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The Cat Cried Wolf (Solo)

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The Cat Cried Wolf (Solo) Empty Wed Aug 02, 2023 7:43 am

The Worth Woodsea was draped in a cloak of shadows as Hyphen trudged through the dense foliage. In the heart of the forest, he met Zimnur, the cunning neko with a hint of fear lingering in his eyes. Golden eyes locked onto Hyphen's, and a sly grin spread across Zimnur's face.

"I've got an offer for you," Zimnur said, his voice dripping with coaxing charm. "My tribe is starting a new settlement, and I want to be the Security Chief, but I need to prove my ferocity. There's a cave nearby, infested with wolves threatening our land. Defeat them, and I'll reward you handsomely."

Hyphen raised an eyebrow, contemplating the proposal. Helping Zimnur would be an easy path to quick rewards, but there was something unsettling about fighting for someone else's glory. But, Hyphen was a perverse individual. Sure, he'd do it, plus he'd later have dirt on this guy, in case he ever needs it later on. It seemed like it was all going to be a win-win here, as long as he could take out those wolves without a problem. Which, after the few spars he has had, he believed he would be able to.

"I'll do it," Hyphen finally agreed, unable to resist the allure of adventure and a challenge. And money.

Zimnur's velvety ears perked up in delight. "Excellent! The cave is east of here. Defeat the pack wolves first, then take down the alpha and bring me its head. I'll make sure everyone knows you did the job."

The forest grew darker as Hyphen ventured further, guided by the pale light of the moon. Eerie sounds echoed through the silence, the rustling of leaves and the distant howls of wolves.

Finally, he reached the wolves' lair, a cavern engulfed in darkness. Hyphen's heart raced as he entered, senses alert. The pack wolves emerged, growling and snapping their jaws. With swift movements, he dispatched them one by one, but the alpha wolf remained.

The alpha's eyes glowed like a fragment of the moon, and its dark fur contrasted sharply with the white speckles. Its massive paws and scarred snout revealed its dominance.

Pushing the doubts aside, Hyphen unleashed his strength, matching the alpha blow for blow. The battle was fierce, but he managed to land a decisive strike, bringing the alpha to its knees.

With enthusiasm, Hyphen beheaded the fallen foe, taking the head with him as proof of victory. Returning to Zimnur, he presented the gruesome trophy, aware of the consequences of his actions.

Zimnur's eyes gleamed with delight as he examined the alpha's head. "Perfect! Now everyone will see how fierce I am," he declared.

"I'm sure they will." Hyphen replied, with a tinge of sarcasm. If he couldn't take out the wolves on his own, what good would it be for him to become Security Officer? Well, no matter. It wasn't his business anyways.

Hyphen eventually nodded, offering a subtle smile, before leaving. As long as they paid enough money for his troubles, he didn't really care too much who or what he had to kill.

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