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Bandit Act, C-rank (Solo)

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Bandit Act, C-rank (Solo) Empty Fri Aug 11, 2023 4:05 am

Hyphen crouched in the shadows of Worth Woodsea, his bandit disguise fitting snugly against his form. He adjusted the mask over his face, his eyes gleaming with anticipation. The wind rustled through the leaves, and the distant chatter of the settlement reached his ears. The forest was alive with secrets, and he was about to become a part of one. Silently, he moved through the underbrush, his steps careful and deliberate. The dense foliage obscured his presence, granting him the advantage of surprise. He had always been good at slipping into the background, and this mission required finesse. His lips curved into a half-smile as he considered the irony – he, who once wielded powerful magic, was now relying on his natural talents and wit to navigate this new world.

As he approached the settlement, Hyphen's eyes narrowed as he surveyed the area. The neko lookouts were positioned strategically, their vigilant gazes sweeping the surroundings. He noted their lithe builds and masked faces. He had dealt with his fair share of opponents, but there was something intriguing about these nekos.

Almost as intriguing as bepsi.


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Hyphen's gaze shifted to the settlement itself. He spotted the hill that would serve as his vantage point. It overlooked the settlement, offering a clear line of sight and an ideal location to initiate the attack. With his plan firmly in mind, Hyphen retreated into the shadows, his footsteps soundless on the forest floor. He circled around the settlement, his eyes never leaving the neko lookouts. He was a predator stalking his prey, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Finally, his chance came. A lone neko lookout stood at the edge of the settlement, his attention fixed on the woods. Hyphen's fingers tightened around his pistol. With a swift and precise movement, he lunged forward, the butt of his gun connecting with the lookout's head. The neko crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

He glanced around, ensuring that the other lookouts hadn't noticed. Two more nekos rushed to the fallen lookout's side, their voices sharp with concern. They were wary, alert to any signs of danger.


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Hyphen's heart raced as he surveyed the scene. This was it – his chance to initiate the staged attack. He moved with the swiftness of a shadow, his steps calculated as he closed the distance between himself and the neko lookouts. His movements were fluid, each action deliberate.

The clash was quick and precise. Hyphen's gun danced through the air, striking with accuracy and finesse. His strikes were aimed to incapacitate, not to harm. He took down the neko lookouts one by one, ensuring that his movements remained silent and swift.

After defeating the third neko lookout, Hyphen stepped back, his chest heaving with exertion. He glanced at the fallen nekos, ensuring that they were merely unconscious. One of them had to escape, to carry the news of the attack back to Zimnur. He allowed the remaining neko lookout to flee, his presence concealed by the shadows.

Hyphen's pulse quickened as he retreated into the cover of the woods, his breaths coming in measured gasps. The plan was in motion, the charade set. Now, he had to await the arrival of Zimnur and the final act of this performance.


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The night settled over Worth Woodsea like a velvet curtain, the moon casting a silvery glow on the forest. Hyphen stood near the designated location, his heart thudding with anticipation. He had played his part well, infiltrating the settlement, defeating the neko lookouts, and setting the stage for the final act of this elaborate ruse.

A rustle in the underbrush announced the arrival of Zimnur. The neko emerged from the shadows, his golden eyes gleaming with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. He carried himself with an air of calculated confidence, his every movement a testament to his cunning nature.

"Well done," Zimnur purred, his voice laced with a combination of admiration, greed, and irony. "You have exceeded my expectations, dear bandit."

Hyphen inclined his head, his expression masked by the bandit disguise. "It was a pleasure," he replied smoothly, his voice laced with a hint of sarcasm.

Zimnur's lips curved into a satisfied smile.


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The neko was a puppeteer orchestrating a grand performance, and Hyphen was his star player. The settlement had witnessed the defeat of the neko lookouts,

and now it was time for the pièce de résistance.

Zimnur turned to Hyphen, his gaze gleaming. "But there is one final challenge," he declared pompously, his tone shifting to a tone of challenge. "A duel between this bandit and I, to truly end their terror once and for all."

Hyphen's eyes met Zimnur's, a silent understanding passing between them. This was the climax of their act, the moment where Hyphen would deliberately lose, solidifying Zimnur's heroic image. The "duel" commenced, a choreographed dance of feints and strikes. Hyphen played his part with finesse, allowing Zimnur to gain the upper hand. Their "fight" was a spectacle of skill and determination, captivating the settlement's attention.

And it was all pretend.


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With a flourish of movement, Zimnur disarmed Hyphen, his blade coming to a stop at the "bandit's" throat. The settlement erupted into cheers and applause, their admiration for Zimnur solidified. The neko had emerged victorious, the hero of the day. Zimnur stepped back, his smile triumphant. "And so, the bandit's reign of terror has come to an end," he announced, his voice ringing with satisfaction. "Our settlement remains safe, and we owe it all to our courageous defenders."

By the which, he really meant himself.

The crowd's cheers reached a crescendo, and Hyphen bowed his head in acknowledgment. He had played his role, and the performance had been a resounding success. Zimnur's reputation was cemented, and Hyphen's mission was complete. As the settlement's residents dispersed, their hearts filled with gratitude, Hyphen watched Zimnur with a knowing glint in his eyes. Their paths had crossed in this intricate masquerade, their goals intertwined. And now, as the moonlight filtered through the trees, Hyphen slipped back into the shadows.

With a delicious can of bepsi in his hands, of course; the ultimate prize for a job well done.

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