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All Ashore That's Going Ashore(Open)

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All Ashore That's Going Ashore(Open) Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 1:14 am

This would have eventually happen , She was going to arrive on ashore. But it might have been best to ask if she was alive and maybe how she could still be alive at this point. But there she was alive floating in the water, with spots of blood in the water. At this time she was not moving either only faint signs of living was really what was going on.

But Astera docks would have floating in their waters, drifting who knows where, was Jai-Han some what living some what not really aware or in tune to the world around her to know where she was or what was going on.

If Jai-Han was awake she would most likely be upset about how that beast got away again, But before she even could consider these thought she to wake up and so far she seemed kind of floating not trying to move.


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Vex had been down at the docks looking at shipments that had been coming in for the guild and some of her own personal stuff coming in for plans that where not to take place yet. Vex spots the woman in the water and she runs to the edge and dived into the water without a second thought to herself or her nice clothes someone's life was right there in the balance that needed a hand. She gets ahold of the woman making sure that the woman's head remained above the water. Vex got the woman fully onto shore and she started to use healing magic on the woman to tend to her wounds and other damages she sees on the woman. "Hey can you hear me? What is your name and do you hurt anywhere else?"

Vex was taking her time to make sure that the woman was alright and would make it out of this alive so she can tell her tale and see if more people may be lost at sea that Vex needs to send help out to look for and help them as well.

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Jen was in Astera, hoping to find her friend whom she hasnt seen in a while. She heard he moved here to start his life in peace and such. She wondered if his life was any better or would he join her in mischief.

Although she came to this town with one intention, she had a hard time finding him after that. She just knew Astera and nothing else. She'd have to look everywhere.

Now she found herself at the docks. She doubted he'd be there. But still it would be nice to look. She may not have found her friend working at the docks with ships and the sea. But she did see something curious. Jen looked at the floater and asked
"Are you alive?" she asked the floater and wondered if she should poke them with a stick. She did look around for a stick, but didnt really find anything like that. Suddenly someone else had arrived and decided to be more proactive. Maybe they heard Jen asking if they were alive and wanted to be more helpful


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Between being poked with a stick and some one dragging her out of the water to try and bring her back to life Jai-Han was coming to reality but even with all of Vex healing, Jai was hurt in a large manner still. But that would wait until she was on shore. She was waking up slowly while being dragged along. Most likely pondering how she was still alive.

But alas she was trying to move feeling stiff, like something was not right at all."F--k the sea didn't kill me..."She muttered to herself almost like she was equal parts shock and confused but trying to move didn't seem to be yielding much.

Jai-Han every once and a while when moving seemed to have the sound of cracking bones be come more apparent. the extend the damage to her was still not entirely known to her. She only just half remembered what happen. But she expected to be dead.But she was looking around for a moment while she was being dragged along."That B---h shot me!"Jai-Han said aloud trying to move slightly in pain while trying to move slightly was not going to work at this time.

This was most likely not helping Vex at this time. But Jai was not worried about others just who saved her, only her own desires.


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Vex's cape lit up as her healing spells were enhanced and Vex used stronger healing magic to take care of the woman. "Ma'am please hold still, you seem very hurt. Who shot you?" Vex asked as she kept working on healing the woman while they were on solid footing and she wonders what happened to this woman as it seemed besides the wound where she was seemingly shot there where multiple bones and injuries and this woman was pretty well sun burned as well. Vex figures she must have drifted in from a good distance away from the docks. "What all do you remember?"

Vex is making sure to reset the woman's bones as she heals them as some of them were both broken and dislocated on her. "How did you get hurt this badly?" Vex is moving around the woman as she worked and she was really wondering how this woman wasn't dead but from the way she was talking she might only be alive out of pure spite.

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