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Silent Moves - Travel East to North -

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#1Ayaka Kitazawa 

Silent Moves - Travel East to North - Empty Thu Sep 07, 2023 2:08 pm

Ayaka Kitazawa
Beneath the shroud of night's inky embrace, Ayaka embarked on a clandestine journey astride her loyal companion, Kaze, a majestic White Wyvern. Her previous encounters with Fiore had been fleeting, and she harbored a desire to distance herself from the murky underbelly of the realm, opting for a more discreet existence that would allow her to establish a stronger foothold and thrive independently. This solitary expedition promised a smooth passage, for Ayaka bore no burdens save for the weight of responsibility she had reluctantly left behind in that shadowy abyss.

Her heart was heavy as she ventured forth, abandoning the solemn promise to safeguard those vulnerable souls dwelling within the depths of the dark underworld. Now, they stood exposed, ripe for predation by opportunistic beasts who lurked, poised to swoop in like vultures should any misfortune befall Ayaka. In this moment, her thoughts turned inward, recognizing the necessity of self-preservation.

The voyage unfolded without noteworthy incident. Ayaka made intermittent stops to grant Kaze the respite he required and to replenish their provisions. Resting for no more than a day at each juncture, they maintained an unswerving course toward their ultimate destination.

As the miles dwindled and the terrain transformed, Ayaka could sense the emergence of a new chapter in her life. The landscape itself seemed to shift in tandem with her evolving purpose. Gone were the ominous shadows that had perpetually clung to her, replaced by the subtle hues of dawn's first light. It was a symbolic metamorphosis, a shedding of her former life as she approached the horizon of opportunity.

With each passing mile, Ayaka felt the weight on her chest lift, allowing her to breathe freely and envision the possibilities that lay ahead. She was no longer a guardian of the forsaken, but rather an architect of her own destiny. The world beckoned, brimming with prospects yet to be seized, and Ayaka, astride her White Wyvern, embraced the limitless expanse of her future with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

- exit -

The user receives a 50% wordcount reduction on traveling when flying on their Whyte Wyvern.

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