.

The room was cluttered with stacks of books, scattered papers, and investigative materials. Mielle took a moment to survey the scene, her eyes drawn to the myriad of circles and target patterns adorning Weirdlock's distinctive kimono. It was a testament to the investigator's unique persona.

As she looked around, Mielle spotted a desk buried under a mound of work material. However, Weirdlock Jones was nowhere in sight. A suspicion crept into her mind that the investigator might be buried somewhere within the disarray.

Carefully navigating through the mess, Mielle discovered a large pile of books that concealed the source of the rhythmic snoring she now noticed. Gently shifting the books aside, she uncovered the slumbering figure of Weirdlock Jones.

The investigator's pompadour, as iconic as the man himself, lay slightly askew, and his cape served as a makeshift blanket. Mielle couldn't help but smile at the peculiar sight. After a gentle nudge, Weirdlock stirred, his eyes slowly opening. Then he blinked a few times, before screaming about the possessed doll in his midst. Swallowing the mild rage she felt, this was a client after all, Mielle camly explained to the detective that she was the guild mage he hired.

After calming down and accepting her explanation he greeted her with a dishevelled yet friendly demeanour. They engaged in a brief chat, during which Weirdlock explained the purpose of his summons. Mielle learned that the investigator was knee-deep in a case involving two rival gangs, and the chaos in his office mirrored the complexity of the situation.

Weirdlock, realizing the state of his surroundings, sighed. "I suppose it's time to clean up this mess," he remarked, rubbing his eyes. Mielle nodded in agreement, ready to assist in restoring order to the investigator's workspace.

The task was clear—clean up the books, organize the scattered papers, and dust off the office. Mielle set to work with determination, carefully handling the materials related to the ongoing case. The investigator, grateful for the assistance, occasionally shared snippets of information about the gangs and their rivalry.

As the duo worked side by side, a camaraderie formed amidst the tidying up. Mielle couldn't help but appreciate the unique opportunity to witness the behind-the-scenes life of Hosenka's renowned detective.

Upon completing the cleanup, Weirdlock Jones surveyed the transformed office with a satisfied smile. "Much better," he remarked, stretching his limbs. Gratitude filled his eyes as he acknowledged Mielle's contribution.

As a token of appreciation, Weirdlock handed Mielle a small pouch containing her reward. "Thank you for bringing order to chaos," he said with a grin. Mielle, feeling a sense of accomplishment, accepted the reward graciously.

The Marchen Mountains had tested her endurance, but the task of cleaning up Weirdlock's office had unveiled a different set of challenges. With a newfound sense of camaraderie and a glimpse into the investigator's world, Mielle emerged from the quest with a unique tale to share with her guildmates at Blue Pegasus.

Word Count: 802

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