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Curiosity Killed the Cat, B-rank (Solo)

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Curiosity Killed the Cat, B-rank (Solo) Empty Mon Aug 14, 2023 2:56 am

The dense canopy of Worth Woodsea cast intricate patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor as Hyphen stepped into the forest. The air was thick with the scent of damp earth and the distant call of unknown creatures.

Zimnur's message had hooked Hyphen's curiosity like a siren's call. The neko's golden eyes and cunning demeanor painted a vivid picture in his mind. That guy had managed to claw his way to the forefront of the Security Chief race, and now, his position was threatened by a competitor named Gaksi. With her reputation for bravery, skepticism, and being a slippery little fuck, she was not to be underestimated.

Her trail would be subtle, but he was absolutely determined to find it.

Hyphen's journey led him back to the cave, the same cavern where he had faced off against a ferocious pack of wolves. Memories of that battle echoed in his mind, reminding him of how far he has come. As he entered the cavern, the air grew cooler, and the sound of dripping water bounced through the space.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat, B-rank (Solo) Empty Mon Aug 14, 2023 2:56 am

His keen eyes scanned the ground for any signs of disturbance - footprints, displaced stones, or traces of hair, anyhing. He knelt down to examine a patch of dirt, noting the faint impression of a half human, half-cat print. It was subtle, almost imperceptible, but it was a clue that Gaksi had been here. As he ventured deeper into the cave, the darkness seemed to enclose around him. His footsteps echoed in the confined space, and he felt a sense of solitude that was both eerie and exciting. He recalled the lessons he had learned from his battles, the way he had adapted to his opponents' strategies. In this cave, he would need to be just as adaptable, just as resourceful. Hyphen's fingers brushed against the walls, feeling the texture of the cold stone. His mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, a puzzle he was determined to unravel. He moved with purpose, examining every nook and cranny, searching for any sign of Gaksi's investigation. The silence was broken only by the occasional drip of water and the sound of his own breath.

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After what felt like hours, Hyphen noticed a faint glimmer on the ground. He knelt down and discovered a piece of torn fabric, its color a muted gold that matched the fur of a neko. It was a small but significant clue, evidence that Gaksi had been here recently. Hyphen's lips curled into a satisfied smile as he carefully picked up the torn fabric and examined it. With the clue in hand, Hyphen's mind raced with possibilities. He thought, speculated about the path Gaksi might have taken, the areas she might have explored within the cave. As he continued to explore the cave, Hyphen's thoughts spun with anticipation. He knew that Gaksi was a skilled and determined opponent, and he was pants to the ass ready to face her.

The rustling leaves and distant calls of creatures created a symphony of nature's melodies. It was a fitting backdrop for the intrigue that was about to unfold.

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Hyphen's footsteps were measured and cautious as he ventured deeper into the forest. He recalled the details of Zimnur's request, his mind a canvas upon which he painted a mental map of the cave's layout. The cave, once a battleground against the ferocious wolf pack, now held a new purpose - a stage for his strategic maneuver. With each step, Hyphen scanned his surroundings, seeking any signs of disturbance or activity. His senses were attuned to even the subtlest shifts in the environment. He observed the patterns of light filtering through the canopy, gauging the time and estimating the position of the sun. This information would be crucial in orchestrating his plan.

As he neared the entrance of the cave, Hyphen's heart quickened. He knew that the success of this endeavor hinged on his ability to anticipate Gaksi's actions. He entered the cave, the shadows enveloping him. His eyes adjusted to the dim light, and he navigated through the twists and turns with the practiced ease of a seasoned adventurer.

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Hyphen's first task was to scout the area for potential clues that Gaksi might seek out. He examined every nook and cranny, searching for signs of recent activity or disturbances. It was a delicate dance between thoroughness and stealth, and he moved with the finesse of a predator stalking its prey. Among the rocky terrain and occasional patches of moonlit glow, Hyphen discovered a few spots that seemed to beckon investigation. These were the perfect locations to place his false clues - subtle enough to seem genuine but crafted to lead Gaksi astray. Hopefully, they would all work. His pay depended on this, and his Bepsi.

The false evidence was a carefully woven tapestry of half-truths and misdirection. He knew that Gaksi was skilled at deciphering patterns and reading the hidden language of the environment. To deceive her, Hyphen had to think like her, to anticipate the paths she might take and the conclusions she might draw.

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Then, once done, with the false trail laid out, Hyphen paused to assess his work. He surveyed the scene before him, his eyes sweeping over the arrangement of clues. It was a masterstroke of strategy, a labyrinth designed to lure Gaksi deeper into the cave and away from potential reinforcements.

Satisfied with his preparations, Hyphen retreated to a concealed vantage point, his senses tuned to any sign of movement or disturbance. He settled into the shadows, and time seemed to slow as he waited, the anticipation building with each passing moment.

The wind whispered secrets through the trees, and the rustling leaves seemed to carry the weight of the impending change. In the depths of the cave, Hyphen's trap was set, a delicate web woven to ensnare his opponent. The fate of this intricate dance of deception would soon be revealed, as Gaksi's footsteps echoed through the darkness, approaching the carefully placed clues.

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The stillness of the cave was shattered by the echoing footsteps that grew louder as Gaksi ventured deeper into its depths. Hyphen's heart raced. He watched with keen anticipation as Gaksi's silhouette emerged, her figure outlined by the dim light filtering through the cave entrance. As Gaksi approached the first false clue, her steps hesitated for a fraction of a second before she crouched down to examine it. Hyphen's heart skipped a beat, his breath held as he watched her reaction. He knew that her skills were formidable; every move he made had to be calculated.

Carefully. Perfectly.

The neko's fingers brushed over the ground, and Hyphen's senses tingled with the energy of the moment. He observed her closely, analyzing every twitch of her expression, every shift in her posture. Gaksi's gaze lingered on the false clue, and Hyphen's mind raced. He gauged the distance between them, assessing the angles and the time it would take for her to reach the next clue. His plan depended on luring her further into the cave, away from potential assistance. And so, he watched and waited for the precise moment to act.

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As Gaksi moved to the next clue, Hyphen's body tensed, his muscles coiled like a spring ready to release. He allowed himself a silent exhale, steadying his nerves. With a deft and silent movement, Hyphen slipped from his hiding spot, his form a shadow against the cave walls. As Gaksi crouched down to examine the next clue, he advanced, his presence masked by the very darkness that surrounded them. Hyphen's heart pounded in rhythm with his carefully controlled breaths. Quiet, focused, he was aware of every shift in the environment - the faintest rustle of fabric, the softest whisper of movement.

With Gaksi's attention focused on the false clue, Hyphen seized the opportunity. He moved swiftly and silently, his body a blur of motion. In an instant, he was upon her, his hand covering her mouth to stifle any surprised outcry. He had anticipated this moment, and his grip was firm yet calculated, allowing her enough room to breathe but not to call for help.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat, B-rank (Solo) Empty Mon Aug 14, 2023 3:01 am

Gaksi's eyes widened in shock, her body tensing beneath his touch. Hyphen's gaze locked onto hers, his expression a mixture of determination and resolve.

Gaksi's strength was undeniable, her skills honed through years of training and experience. But Hyphen's strategy was founded on surprise and precision. He had predicted her moves, countered her advances, and now held the upper hand.

Hyphen's grip remained steady, his eyes unwavering. Gaksi's resistance was imminent, but he was prepared.


With Gaksi's life now stilled, her body concealed and her presence erased, the cave once again stood in eerie silence.


Reemerging into the realm of the living, Hyphen's arrival was met with the world's unchanging rhythm. Nature's symphony played on, heedless of the deeds that unfolded beneath its watchful gaze. The sun hung high in the sky, casting its golden glow upon the landscape, a stark contrast to the shadows that had shrouded the cave's secrets.

It was over.

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