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Crossroads (Open)

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Crossroads (Open) Empty Sat Jul 08, 2023 2:55 am

He was willing to leave Orchidia and preparing to go to Magnolia. He heard plenty about Fairy Tail. He hoped that was the place that would give him some purpose in life, because honestly he couldnt go on like this. After what he went through, he couldnt go back to his routine.

And while he had a great comrade, they had a plan to enact together. To join guilds, learn from them and use that knowledge to form their own guild to lead and govern back at West Fiore. Fairy Tail, being successful as is was a promising guild to go to. Surely they had insight how to successfully run a strong guild. Learn of its rules and regulations. Organizing and all boring background stuff.

He sighed. Because until he gets to Magnolia, he had no idea what to do. He was on the streets of Orchidia, lightly packed. Just about to make his leave. If Orchidia had anything to throw at him. Now was the time


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Not having yet entirely left Orchidia. But as it seemed the sun was starting to go down. Some one would linger as he was starting to leave town and it was Elise. Given the Nun from Paradise Dawn never really hide she was around here unless she was really working away. The main give away to Elise being around was the smell of cigarette smoke.

After all she still had yet to kill her habits, but never needed to end them to start with. But given Elise neither caring nor expecting her seemed to be so focus on her own travel, Side from the backpack she had on her. Was actually keeping up practice with something else her Choir singing. While not at her max volume the finely in tune notes of the song she was singing through at the time. It would only get dampen down when Elise for another inhale from her cigarette.

After all it was still better to continue to final tune her ears for she had no piano, Harpsichord,accordion or pipe organ to just magically carry around. She had not had a chance to play most of these since her plans in other matters took to be more important at the time. But the vocalization of typical church choir music stopped and turned to traditional Minstrel music. Some one would be able to enjoy the show. At least so to say as long as some one did not tell her they where listening or try to compliment her. Elise was an strange woman after all and little to be known doing that would just get her get to stop.


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As he was making his leave and making the final preparations, he heard a familiar tune in the traditional minstrel music. It was rather pleasant and homely. And depressing to him. As he looked at the source of the music, he noticed the dashing young lady singing or humming it. Rather quietly. He only heard it because the homely tune stood out to him. He doubted it would to a regular fiorian. Surely this one was a fellow minstreli.

He went on to approach the lady. "Excuse me, miss" he spoke to grab her attention. "But I am curious, where did you hear that tune? Is that your own original song or...?"
To be honest, he played dumb. He wanted to see where she was from. What minstreli origin and town she was from, without directly asking her such. So in a way he wanted her to say she's minstreli and heard from there. Or maybe he sees that she too plays dumb.
It was a bit of a mind game question.

He hoped the young lady was a local from his area. It would be pleasant to have someone from homeland to talk to. Or at least share a few words before he goes on his way


Crossroads (Open) Empty Sat Jul 08, 2023 5:30 pm

Being asked about these things, It would slowly show Elise was not the most social person in fact she was leaning always towards not really being social to start with. She was however able to handle strangers talking to her when they came and spoke to her. She in some manner just mislead them. Normally this would be by talking in minstrel but this person knew what that language sounded like. So her first plan was no longer going to work and in some manner Elise figured she might have needed to figure out a different plan. Or come to terms some was one just here to talk to her.

Where did she hear that from? did she want to lie? not really Elise did have better things she needed to consider doing at this time. She had a small amount of time to spare. But Elise being Elise would just mutter in her native language to herself."De la même manière que n'importe qui d'autre entend une chanson."Elise said at she stared at this man from the side. She was giving him a side glace but she had at least stopped her travels at this time. Maybe just speaking clear and perfect minstrel would get the point across, even the accents where just perfect as well.

But alas for the moment Alexandre, had Elise's some what attention."A moins que tu ne fasses référence à l'origine de la chanson?"Elise asked him that question. Waiting to see if this man was just going to speak minstrel because he knew of it or just ask her what she was speaking to him. Both ware real possibilities of what could happen here. Hoping this interaction went a bit better then the last time some one stopped her about her music.



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"Il y a longtemps que je n'ai pas pu parler minstrelli" he said, matching the ladys language, accent and dialect. "Beaucoup trop d'années à mon goût"
When she asked him if he meant where the song comes from, he shakes his head "Je n'ai pas besoin d'y faire référence. Plus du moins. Bien que je sois curieux. Qu'est-ce qui vous amène jusqu'à Orchidia ? Je vois que vous n'êtes pas de Fiore ? Êtes-vous un pèlerin?"

He spoke fluently in minstrel despite it being far too long since he spoke the language. Part of him thought he'd be rusty at it. Personally he still thought he was. It sounded imperfect to him.
He wondered what was a minstrel doing here? Was she a pilgrim or something, judging by the outfit. Or maybe a mere tourist or someone like him somewhat



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Elise would seemingly not be as delighted as she was about this manner. Right away just muttering. "F--k..."Elise for a nun was not really careful with her languages. But the swearing was in Fiorian. Elise's normal plan of hoping some one would not be able to speak Minstrel around her was not gone. Elise was not considering she might have to learn another less common language to prevent this, which one that was would have to be thought about later because it was not important at this time.

she would continue the conversation in Fiorian, since no one else was really around her over all."I am a deity hunting Nun, I am working. Not here to just be a pilgrim or wayfarer."This man did not need to know Elise hated minstrel and it's structure in which she was raised in was one that made her hate the place forever with an amount of ire to fill an empty sea bed red.

But the fill answer is."Minstrel choir practice, Not that I am expecting to sing in one anytime soon."Elise mentioned over all  to just kind of humour him with it at this time. If this was really important to him to meet some one else from Minstrel would just confuse her after all other people from minstrel from what she remembered where not all that pleasant to be around.


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He was somewhat disappointed she switched back to fiorian, but nevertheless, he hesitatedly did as well. She answered that she was a deity hunter nun. That was interesting, he never met one of those. And to further elaborate what she did, she said she did minstrel choir practice. Not that she expected to do so in any close future
"I see" he commented, but honestly in particular he had no idea what to say

"So the thing you are hunting. Is it here in Orchidia? Or this town like a little pitstop?" he was a bit curious about her work. Did the hunt bring her here? Hmm, hunting could be an interesting occupation. Though he was still considering Fairy Tail, but if there was a closer option, that could be better. Far less travel he'd have and the sooner he could occupy his time and work. He really needed to do something


Crossroads (Open) Empty Tue Jul 11, 2023 3:30 pm

Elise was doing everything in her power to not call this time an idiot to think she was hunting only just one thing. She was hunting a large list of thing just too large to go over. But maybe that was not important at the time. But if he wanted to know more Elise for now would just over all entertain him with answers."I am departing form my guild to go hunt a few things."casually mentioned about it the details are however going to be really short since Elise was not over all seemingly interested in going into depths

Elise did have to ponder if this was a pit stop."I was picking up a few things here before I go off cave diving for my target."Elise said so casually. Then look at the cigarette she had in her mouth then pondered for a moment if she forgot anything else. "I think i got everything."Then from a casual hands free puff, with an exhale of smoke from her smoking habit she then let out a sigh."Right...i forgot a bottle of wine...may the god of drinking and celebrations forgive me later."Elise muttered about.


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"What guild are you from?" he curiously asks as he was looking into joining a guild. If there was a closer one to Fairy Tail, he could go and check it out.

He didnt know what to join, but as long as he had some purpose in life, he would be happier. While she had some faith or guidance in her life, he did not.
He was doing his best of avoiding the routine he done. Just robbing people. He needed something more fulfilling. He hoped gaining the knowledge of a guild could help. So he could help someone form their own guild in the future and so they can be their own bosses.

Alexandre was aware that the current talking partner wasnt interested in a conversation. He was taking the hint even if he wasnt showing it. Thats fine, he will let the woman be on her merry way. But at least tell him about your guild


Crossroads (Open) Empty Wed Jul 12, 2023 3:57 pm

That was a very simple question, he wanted to know what guild she was a part of Elise would have no problem answering him that. Just whatever happen beyond this point was all entirely on him and he would most likely know that."Paradise Dawn, In Sieghart Mountains."She answered his wonder about it. Thinking if he really wanted to go there or not she might have to make one thing clear for him at least. Since Elise was travelling at night places for the most part inns where most likely closed by the time she really travelled unless she was talking to the people or a few set ups for her work.

So she would warn him of a very easily assumed thing because Elise thought far too many people did not pay attention."If you are interested in joining, I do suggest going there...but wait until morning."She almost assumed some kind of snarky come back to this.


Crossroads (Open) Empty Thu Jul 13, 2023 2:09 pm

"I see. Thank you"
It was too late to go there right now. Which meant that probably the next day he would have to go there instead. Which also meant that he was staying in the north for a bit longer. Since this was a local guild, it was worth checking it out since its up north where he was. And hey, if it doesnt work out then he can go to Fairy Tail. Though he wondered if Fairy Tail would accept him. He doesnt have a spotless record and they were known to be law abiding. And he is.... well he is him. But he had to be open to anything. But first of all, he needs to check out Paradise Dawn and cross it off the list if it doesnt work out.

She spoke to him. Stating the obvious that he should go there in the morning. Alexandre nodded "Of course. It can be perilous to travel at night. Especially at Sieghart Mountains."
While Alexandre was not a northerner, he knew that going to any mountains at night was not a wise idea.
Plus going to a guild hall at night would be suspicious and bad.


Crossroads (Open) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2023 3:17 pm

He might have thought that but Elise was one of the few people who made it over all safe to travel around at night. Even remarking."Can be?....I rid most of the night problems my self recently..."Elise remarked. Since well it was a pretty simple job. Since well they where just people looking to rob people in the night or where sneaking around to break into places for wrong reason.

But just in case she would just ponder aloud."I guess if the few sneaking around wanting to break into places hear i am not around.....they could try again."with a exhale of smoke she would just mention."But, I guess if they want me to come back and break their noise again or risk breaking their arm...entirely up to them."Elise said this more at a hint of if he found anyone that would be causing a problem and he was going into her guild he should let her know."I assume they don't mind a visitor at night..."Then Elise was nice enough to pull out a cigarette. A fresh new and yet to be lit. She was for once in her life, nice enough to offer him just one.


Crossroads (Open) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2023 2:11 pm

"You could hunt down every predator or felon in existence. But night time travel may always be dangerous to go if the area is not properly lighted. You could get lost, fall down to a hole and thus death. I do not know what the path to Sieghart Mountains is like. Is the path lit is it supposed to be carefully treaded. If there is one thing that is dangerous, but very much needed in my life, it is mother nature" he spoke.
Nature can be dangerous, but very much needed in life. If you get rid of nature, you get rid of all the life in the world. You make it a worse place. A souless place.

He listened to her and nodded
"Perhaps they do not mind a visitor at night. Still I do not wish to intrude. I am sure they would at least like to rest at night or at least some of them." he almost said a proverb. But decided not to, people tend to be annoyed by proverbs, but he was raised to think that Visitors that come at night, bear ill intentions


Crossroads (Open) Empty Tue Jul 18, 2023 5:39 pm

Elise almost seemed to find his attempt of being spoken about how mother nature was scary. Seemingly left her as emotionless and blank. uncaring was a fairly fitting word. He is suppose to be a man from minstrel easily braver then what he was showing right now."You look more then capable to deal with animal in the night..."Elise almost sounded as if she was judging him horribly with this but Elise was not known to be a up front and social person to start with."I removed any supernatural threat in the area that I could pick up on. You will be fine."Elise left it at that.

It was not the might glamorous thing but this was just how Elise was, she was a hunter first and a conflicted soul in other ways.But that was a problem for some one else in the future and not him."At least knock loud enough, say your in need shelter." Then said from that previous offer. the only thing that might be seen that was nice from Elise here was she then dropped a small bag."Offer them this bag and thank the god of safe passages by giving them a prayer or two."This was Elise actually helping him but it was hard to pick up with how much of it was covered in her normal brash behaviour.


Crossroads (Open) Empty Wed Jul 19, 2023 2:00 am

"Yes" was his mere reply, seeming to miss the point. It was less of scary animal in the dark and more of 'one wrong step you fall to your death and snap your neck'.
As she spoke about knocking loud that he needs shelter, he merely nodded "Sure"
Yeah no. He's def not gonna listen to her and do his own thing. He was sure he can go back to his place, rest the night and prepare for tomorrow mornings mountain climbing and whatnot at Sieghart Mountains to that guild.
Though the next thing he saw her was giving him a small bag. Well crap, did he now have to go at night? He mentally sighed and now wondered how long was the trip gonna be from here to there
"Thanks" was the next of the continations of the single word replies. Well, he figured he ran his course with his human
"I should take my leave. You do you"


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This would be where the two depart. But Elise was a different kind of monster so to say. she would be checking later if he had gone through with the things she suggested to do if he was worried or not."I don't expect my jewel back."But she would omit the fact she would be checking with the churches weather or not he had gone to them for help. If anything Elise would only ever judge him if he just wasted her money on pointless drinks because she was doing him a kind favour.

But just before they departed. Elise let out a sigh. Almost like always stating this plainly would be."Are you sure you don't need anything else?"It was a strange moment of caring. But she was a nun so looking out for people was normal for her. Even if it was covered with the almost seemingly most opposite behaviour.


Crossroads (Open) Empty Fri Jul 21, 2023 9:11 am

Truthfully he didnt know what to do yet. Chances are he'll return the money when he sees Elise once again, because he was sure their paths would cross. For now though he would head back to where he came from. And later he would go to the Paradise Dawn guild hall. Despite what Elise told him, the man trusted his gut and did things he thought were right. Rest now, travel at day.

And if he joins the guild, he would eventually see this woman again and give her back her money. For now he was set. He would go and rest. And he would gather his energy for a different trip, a more unexpected one. There was not much to it. He considered this meeting concluded
"This is is all. You may leave" he would reply to her and make his own leave. He would leave the girl to her own vices


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