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What's Mine is Mine 1

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#1Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Sat Sep 16, 2023 7:49 pm

Ayaka Kitazawa
With a tired yawn escaping her lips, Ayaka left the welcoming confines of the Paradise Dawn guildhall behind, setting her course for the Dawncliff mine. Her thoughts fixated firmly on the day's impending challenges. Ever since she had become a part of Paradise Dawn, she'd quickly come to understand the simplicity of finding work. And for what it was worth, work was precisely what she needed in her life at this moment.

The prior day had brought about an unfortunate turn of events. It had left a group of miners stranded deep within the labyrinthine tunnels of the mine. The silver lining was that no one had suffered any injuries, and they had enough provisions, water, and a reliable source of light to endure until a rescue team could be organized. However, due to the late hour at which the accident had occurred, a proficient rescue crew couldn't swing into action until today.


#2Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Sun Sep 17, 2023 9:45 pm

Ayaka Kitazawa
Among the first to arrive, Ayaka surveyed her surroundings, curious about her future companions. The previous day's briefing had hinted at a team of six, divided into pairs, each tasked with a specific role to simplify the mission and ensure the safe rescue of everyone from the treacherous mines. Ayaka's other half in her paired group was a man at least a foot taller than her, with jet-black hair, and milky white eyes that made him look as if he were blind. She wanted to speak to him since they would be working together but she stayed quiet as their briefing began.

Their leader, the man who had summoned them, bore the name Mister Briggins. Once the entire ensemble had gathered, he stepped forward to address the group with a determined air. His directive was crystal clear: they needed to free the trapped individuals before the sun dipped below the horizon. The teams were categorized into "protection, guides, and supports," Ayaka was assigned to the " Protection Team". Their primary duty? Shield the group from the lurking threats in the mines, whether they took the form of monsters, thieves, or any other perils concealed within the subterranean darkness.


#3Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 11:08 pm

Ayaka Kitazawa
Being a part of a team meant that Ayaka had a partner, and her partner was a man who towered over her by a foot. His eyes bore the cool, steely shade of grey, and his hair was a mix of salt and pepper, though the salt seemed to dominate, revealing a hint of his age. He possessed a robust physique that exuded an air of authority, which provided Ayaka with a reassuring sense of security.

Their team was well-rounded, the other two distinct groups bringing their own set of skills. The Guides were tasked with leading them safely through the treacherous mines, armed with knowledge of where the trapped individuals awaited rescue. Meanwhile, The Supports brought their invaluable healing magic to the table, establishing a means of communication with the outside world should they ever require assistance, and contributing various skills to enhance the mission's likelihood of success.

With their briefing concluded, the group advanced confidently into the depths of the mines.


#4Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Tue Sep 19, 2023 12:04 am

Ayaka Kitazawa
As the group ventured into the mines, they instinctively arranged themselves into a circular formation. At the forefront were the two experienced guides, their confident strides setting the pace. A pair of reliable supports nestled themselves in the middle, ready to provide assistance if needed. Meanwhile, the protection team divided strategically, positioning Ayaka at the rear and her partner closer to the front alongside the guides. This arrangement ensured comprehensive coverage and vigilance.

Upon entering the mines, the initial section greeted them with a generous amount of illumination, curbing the need for their personal light sources. The activity echoed from this well-lit space, evidence that the mines remained a hub of labor and industry. However, within the group itself, silence reigned supreme. During the briefing, no one had ventured to inquire about their comrades, nor did anyone break the hush as they proceeded deeper into the mine's depths. Ayaka, for her part, harbored no curiosity about her fellow workers. She had a job to do, and that was her sole concern.

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#5Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Tue Sep 19, 2023 12:19 am

Ayaka Kitazawa
As they ventured deeper into the mines, the oppressive darkness enveloped them, and a damp, chilly breeze whispered from unexplored recesses, sending shivers down their spines. Their reliance on the mana-powered lamps grew, illuminating the uncharted abyss that stretched before them. With the assistance of the supportive workers, the group obtained these precious sources of light, which proved invaluable in unveiling the vast, enigmatic chamber that lay ahead. The narrow trail they had followed now diverged from the entrance, leading them into a magnificent cavern adorned with glistening jewels.

Under the mesmerizing glow of the mana lamps, Ayaka couldn't resist the allure of these jewels, and her companions shared in her fascination, pocketing a few for themselves. However, their harmonious progress through this captivating realm was abruptly interrupted by Ayaka's partner. In a hushed gesture, he implored the group to silence their voices and dim the lamps' radiance. Tension thickened, and Ayaka, though anxious, concealed her apprehension behind a composed facade as she vigilantly scanned their surroundings for potential threats.

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#6Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Tue Sep 19, 2023 12:39 am

Ayaka Kitazawa
For a seemingly endless moment, a thick blanket of silence enveloped the group. Each pair of eyes darted around, scanning the surroundings, but only one pair had zeroed in on a specific focal point. Ayaka's partner extended his finger, gesturing in the direction his eyes had locked onto. As if guided by some invisible force, every set of eyes gradually shifted toward the indicated spot. It had eluded their notice previously, obscured by the luster of the glittering gemstones that had ensnared their attention.

With all their attention now fixed on that spot, they could finally discern it—a menacing presence, its red eyes gleaming like radiant rubies, poised as if anticipating an unsuspecting prey. Roughly ten feet from their vantage point loomed a colossal creature, a monstrous gathering of stone and precious jewels, casting a shadow over the stunned group.

As the creature sensed their newfound awareness, it sprang into action, taking massive strides towards them. Each thunderous step sent tremors through the earth, showering the group with cascading debris.

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#7Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 1:39 am

Ayaka Kitazawa
No time went to waste as the group pressed forward. Leading the Support and Guides with unwavering determination, Ayaka skillfully guided them to a safer location, shielding them from the perilous shower of rocks and gems. With swift precision, she deflected the larger chunks, shattering them before they could endanger the group.

Simultaneously, Ayaka's partner bravely faced the looming threat. He drew its attention, serving as a daring distraction to ensure the safety of the rest of the team. The ground trembled beneath them as the gem-encrusted monstrosity made violent movements, but this adversity did not deter the other half of the Protection team.

A dark-haired man moved with remarkable agility, casting spells and delivering powerful blows to vanquish the menacing creature. Despite the intense scuffle that lasted no more than ten minutes, he emerged with only minor injuries.

As the dust settled and the signal to proceed to safety was given, the group regrouped and continued their journey deeper into the mines. They drew nearer to their destination, their trust in the Guides unwavering.

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#8Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 1:56 am

Ayaka Kitazawa
Leaving behind the captivating yet perilous jewel-studded section of the mine, the group ventured deeper into the abyss. The encompassing darkness swallowed them whole, but they remained undaunted, guided by the reassuring glow of their support lights. The second member of the protection team bore the marks of their recent skirmish, sporting a few cuts and bruises, but his overall condition remained satisfactory.

With cautious steps, they proceeded further into the mine, their surroundings gradually constricting, compelling them to march in single file. Ayaka assumed the rear position, her partner leading the way, trusting the experienced guides to steer them safely from behind the protective shield of the protection team. The cave's ceiling dripped incessantly, and any sound they made reverberated off the walls with heightened resonance; even their breaths echoed through the subterranean chamber.

Despite the eerie atmosphere, this segment of the mine appeared comparatively secure as they passed through uneventfully. Emerging from the narrow passage, the guides directed their attention to the daunting obstacle that had imprisoned the miners, an imposing wall of rock demanding removal.

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#9Ayaka Kitazawa 

What's Mine is Mine 1 Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 3:26 am

Ayaka Kitazawa
With their daunting task looming before them, the guides raised their voices to pierce through the deafening silence of the cave. Their urgent cries reached the ears of the miners who were huddled behind the rock wall, instructing them to retreat to the furthest reaches of safety. On the other side of that imposing barrier, the echoes of the miner's shouts reassured the group that all were accounted for, albeit somewhat rattled by the ordeal.

The Support team, undaunted by the failure of magic to affect these stubborn rocks, sprang into action. They carefully assembled a stockpile of explosives, each one designed to bring down the formidable obstruction. As the charges were meticulously arranged and their timers set, the team withdrew to a safe distance, bracing themselves for the impending detonation.

The explosion that followed reverberated through the cave, causing the very earth beneath their feet to shudder and tremble before finally settling into an uneasy calm. The air grew thick with a swirling cloud of dust and debris, obscuring their vision and forcing the group to wait patiently until the chaos subsided.

According to the miners, this particular section of the mines possessed an enigmatic quality: it drained magic, rendering it impotent against the stubborn rocks that had entombed them. With everyone's safety confirmed, the Support team assessed the miners' well-being, ensuring they were fit to continue their journey. Satisfied that they were ready, the group retraced their steps, following the same path they had initially taken.

Emerging from the cave, they were greeted by the fading light of dusk, casting long shadows across the rugged terrain. As the last vestiges of daylight succumbed to the encroaching darkness, gratitude flowed toward the guides, who had led them through this harrowing ordeal. With a well-earned payment and heartfelt thanks, the guides bid the group farewell, each going their separate ways.

- exit -

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