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An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline]

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#1Tamás Horvath 

An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline] Empty Thu Sep 14, 2023 1:45 am

Tamás Horvath
Tamas was with his guild. He was feasting and eating some food with his guild mates that were with him. So far all was peaceful in Baska, even if danger lurked over the horizon there at Oak. But what mattered now was that Baska was safe. The Guild was doing a pretty good job so far protecting it. Now this feast wasnt a celebration of that achievement, but more like a meal to bring the guild together more. Bonding time and such. Why should everyone be recluse and hurdle up in their room all alone. Granted while they were allowed to do so. Tamas wanted to try and normalize the togetherness. The teamwork. There was a stupid acronym he came up with. Team. Together Everyone Achieves More. It was a real dad joke of an acronym, but it fills that notion of 'There is no I in team'

But something broke the sense of peace and his trail of thought, as an exhausted and panicked person barged in the guild seeking for help. They looked like they went through hell, he wondered what was that all about. The person couldnt really say anything because they were out of breath and stuttering as well. They were a mess. So Tamas got off his chair and walked over to the person. Grabbed them and carried them over to the table and sat them down. He grabbed a glass and some wine and poured it for the weary traveler
"Calm down, take a breather and speak, what is the matter?" he knew it was something most likely horrible and urgent, but clearly he needed to show some hospitality and reassurance, even if he was rough around the edges. This smelled like a quest and he needed to know what was wrong



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Scarlett was too anxious to sit down just yet even after all her efforts in cooking the meal. So she kept moving around to make sure things were just right. She would count the seats and the plates, make sure there was room for all the members, and that all the things prepared were brought out for everyone to enjoy. When most things were set up and all the members were grabbing their designated seats. The last one being the one right next to Tamas. Scarlett who was now resigned to her spot next to the Guild Master and all the stress that would put on her until she was used to it, was just about to finally take her seat when a man came running into the hall. Scarlett plop down in her seat in utter defeat.

"I, I, is this th, the new guild? I heard ya, ya guys...would take on...quests." The man tried to utter before Tamas handed him a drink and advised him to calm down. Scarlett sitting next to him, pushed her plate toward him as to invite him to the meal. Forgoing her own for now she wasn't sure she could eat anyway.

Once the man took a moment to recover, he began to speak again.

"Names Frank....my friend and I were in the forest foraging for ingredients our wives requested for dinner. Somethin we do often. But you see this time it was weird. The cave deep out to the forest, there's been rumors not to walk by it, but we don't pay those much mind see. No one really does. Anyways, so while me and George were getting the things, something came running at us. Some beast, well, least that's what I thought at first but it wasn't. No it was some kinda person except they were ok with eating George..." Recanting the event was already hard on Frank, but reaching this point was becoming too much. His adrenaline got him this far but his feelings were catching up to him as he began to break down crying and he spoke of his frined.

"George, oh George! I didn't mean to leave you buuuddy....I really didn't but they'd of gotten us both you seee.....Those freaks...they were eating him. I couldn't.....I couldn't count how many were there. I just took off running....and I left my friend behind. But that's why I'm here. Ya got to go and avenge George, ya gotta go kill those freaks that......that......that ate my friiiiiendd! Oh my gooooodssss, what am I gonna tell Caroll........"Frank was gone now, the message was delivered and his coherency was diminished.

Scarlett sat just staring at the man stunned, but also moved. She looked like a stone cold rabbit, but really she too was storm inside. Only a single tear dropping down her face to betray her outward appearance of indifference. She looked up at Tamas curious as to what he planed to do next. Hoping she could join him an be of use.

This kind of mission was far beyond her, she was still learning her spells. She felt if she was gonna slow anyone down with her incompetency, it was best that it was the Guild Master as she figured he would more than make up for it.

This is of course not even including the fact that she as never killed anything before in her life, nor did she want to start. Tamas was more likely used to such an act, perhaps it could spare her innocence for just a bit longer.

After all, she didn't really join the guild to be combative or kill, but to explore. But after seeing this utterly shattered man, she was only now coming to understand the kind of responsibilities that would befall her. Could she really live on being useless to the guild if she could not be what they need? She really didn't know.

"What...now..Guild Master? What should..we...do? And, and can I join you?"


#3Tamás Horvath 

An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline] Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 5:08 am

Tamás Horvath
As the man tried to explain the situation, a new development arose as this didnt seem like an animal extermination mission. The way things were described, it seemed something more, something unknown. If it was as simple as a wolf or bear, the man would say wolf or bear cave or den. But no
"Looks like business might start to pick up" Tamas thought to himself as he heard what had happened from the mans perspective.

He also thought about their moves as Scarlett would ask him what do they do. He stood up once again from his seat and spoke "Sir, we shall take your quest. We shall investigate what is down there and eliminate the threat. Tell us where is this cave exactly"

Once the man would blurt out the exact location, Tamas nodded and turned to the guild
"We shall go and investigate this threat. Safety in numbers" he pointed to some members "You guys stay here and protect the fort. We dont know what we are facing down there. So it is best we go in prepared. Better to go overprepared and overestimate the enemy than go underprepared and underestimate our enemy. Hubris would not be our downfall"

He then looked at Scarlett
"Come with me" he spoke as he invited her to come along. Before they exchanged words over food and meal. But now he will learn the skills Scarlett has. He was sure she can be of help.

Tamas grabbed his weapon and his helm and waited for everyone to be prepared. Once everyone was ready, they would make their journey to this cave.

Tamas wondered now though what could this threat be that killed a person. He didnt know, but if it attacked an innocent person, he had to punish that.
He looked at Scarlett and asked her "How are you feeling?" he wanted to make sure she was ok. As well as have this chance with her while traveling to learn about her skills. Maybe they can synergize well with their movesets or maybe they dont. One way to learn and thats by directly asking or experiencing it in action.
Besides, he thought it was best he learns about his partners skills and weaknesses now before danger, so he can adapt. At least the travel over yonder was peaceful. He never got to just enjoy the life and take in the sights



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Tamas was taking the moment in, thinking hard on how he would respond. Scarlett could see it on his face as she read his features.

He invited her to work with him as she was hoping he would and she began to get up. Setting up a meal for Frank for when he recovers.

"I could be better, but I'm worried. That could of been any one of us...." Scarlett was settling in a more serious mood. Although she was usually anxious at first, and though she still is, she was lost to the gravity of the situation. It was not the time to falter, and so she would not.

"Give me a moment to pack Sir, and then I shall join you." Scarlett walked off to the kitchen to prepare some food and water for the travels. Her long legs pushed her forward fast, and so again when she went to her room to pack her things. She never had to defend herself per say. Her Aunt was always mindful of the routs the two would take and usually enough all by herself for a brawl. So Scarlett never picked up a weapon or a fighting strategy yet. She scanned her room for anything that was worth taking in place of one but she gave up soon enough. There was nothing here for her to use. She settled on her heavier metal toed boots and dashed back downstairs to where Tamas was waiting.

As they embarked, Scarlett was reluctant to take a horse. It just felt weird for her. Part because of her size and part because of her father's side of the family being horse Demi-humans. That being said, the girl didn't mind running for herself. She was as fast as any horse and she would not tire as easily either. The hare and horse in her let her keep up with Tamas in the travels just fine.

By the time they made it to the woods to investigate, it was becoming quite hard to keep a horse moving forward. Soon the party would have to go on foot but that in itself held its own problems.

"I'm already on foot!" She shouted back to her crew as they were preparing to leave their horses. "Allow me to scout ahead for the moment and double back!" She picked up her speed quick rapidly, leaving the party far behind her. It gave them no time to object or interject. She could not yet fight but she did feel confident in her speed as it was all that she had.

As she zoomed forward, she kept her ears moving and open, her nose was taking in all the scents of the area. But when she picked up the smell of Frank she hard stopped. Hopping at and then jumping of the tree to help her break her stride so she could study the smell. It was hard to follow, it was so weak. She was lucky to catch a trace of it, but what got her hot on a trail again was actually the smell of blood she noticed.

It shook her and reminded her of her fears but as she looked back to the area that she left the party, he resolved reforged. There was no time for this and so she took off running again for the smell of blood.


#5Tamás Horvath 

An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2023 2:39 am

Tamás Horvath
They went to head out, he wanted to offer Scarlett a ride as well as to preserve energy, but she politely declined and said she was fine on foot. If she insisted, he would let her do as she felt. So they all dashed off to the directions of the cave. It was an actually lovely day and if this wasnt a quest, it would be a peaceful horseback ride. But with the doom and gloom of oncoming battle and death approaching, the ride wasnt really as peaceful. Because there was a sense of uneasiness.

Tamas would notice that Scarlett was very speedy and keeping up with the mount and even surpassing it. She went to scout ahead and said she would come back.
"Dont let them see you!" he said to her as she dashed off.
He felt he didnt need the 'stay safe' and 'be careful' speak. He had faith in her that she knew what she was doing. She didnt need to prove herself to him by doing something foolhardy and he didnt want to make anyone feel worthless as if they had something to prove. He figured Scarlett was fine, but an instruction to stealth out ahead was fine enough for him as it was some sort of advice. And with that, she was gone as she went as far ahead that he couldnt see her as she would arrive to their destination first

Tamas focused on getting over to that cave and planning what to do. He wondered what would he see there. He's been to a bunch of caves. Usually its just some animals. But something the way that Frank spoke, it didnt sound like an animal mission. No wolves or bears would make a man act like that. They would say its a bear attack. It could be werewolves. They're big, monstrous and animalistic. It would make sense they find a home in cave. Those that were unable to live as humans in a town.
He wonders, do werewolves lose their humanity so much that they forget how to transform back? Not that all werewolves are like that, but some majority of that. Like there are differences between a born lycantrope and a turned one. He assumed the natural borns are more skilled and knowledgable of their biology and have a better control of their senses and urges while the turned ones are in shock and unable to control their new urges and power.

But there was only one way to find out. As soon as he'd arrive to the cave, he'd stop his horse and jump off. But he would not go anywhere as he'd wait on to Scarlett. He'd give her like 10 minutes tops before moving in to find her. So now all he had to do was play the waiting game. He wondered what could she see in the cave



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A little ways deeper into the woods from following the scent. Almost losing her trail when the winds would change, but after a point she began to notice trickles of blood and then the pool of the initial attack. Scarlett halted entirely, first petrified by her fear but then it was her overwhelming urge to observe the area. She took a while to study the scene, from the direction of the blood and the many smells. There were a few scents here that she found odd, and unlike the faint smell Frank left behind, theirs lingered much stronger than his.

Taking in all the information at once was overwhelming. Time felt like for a moment, it even slowed down. That was how she noticed a rustling sound just a bit off. Whatever was nearby was careless enough for a moment to rustle the foliage. It was enough for her ears to pick up on. She stood still so her ears could pick up more, but she felt in her core the creature would not get careless again.

Scarlett slowed her breathing. Giving herself a moment to contain as much air as she could in her lungs. The beat of her heart for the moment also felt like it was growing slower. Here eyes were trying to scan for where she heard the sound last, but all was still and her nose could only tell her something was around but not from where. Yet she could not afford to be careless.

The creature was watching her, stalking her, and Scarlett could feel this.

It took a while for the one pursuing her to try and take its chance to lunge. Scarlett was waiting for that very moment, figuring it would be best if she was the one to react so that she could plan how to get out in the very moment. So as the man lunged for her and was aiming low as to topple her over, her instincts and reaction caused her to jump on him instead an run off.

Her body was now in a state of over charge. Her heart was now pounding much faster to pump her blood through her veins. The sparks of her magic were jumping from here body and becoming too much to contain anymore. In a flash of the moment, she dashed fasted than usual. A matter of five meters in a single moment. With some of the excess of her magic, she pointed above to shoot a shot of lightning into the air. Marking the area for her fellow members to investigate.


#7Tamás Horvath 

An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2023 6:40 am

Tamás Horvath
As much as he'd want to wait, after a bit he couldnt. He was unsure if he gave her a proper 10 minutes of time to scout ahead, not like he had a watch on him. But it felt like 10 minutes so that worked right? He had to make sure she was fine. But then as if she had heard him, he saw a lighting zap in the air. This wasnt something that came from the clouds. No, this was magic, which only meant Scarlett

Tamas quietly and yet hurridly entered the damp and stony cave. He was being careful and quiet, so he wouldnt alert anyone or endanger Scarlett. So far the coast would seem clear and he would reach the area where Scarlett was at.

He would see the attacker and immediately drew his sword and attacked it. He reacted rather fast and didnt waste time gawking. All he knew was that this wasnt an animal. As he slashed and felled the enemy, he went to make sure first that Scarlett was okay. After that, he can examine what they have

"Are you hurt?" he asked her, making sure she can go on. He had to know how to proceed. Although he was still alert, he wanted to also make sure that they dont get attacked by someone else. He was sure this attacker wasnt the only one. And all the commotion could call more people.
Anything is possible and he had to be prepared. Although, after making sure that Scarlett was ok, he'd go to the corpse

He was no Rune Knight, but that one quest with Lumikki and faking a crime scene was decently enough for him to examine some things. In this case not what the cause of death was, since he was the cause of death. But more like who or what they are dealing with.

Ears suggest this isnt an elf or a halfling. From his experience with daemons he can see that this is not a match. Clearly wasnt a dwarf. Fae tend to be strinkingly beautiful with brightly coloured eyes. Opening the eye of the foe showed that it was a haunting red colour. And well, Tamas doesnt see this person as attractive and doubts Scarlett would too. So he'd rule out fae.
What was the next race he could test for Ah Nephilims! But while Nephilims look similar to humans, they are infact taller than the average man. And while their hair color varies, they are typically light colored. Which again was a no. Besides Nephilims tend to be good. Like Yuurei. Only two things he can test for are werewolves and vampires which make the most sense. If they're not it, then its human bandits. Which wouldnt align with what Frank said.

He'd open the mouth carefully and see the teeth. The teeth. Werewolves usually in human forms have sharp teeth and longer nails, while vampires have the fangs only. And it seemed that was it. Fangs.
Still he needed more just to be thoughrough and certain and examined more. Pale skin, check. Eye colour? Haunting red eyes.

Turning to Scarlett he'd say "Vampires" and he'd then get up, take his sword and look onward "We must see if there are more to be exterminated from this den" they have to make sure the place is safe. If this is a den.



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Before Scarlett could close the distance, she could hear Tamas approaching her way. And sure enough, there he was running. She fell onto the floor in relief that someone had actually came for her. Tamas pushed forward and went to slay it. It because there was no where in hell it was human, nor anything she’s come to understand. She had only read in books what monsters were, but she did not figure she would meet one so soon. She didn’t even want to turn around to watch as he slayed it but the sounds would haunt her all the same.

”I’m….I’m ok….” she managed to mutter. Not particularly keen on speaking anymore than she had to for the moment.

She would faintly glance as he inspected the corpse. Part of her curious but most of her sick. She could feel her stomach churning and honestly she was happy Frank disturbed them before could dive in her meal. Though perhaps she would of faired more if she got to drink more wine.

He concluded it was vampires and she supposed it would make sense. With the amount of blood this place reeked of it would only make senses. She hardly managed to get up but she did. Looking into the pocket of her skirt for her handkerchief so that she could cover her nose.

”I could hear them out before they get near us.” She was really putting on a brave front now. But that was all because she just wanted this done with and over.

She snapped her fingers and used the friction to create a charge. Sparks danced along her fingers as she held up her hand in front of her to grant them more light. Her ears were constantly moving as they tried to pick up sound.

When they got a bit deeper she would hold up two fingers and point to just around the corner, signally that some of them were just near by.


#9Tamás Horvath 

An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline] Empty Wed Oct 11, 2023 5:16 am

Tamás Horvath
Deducing who was their enemy, he nodded as the two would spur into action. Working together they would go and clear the cave of these creatures of the night. He would mostly use his sword and would support Scarlett in any manner that he can.

Once they were done. He spoke to Scarlett "I might be ambitious, but something doesnt seem right. This doesnt seem like your regular pest control quest. I want to take a look around" he told her.

Tamas would go ahead and explore the cave, go deeper in and see there was no sign of hostility anymore. Of course he'd also be protective of Scarlett to make sure she was safe. As he'd go deeper he'd see this wasnt just your average natural cave. There were signs of architecture as they went deeper. Almost like a buried crypt that got buried from an ancient earthquake or such. The stone carvings and the style seemed older. But he couldnt discern from what time it was. All he knew was that this wasnt from recent Fiorian history. As he'd explore further on, he'd want to see if there was anything to this finding, if this had anything to do with their quest. But aside from some old chests that had a bit of gold and gems, and a few ruined books that were probably illegible at this point, the only thing that stood out in his search was a scroll which was hidden and in a pristine condition compared to everything else. Well, not pristine pristine, but certainly better.
Tamas took the scroll and told Scarlett "Perhaps we should go back to the guild. We'll see what is going on back home. If you like anything as a memento or a trophy or reward, feel free to take anything" he told her.
Whether Scarlett decided to take something or not was up to her. But when she was ready, the two would be able to head back to their guild



An Approaching Danger [TLB – A New Questline] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2023 1:43 pm

Scarlett would shine the light but it was Tamas that would cut them down. Man was merciless, but the creatures held no humanity and therefore garnered no pity. Her Guild Master could not comprehend how much this lair wreaked of blood and death. It took all her focus to keep the spark up and not hurl the little that was left in her stomach.

Scarlett watched as Tamas would clash the foes with his blades. They were fast, but his defenses and magic mitigated their bites and claws. It was for the best she kept behind, and she kept to it. Though she never lost her guard or focus, her ears constantly moving to be sure of all who came.

What confused her more than anything, were not the fiends. They were akin to things depicted dreadful stories. If she was a Dragon Slayer, than the myth felt very real. But it was the architecture that confused her. Ruptured walls giving in to the earth around it. Most of the details and morals were long lost to nature. The rabbit traced along the walls with her fingers, leaving the Knight to usher the work he did best.

" I never thought the likes of them were real, but to see these tiles makes me wonder just how far back they go...." Her mind zoning to the possibilities.

He offered her a right to the spoils and the rabbit would take it. Flipping through all the books thrown along the floor until she found all the ones still left in tact. She was pleased with her new treasures, she never considered her library growing in this way.

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