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Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Tue Nov 07, 2023 2:53 pm

Judith Karlinius
Eventually finishing up a few things Judith gather what she found and got in the north and drove off. It seemed world. It seemed between going off and doing who knows what in other places and the small amount of things she did in the north other events happen in life. Thus Judith was driving over in her mana car to somewhere new and interesting thing.

Plus visiting guilds was fun as long as you knew and trusted things would smoothly. This made visiting this area fairly safe. Then again it was Judith she was most likely the least dangerous person could meet even if there was things she could go that was some what powerful. But that was not entirely the point of Judith anyway.

Eventually arriving outside of the building, Judith parked her car got out and stretched out. Waiting to see if some one would greet her or she would have to walk over and knock on the door.

#2Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Thu Nov 09, 2023 12:46 pm

Tamás Horvath
He was in his office and working on some paper and guild stuff. Basically planning their next course of action. Such as training the lesser experienced members, making sure Baska is safe, maybe showing a demonstration and lesson to see what they're all about. To make themselves more friendly and appealing to the normal civillian masses. Just as he was brainstorming ideas and working, he'd hear a car. Odd, he thought. There was no one with a mana car here as far as he knew. So a newcomer approached. Curious, he'd go out to see who was the person that would arrive.

He would go out of the guild hall to see who their new arrival was. And thus he would open the door, before Judith would begin her knock. He was surprised to see her
"Guild Master Judith" he said with a mild sound of surprise in his voice. "What brings you here?" was she still on vacation?

#3Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Nov 11, 2023 12:32 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was fun to show up. Don't tell anyone show up because you can act like things was weird it was wonderful time. At least if you where Judith. To anyone else she knew it was odd for her to do all of this. Anyone who actually knew Judith this was entirely normal and to be expected. But to Tamas and anyone else who might not know her yet and not be here. This was just an oddity situation that was odd to witness."Guild Master, Guild Mother. Both fitting names but alas formalities are over all not needed with me unless it is an entirely an official meeting."Judith said with a bit of a smile on her face.

But she would mention it as a joke."Oh? can I not just merely come back and greet everyone? after all it isn't like i am going to end the world."Judith said with a bit of a chuckle. In reality maybe this was a good thing."Unless you want me to leave? I figured on my way home i could at least say hello."Judith seemed to be here for a harmless reason over all, Just to greet him.

#4Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Nov 11, 2023 1:11 pm

Tamás Horvath
While she did say that formalities were not needed unless he wished to make it official he wasnt sure if she wanted that or not "I see. Are you still on that vacation?" he remembered last they met he was a member of Paradise Dawn and Yuurei kind of interrupted their meeting. He was hoping this would be his shot to learn from Judith. But now he was in a more precarious position as he needed to appear professional and not like a naive guild member unknowing of the world.

While she did joke, the joke obviously flew over him as he did not get it and rather took her seriously "No no, you are most welcome to come in. Do you wish to have a meal or drink. Surely you must be tired from travels?" the woman behaved rather unexpectedly. He wondered how well known his guild was. He didnt think people outside of the West would know of them. So it threw him for a loop on how to behave. Did Judith have someone in his guild? And would she accept the offers of hospitality. At this point he was overthinking even his simplest of gestures. While he didnt show it, mostly because his expressions were hidden behind his helm, he did feel quite a bit insecure as he was figuring out this leadership stuff still.

"I am glad that you have come to grace us with your presence. I must say, I felt bad that we have not gotten to react sooner. It felt rather.... uncomftarble to interrupt two Guild Masters discuss work." he did sound formal, but that was his own way to hide his insecurity. Whenever he wasnt comftarble, his speech pattern would sound formal, to hide any hint of problem. His voice was still usual, but his speech pattern was the thing that changed with his mood. Being formal and not relaxed. The fact that Judith was someone he held in high regard also affected his speech pattern

#5Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sun Nov 12, 2023 12:21 pm

Judith Karlinius
Over all pretty harmless things to ask and Judith would answer pretty quickly and with out much thought to it. It was good to ask if she was on vacation and over all you could consider that she was still on vacation. But if anything."Vacation? I would say I am returning home from it so I am on my way home...could be classed as either or."Judith was not a straightforward answer kind of person. This made her a very confusing person to talk too at times."But no matter how you view it, I am here to speak to you as an equal and friend."This is how Judith wanted to be view.

Guild Master had stressful matters as always. So she would keep it simple."I do not require much, I would like to sit down and maybe a glass of water."Anything else was optional she. She had nothing else she wanted but could be given many thing but Judith did not expect anything else at this point.

As for the meeting they saw each other."Well, that did not go exactly as planned. I was there to greet people and see what my guild member was often around, Not be talked too about things showed I was being spied on with important family information I did not want known at any time ever."Judith said still casual about it but there was a hint that the situation left her a bit unhappy to deal with."I do not think I would want a conversation like that again considering what things they could know is something a bit more personal then the reason they wanted to speak to me about"Judith mentioned but seemed at least fairly okay mentally at the time about it. But at least know it was just Judith and him here to talk.

#6Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Mon Nov 13, 2023 3:25 am

Tamás Horvath
Ah so she wished to speak to him personally. He was most curious on what she wished to speak about. He was sall ears, thats for sure. He would invite her in and offer her a seat, as well as ask her if she wished for a drink or a meal. But water was enough for her, so one of the guild members would do so, as Tamas would attend to any other needs that Judith might need.

He recalled the time that they fight met, but things didnt go the way either planned. "Indeed, that did not go as planned for either of us. When I approached you, I hoped to take the rare chance to meet you and to learn from you. You are a lady of many experience and considering my goal, I hoped to better myself. Alas, well... it did not go as planned, so I am improvising when it comes to leadership. I have experience being a leader in battle. But I do not have experience to be a leader in times more peaceful."
He was a strategist and a fighter, but he had little to no experience to tending to a members non combative needs that arent medicine. He wanted to be there for his guild and Judith was the perfect person to ask this advice. Although he hoped to get that before he became a guild master. But hopefully it is better late than never. A caring person such as Judith would surely teach him how it is to be like her.
In the meantime as he pondered, the glass of water would arrive.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Tue Nov 14, 2023 3:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith at least might make this matter a good one. Over all she wanted too at least."I promise you speaking to me alone a lot safer."She figured that was best to say. Only to clearly making that statement known."But if you travel east you can equally come visit me for any questions you may need."Judith mentioned because in some manner if some one plainly knew it was better that way. A trail of options was always a good thing.

But she would remark about the meeting, to mention something that would be a good piece of information for him to learn."I value getting to know guild masters to reach an even level. But I value my personal alone conversations."Judith said because this would be key even with the context of what the conversation was. This was key to being on Judith's good side."My personal conversation are ones i value a fair amount to be left unheard. While solving a problem they also risked learning some very personal things I don't want anyone to know."That was what she would leave him to know, with out the personal info laid bare it might good idea to reveal to a stranger you learned that about them. It doesn't help some one wanting to maybe consider many things in the future.

But Judith would ask him one simple question."If you are seeking advise. I will only ask you. What do you want to know form me that will better you?"It was strange to ask that question but Judith wanted him to think what to ask to her to so she could give him advise, General statements won't help too much for him if she was left it being so open.

#8Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Wed Nov 22, 2023 5:51 am

Tamás Horvath
"Thank you for the offer, Guild Master. When my hands are a lot less tied, I shall visit you" he figured he could return the politeness and come for a casual and friendly visit in the east. Granted now he had a lot to do and couldnt really travel to leave his guild. But the idea was there to keep up relations and bonds. Good connections.

"But if you travel east you can equally come visit me for any questions you may need."Judith mentioned because in some manner if some one plainly knew it was better that way. A trail of options was always a good thing.

In regards to what she spoke, he was in a rather deep thought as he listened and nodded. "I like the way you think" he was in the same boat. Getting to know Guild Masters to reach some level of understanding and to know how one ticks and thinks. So he appreciated this one on one as well.

Now as he asks her for some advice, she asked him what did he wish to learn from her. "Hmm, how to word this more precise. Well, I wish to learn your methods. For example, Yuurei is the type of leader that would push you in a pool and you either sink or swim. It is all about physical strength. His method of interacting and teaching guild mates is through battle and thinks that losing to him over and over will make someone grow as a person. How do you support your guild mates and help them grow as a person. That is what I wish to know the most. Not everyone is as strong as us. Nor are they as confident. I have some members for example that are more shy in nature. And I wish to make them a more confident person and stronger as a person. Yet I do not know how to properly approach to help them. I have a feeling that being a bootcamp chief wont be helpful to them"
He hoped what he said was more detailed to warrant some help and answers from Judith. He knew how Yuurei led his guild. He wanted to know how someone as Guild Mother led her guild

#9Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 11:31 am

Judith Karlinius
What kind of leader was Judith was a wonderful question, In some manner Judith had to think of it as something more outwardly. Over all she ways to answer this."Each guild master will have their own way of ruling, Each idea is how they view fitting to a blank puzzle."Judith mentioned to start with. Because each person was never taught how to lead just happen to lead in some way.

So she would expand on other things."One needs to learn a fine art of inspiring others, from sink or swim or watering a flower to allow it to bloom so to say."It was an interesting thing to mention it was comparing views and methods of ways to do things. In this context they are comparing leaders. Judith would explain how she was as a leader.

"I am not consider a typical master."
Which was the most simple statement she was not a typical monster."I am called over all a mother more then a master, I often am more a serious stern mother, Rather then a guild master. Finding out what they like, what things food and drink wise i can make them, what they want to be...learning what thrust them forward."It seemed to be a good balance she wanted to express.

Leaving it off with."It is a matter of mutual respect and learning to what will make some one sprout into the being they want to be."It seemed that was what Judith felt was best to mention it all.

#10Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 7:46 am

Tamás Horvath
He nodded as he listened to her
"I do see my guild as my family. And I do like the way you phrased it. Watering a flower to allow it to bloom so to say. Hmm, I guess I am a mix of both that and the sink or swim method. I do believe there is a time and place to battle, but I know as a leader or guild master, I do need to get in touch with my own gentler side to support even those who are not privy to combat" so would that make him like a father figure if he sees his guild as family and him with being a patriach? An interesting and entertaining thought

As Judith finished her sentiment he spoke "I do agree with that. I can see why you are refered as the Fairy Mother. You do share a certain warmth and wisdom that is unlike any guild master in Fiore. And I am thankful for sharing some of your knowledge with me" he was thankful she had time to spare for him and that she welcomed him to Magnolia should he visit. It was definitelly something on his mind when he is more free.
He should take what he learned from Judith and combine it with his own methods of leading as well as a bit of Yuurei's stuff. Granted Yuurei was better at luring people to his guild to join rather than leading. But still there was something to learn from him as well. Hmm, with this all he needed was to gain some knowledge from the southern guild master, Alisa of the Blue Pegasus. He wondered what were her own methods and what kind of a leader was she. He hoped to learn everyones best qualities and intergrate it into his own style.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Wed Nov 29, 2023 2:05 pm

Judith Karlinius
Maybe this meeting was not so bad for him, But she would continue go into more depth of a few things."Keep in mind, I never desired master as a title. I was content in my kitchen making sure members stuck around."Judith figured that might be a good thing to mention to him since that might be pretty key in detail. It was something she never could picture herself ever being was guild master.

Even she could admit."Keep in mind, I am not a guild master of power or defending other as well as other, I am far more the one with connections."Judith mentioned because in some manner she was connected to a lot of people and who knows what could happen because of it. "One merely can't say they are casual every day friends with Alisa of Blue Pegasus that easily right?"Judith then chuckled about it.

#12Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Fri Dec 01, 2023 3:55 am

Tamás Horvath
"If that is the case what inspires you to stay in that position though? Surely as years gone by there are mages that are capable of being your successors letting you retire" he didnt mean any ill intent and was simply curious how come someone who did not want that position still had it. If it was him he'd look for a way out to find a replacement and live in peace. He was curious with no disrespect as to why Judith stayed in her position. Did she grow to like it?

She did note that she was not a Guild Master of power but connection. Her strength lied not in combat, but something more akin to diplomacy perhaps. She certainly had a way with words He politely chuckled with her when mentioning Blue Pegasus's Guild Master.
"Well, I would be more than willing to assist you in any way possible when it comes to traditional combat or power when it comes to defending others. I am focusing myself more on defence so I can protect my guild. I may not be as strong as the veterans who have been at this position longer than me. But... I am working on it"
He was focusing on finding a more defencive magic to protect himself and his guild. He wished to be physically offensive while magically defencive. Fairy Tail was a guild of good reputation and status and he wanted to establish some sort of connection of camaraderie between their guilds

#13Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Mon Dec 04, 2023 3:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
This was an interesting question to be asked. In some manner Judith was not scared to answer one thing."I only stay to support Fairy Tail, It has been my life for a long time after my children grew up."Yup the fairy mother being a mother. But she was even willing to admit. "If one who was far more fitting to be guild master wanted the title, I might be willing to give it up. Even if everyone was happy to see me become leader."It seemed to be simple. Some one could easily come take Guild Master from Judith if they really wanted but none seem too.

If anything Judith being a woman of many tricks also mentioned."It isn't saying I am not capable of combative measures."Judith mentioned she did not mention what in which was she could do she just had her means.Just she did no reveal it all that much."I am sure, if i ever need too. it might be interesting."But Judith was never in a rush to fight anyone for the most part.

#14Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 8:56 am

Tamás Horvath
"I understand" he spoke as he heard her answer. Fairy Tail was an interesting guild and it was fascinating to hear a bit about their history and their guild master. Later when Judith said that she is not a guild master of power or defending other, he volunteered to help. He may not have been a mercenary guild, but he was raised as a mercenary himself, so he sort of had a habbit to fight other peoples battles instead of his own. Old habbits die hard

"Is there anything I can do for you now though?" he asked her as he wasnt really all that good at conversation. So he wondered if he can do something for her or give her or offer her anything. He had no idea what to do and felt as if his questions have been answered, so how else can he make a good impression upon the fabled Fairy Tail guild master.

#15Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 3:16 pm

Judith Karlinius
Did she need anything from him. Not entirely but Judith would ask anyway because she is curious. So maybe she would dig into much else at this point. Over all Judith seemed just to be happy to here and talk to people about things over all in life."I am sure,We all just want to see lives of other prosper, No matter what between to highlights and failures of life."Judith said since she was a bit going on just speaking randomly. This was normal of Judith as you go to know her."But I get carried away sometimes."She laughed about it for a moment.

Honestly she did not know what else."Well considering you wanted to some what meet me, I do ponder if that is all the question to have for me in an official manner, But let me pose you this. What is one thing you want to know about me? But not as a guild master?"Things can't be official work all of the time it gets draining after a while.

#16Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sun Dec 10, 2023 5:29 am

Tamás Horvath
"You? Being carried away? Never" he politely jested with a slight chuckle while she did a small laugh about it. But she then went to answer his previous question, where he as a host wanted to offer something. But Judith turned the question around unexpectedly, asking him does he wish to know about her as her and not as a Guild Master

"What an interesting answer."
in regards that she answered his question with a question of her own, which he would go and answer "Well, I am curious about you as a person. I would love to get to know you. So why not start with the basics. Things you like or dislike or hobbies. Or just tell me whatever you think is representative of yourself" he would say, curious what she would say.
He would love to get to know Judith, but he didnt know a better way of achieving that

#17Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Mon Dec 11, 2023 2:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a part of Judith to get carried away and say things in odd ways, Judith did a lot of things in odd manners."Considering I use to sing to the guild or any one i know, Dance with my husband and sometimes my kids. I am fairly whimsical at times."And that was not even mentioning how she use to talk a lot more long winded."I often even use to try to show a lot of people how to bake or cook."Judith also mentioned. Over all you had to think this random elf woman you only knew as your guild master. A super serious and powerful title was just singing and dancing around you and teaching you life skills.

Over all the more and more one could think about it, Judith was a really silly woman. But she did mention some of her hobbies already."Wasting food is fairly annoying at times....hence why i always try to keep everything to the level of what a person normally eats."There showed pretty good pieces of information.

#18Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Wed Dec 20, 2023 1:59 am

Tamás Horvath
"Whimsy is not so bad. Although the only time I dare to sing is more like during a celebration or a feast. Like when I feel it is a time to relax and party. On the cooking side of things I typically dont bother myself as I do have guild members that love the craft of cooking. I moreso actually cook when Im out on a longer adventure. I am more outfitted for survival" he spoke in return and tried to connect with her more, saying that he had his moments as well, only unlike her he wasnt really as relaxed to sing and cook whenever he wants, but moreso when the situation called for it.
He nodded to the last bit "Reasonable. Does your guild have any pets? I usually think it is best to give leftovers to animals" he suggested. Though he didnt know how Fairy Tail does its thing. It seems they are relatively settled and dont need advice from him

#19Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Fri Dec 22, 2023 2:00 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith chuckled for a moment. Over all she had seen this before and mentioned something that would show the over all experiences in life how different they where compared to other people. After all she was use to people stuff then seeing the world as much."You sound more like my husband when he was single before we where married."Judith had said after that chuckle. After all it was something she remembered him speaking to her at one point."But I guess you do not have much else to worry about if everyone else has that covered."Judith did not seem to mean it to mock him.

As for guild pets Judith had a simple answer."No, It has been considered before but I often make sure my guild members don't waste food while I am around."Judith mentioned because well, if some one like Judith was watching over who was gonna waste food?

#20Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Dec 30, 2023 4:05 am

Tamás Horvath
He softly and politely chuckled, he wasnt sure if it was a compliment or a friendly jest that he was compared to her husband, but whatever was said, he would take it as a compliment. When he asked her if she had any guild pets that helped her with scraps or leftovers, Judith said that no, she merely made just enough that members had so there would not be any remains.

Meanwhile he had a different approach that in case that if there were leftovers, they would just feed it to the animals. Falcons or any herbivore, depending on the nature of the food.
"I wish I knew what else to say. Apologies, I am not really a social bird. Conversations do not come to be at ease" he spoke as he in a way admitted that he wasnt the type who can come up with casual topics with ease. His mind was dead set on work and guild stuff, but he knew to respect Judith that if she didnt wanna talk guild stuff that they may use this to get to know eachother on a human level. He just didnt know what to say

#21Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sun Dec 31, 2023 12:54 pm

Judith Karlinius
In some manner Judith picked up on this Judith was also a social master over all this is how she built her connections."Not everyone can be. There are different ways we all work. My social ways has it benefits from all of the well known mages across the lands I have met."Judith would continue just a tiny bit longer enjoy the moment while not making it hopefully too awkward for him. She really was enjoying herself and did enjoy being around Tamas.

So she would ask him at least for now one last thing to maybe see if she could get to him more."Put aside the guild master mind set, What do you want for your life in the future?"Judith most likely asked because one did have to remember their was a life outside of being a guild master one needed to remember that at times.

#22Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Tue Jan 09, 2024 5:49 am

Tamás Horvath
He did enjoy guild master Judiths presence, although he did wish to be more socially vocal, its just he had difficulties regarding of topics that werent just work. Both guild masters saw their respective guild as family. Where as Judith was like a loving mother to the guild. Tamas was more like the strict but loving father for his guild.

Though as they spoke, she asked him an interesting question "Hmm. Good question. But truth be told, I do not know. This position was something I worked for my entire life. I am content at my position. But in regards to just me and myself, my private life... I have never considered starting a family. Not to say that I am not open to it. I would love to meet someone in the future. But the chances of my life being peaceful and settled is relatively low. Perhaps, I am not destined to live that way"

#23Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Wed Jan 10, 2024 2:27 pm

Judith Karlinius
This part seems where that might line up but Judith in some manner could always suggest other things for Tamas, It was not that Judith wanted to down play be guild master for it was an important thing as well. But it was more diving into what a human did value in their life. Tamas might be content with that in which has been set up for him but Judith wanted to give him some kind of final piece of advise."This might sound a bit odd to start with."Judith knew only because it was something she always did, added something some what odd with in the mixes.

"But only because I understand how a people work...Give your self other personal things to stride for outside of the guild, It doesn't need to be family but just other things that isn't just your guild."It was a piece of Judith advise compared to Guild Master advise. It was an odd one to say yes. But most likely Judith had a reason for it and she wanted him to keep it in mind."A person loses motivation if they do not stride for things...But that is a piece of motherly advise compared to guild master advise."

#24Tamás Horvath 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Fri Jan 19, 2024 3:06 am

Tamás Horvath
"Hmm, well I have also strived to show some people the way of the sword. And I am working on making this town safer. I do wish to help people and better myself. But it is still a journey I have to figure out. A more reflective journey perhaps. Though maybe I should set out on a physical journey, maybe I see something that may give me an idea or inspire me" he spoke, and while he did give small demonstrations to civillians about swords and armour, merely instructing them about it or revieweing some weapons with his comrades, which was a lot more chill and relaxing. He just honestly didnt know what to do much. He figured, maybe with some travel and change of scenery he could maybe find something out about himself and do something more fun or such. Though first he needed to make sure his people were in good hands.

#25Judith Karlinius 

Knocking at Oddities Door.(Tamas/invite) Empty Sat Jan 20, 2024 9:01 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed he got the idea and Judith in some manner seemed delighted, Even remarking."Well if you do that and I happen to hear about it in town. I will have to stop by. After all my daughter when she was alive was a capable word fighter and so is my husband.....maybe it is about time i give it a try and see what happens?"Judith laughed about it because she was actually serious about this. For it would be have to be another time

As for anything else Judith did ponder up what all could be considered for these matters, So she would pose one thing only because she figured it might be fitting."One last thing I wish for you to think about. I can return another time for an answer if need be. Would you be apposed to a Guild Alliance? I know I might have to talk to Alisa about it because I do have a long standing agreement and Alliance with her. But offer nonetheless."In some manner it was wild thing to do.

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