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Destruction of a puny god[SL/Epic]

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Destruction of a puny god[SL/Epic] Empty Mon Oct 23, 2023 11:32 am


Name: Destruction of a puny god

Difficulty: Epic

Participants: Nana K. Tempest

Story: Nana has been contacting by a long-standing business partner with a matter utmost discretion and importance. Herman Schwarz has reached out to nana for the aid of slaughtering an entire village on a recluse island for his own business ventures. the islanders refuse to sell their land or abandon it, this has forced herman into hiring Nana's help in attaining it against the inhabitants' wishes.

Objective: Assisting Herman in taking over an island of indiginous peoples.

Destruction of a puny god[SL/Epic] Vibrant-illustration-subtropical-forest-firefighters-retro-8bit-style_899449-28648
Quest: Puny God
Rank: S
Type: Evil
Herman Schwarz: The leader of a small band of settlers on the island, Herman hails from Bosco and is a man of innovation, industry and imperialism, with a definite agenda for being here. Hiring a personal cadre of mercenary sailors and soldiers to do his bidding, his true intent is to reap the rewards hidden in island, and since negotiations to do so peacefully seem to have stalled has begun less scrupulous endeavours to achieve his aims.

Shaman Iolana Mahoe: The young spiritual leader of the island community, Iolana has succeeded her predecessor despite her relatively young age, only having been recognized as an adult a little more than a year ago. Insightful and mature beyond her years, she had the best interest on the island and its people in mind and has a strong connection to the supernatural here, even if some might question her due to her youth.

Summary: At last having enough of playing nice with the natives, the relationship has escalated to a point where he is left with no choice but violence, and calls upon his now most trusted pawn to carry out his will. Knowing them well enough by now to expect their spirit will be broken from the loss of their spiritual sanctuary, attack Kahu Rock and interrupt the ceremonies being performed there, before dealing a crippling blow to the force of warriors which defend the land.

Tribal Warrior (20): The locals laid back but that not meaning their guardsmen and hunters are lacking for skill, this island has survived on its own whilst going up against invaders and monsters from the sea, and has left their defenders strong and stern. Favouring more rudimentary weapons like axes, spears and bows, they can easily give your average Rune Knight a run for their money, though can be overcome by polished skill.

Tribal Brave (10): Warriors of the tribe a common site but Brave's less so, these are men and women who have taken their abilities to the next level and proven their courage and valour, hence the name. Receiving divine blessing and protection from the island's leaders, they are often equipped not only with more honed weaponry but also some limited spell craft, which allows them to attack, defend or even enhance their abilities if need be.

Tribal Divine (1): The lore of the land saying that the guardians of the land will fight alongside the natives in times of crisis, the Tribal Divine is the expression of the will of locals and the ethereal powers at play, and has abilities to protect that. Seeming to practically be brimming with raw mana supplied by the spirits of the land, which transforms them into a mystic warrior of almighty instrumentation, and a force ready to drive away any threat to the land.

Objective: Head to Kahu Rock and disrupt the ceremony being performed there, defeating the strongest warriors the island has to offer, and teaching those foolish natives they are no match for the march of modern civilization.

Head Kahu Rock, the small island connected to Mahalo Beach by an intermittent sand bank.
Looks like they're prepared for an attack, a mass of Tribal Warriors are waiting for you on the path.
No match for you by this point, after slaughtering this meager opposition you arrive to find the natives performing a strange ceremony?
Not happy to have this holy moment interrupted, more warriors and Tribal Braves attempt to send you packing!
Even the Braves aren't a match for you now, though there are a fair number of them, damn…
Quality beats quantity, take that native elite!
Oh no, it seems the time you spent fighting the warriors allowed the Shaman to complete a special ritual, and has empowered the last Brave with the force of the divine.
What's godly power to a non-believer, hm? Show them that even this intervention can't save them!
Besting even this mighty figure, you finally prove victorious! Plant the flag of industry on the island and claim it as Herman's new mine, then send whatever's left of the stunned natives packing!
For once Herman comes to you! The man arrives with a smile on his face and a sizeable payout for his champion as well! Good, or perhaps bad, job!

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