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Daisuke Sato's Day Off [Solo]

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Daisuke Sato's Day Off [Solo] Empty Mon Jun 12, 2023 12:25 am

Daisuke’s eyes slowly open, the ceiling fan above him spinning rapidly. It was relaxing watching the blades go back and forth repeatedly. In his line of work, even the simplest of things could have such an effect. He scratches his bare chest and rubs his eyes before giving out a small yawn. His body hurt, the ongoing training and missions were beginning to take its toll on his body. It was a sobering and humbling thing to realize that he was no longer the spry young individual he once was. He was nearing thirty-one and his body felt even older than that. Despite what his head told him, his body required and demanded rest. Luckily, today was his day off, his first in quite some time. He finally had a chance to relax. More so, this was the first full week in his new house, finally deciding to move away from his family’s complex. It was a place all to himself as Misora was still abroad, planning to get her own place once she returned, and Merry wanting to split his time between whoever had the most comfortable place for him to sleep that week. After a bit of dreading, he finally gets out of his bed and heads for the bathroom.

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The hardwood flooring felt good on his bare feet, almost soothing-like. It was hot outside anyway so this was almost like a godsend to him. He decides to make a little detour first, heading downstairs into the kitchen to perk some coffee. Moving along, he notes that his curtains were closed, probably a good thing since he was just in boxers. Some of his female neighbors probably wouldn’t mind but he felt it would just be better if they were closed. The coffee begins to perk as he heads back upstairs into the bathroom, flicking the light on to illuminate the area. Sighing sharply, he turns on the hot water and lets the steam fill the room before stepping inside the shower. Despite it being hot outside, the hot water was the most relaxing thing that morning. It felt as if his entire body was being massaged at once. All the battle wounds and dirt were being washed away.



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Minutes pass and he finishes up with his shower, turning the water off and stepping out. He grabs a towel and dries off, putting the towel around his lower body. He goes to the mirror and wipes away some of the condensation. He examines his face and sees that he needs to shave, promptly doing so before returning to his room. He dresses and heads down once more to the fresh smell of coffee brewing. Grabbing a cup, he slowly pours the dark liquid inside it and heads for the refrigerator for some cream and sugar. He opens it and finds, to his extreme displeasure, that there is none of either. “Damn.” He mutters as he forcefully closes the fridge. He glances outside and looks at the sun beating down on the earth, it was a lovely day. “I’ll just go to the corner market and pick some up,” he says.

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Grabbing his keys, he opens, closes and locks his front doors before heading down the streets of Crocus. Given that the market wasn’t that far, he opted to just walk instead of taking his mana car. The light exercise would do him some good. It was truly peaceful outside, sun shining and birds chirping. Kids were out playing amongst themselves, parents were heading off to work for their mundane nine to five shifts. Housewives, house husbands, and the few lucky ones, like him, were the only ones home that day. “Hellooooo Captain!” Daisuke recognized the voice and visibly shuttered immediately; it was a female neighbor down the street. She had an attraction for Daisuke, always flirting with him every chance she could get. It didn’t help with this particular situation since he was wearing a sleeveless shirt. It was flattering but she just wasn’t his type. So he did what he always did, waved, smiled and kept going. She thought it was him playing hard to get and loved the chase, he just wanted to escape. It wasn’t very long before he made it into the store, the clerk smiling at him warmly.

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Captain Sato, good morning. How are you on this fine day?” “Good Morning. I told you that you could call me Daisuke. No need for formalities..” He says as he strolls down the aisles looking for what he needs. The use of such formalities always made him feel awkward. Despite his title, despite his accolades, he always saw himself to simply just be Daisuke. “I’m doing fine by the way. Yourself?” The man smiles as he wipes down his counter, attempting to have it spotless before the rush that happened later in the day. “I’m doing well. Really well.” Daisuke couldn’t really hear what he said as he was too wrapped up in other things. He had already grabbed the cream and sugar and placed them on the counter but a newspaper stand with one particular magazine in the very back of the store caught his attention. It was a car magazine that showcased classic mana cars.

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The original models lacked the sleekness of the newer variants but could still run with the best of them. He always had a fascination with cars as there was just something about them that excited him. He went back to read as the clerk just smiled and rang up the items for when he returned. All was quiet for a moment as the sound for the door went off, someone else had just entered. “Good morning sir.” A man dressed in a black shirt and beige pants walked in, eyes shifting around. He seemed jittery and uneasy, unsure of what he wanted to do. “Can I help you with something?” “Yeah, give me all the jewels you have. Don’t you fucking dare try anything.” the man says as he wipes out a small ivory mana pistol. The sound of the gun clicking alerted Daisuke who quickly moved out of sight.

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He cursed to himself, upset that this was his day off. It was to be expected, there was never a day off. There was always someone, always something going on in the world. The clerk began to talk to him, stalling for time really until Daisuke sprang into action. He instinctively reached behind to draw Galantine but quickly realized that it wasn’t on him. While he could feasibly bum rush the man, he worried about what might happen to the clerk. One false move and there would be another death on his hands. His mind raced, remembering the pain on the faces of the families he spoke to the day prior as he informed them of the deaths from the raid. Their sobs still haunted his thoughts… He’d have to get out of this jam through improvisation. He walked around the aisles silently, trying to figure which was the best way to assess the situation.

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He slowly moved closer towards the man as he attempted to come up with a gameplan. If he could sneak up behind him, get close enough for one strike, he’d knock him out. He moves down the aisle closest to the door and counter, staying low and making sure each step is as quiet as possible. Unfortunately, there was a small pile of chips on the floor which Daisuke didn’t see. There wasn’t much, but enough to make a crunch loud enough to startle the already impatient individual. “Who the fuck is there!?!” He screams backpedaling towards the aisle. He sees Daisuke and aims his gun at him, demanding he come to the front. With no way out at the time, he had to comply, slowly walking with his hands up. The man’s hands trembled as he gripped the handle, not counting on Daisuke’s presence. The sky darkened and rain clouds took over, setting the mood for this tense time.

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Hurry up with the damned jewels!” he screams as the clerk glances nervously  towards Daisuke. The direct approach had failed miserably so now it was time for the diplomatic one. “Damn, I wish Misora was here. She’s better at this than I am.” he thinks to himself before taking a deep breath. “Don’t panic, let’s just stay calm. Nobody here wants to hurt you.” “Everything is going to be alright as soon as I get my money.” He didn’t seem like this was something he wanted to do. It was almost as if he was acting on impulse. It was a rushed decision, so maybe he could be talked out of it. Telling him that he worked for the Rune Knights probably wasn’t the best decision so he’d talk around it if the topic was brought up. He hoped that the clerk would play along. “My name is Daisuke. What about you, what’s your name?” The man pauses for a moment, taken aback by the kindness. He probably assumed that kindness would be the last thing he got while attempting to rob someone.

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Tetsu. My name is Tetsu." "Do you have anybody in your life that you care for? Possibly a girlfriend or maybe a family member?” “A little girl.” “What do you believe she’d think about her father if she saw you doing this? Ask yourself, what would happen to her if things go wrong? What if the Knights come and they find you? No little girl should run the risk of being without her father. Don’t put yours through that.” The man hesitates for a moment, tears beginning to stream down his eyes. He probably did all of this for her, maybe they were going through rough times and he figured this was the best way he could provide. He’d more than likely camped out near this place days beforehand, watching the mannerisms of the store. Seeing who came in and at what time it was busiest. “She wouldn’t like that. I…I only wanted to provide for her.

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He mutters aloud, his whole body beginning to tremble. The rain begins to pour down onto the streets, the sky a light gray color. “Put the gun down and go home to her man. There are other ways to provide but this is not the answer. You love your daughter, go and be the father she needs.” The man was shaken but he knew that Daisuke was right. He slowly places the gun on the counter and leaves, running down the streets with rain and tears beading off his face. The clerk takes a sigh of relief and slumps over the counter, his life spared for another day. “I cannot thank you enough. You have my sincerest gratitude.” “I’m only doing my job. Glad to see that you are alright. But you should probably install some sort of security here. Perhaps some of those lacrima that project and record footage?

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After this, I may very well do that. What about him? Are you going to follow him or contact the Rune Knights to apprehend him?” “No, I meant what I said. Every kid needs someone in their lives, believe me I know that from personal experience. No one was hurt and he realized what he did was wrong. We won’t see him anymore.” He glances at the counter, seeing the amount of jewels that he owes and begins to reach into his pocket before the clerk stops him. “You’ve saved my life. It’s free of charge. You are an extraordinary man, Daisuke.” “Just putting into the world what my father taught me.” Daisuke smiles and grabs the now bagged items and waves before heading out into the rain. His clothing was immediately drenched but the man did not mind. It was refreshing yet he missed the sun. It was a reflection of the serene feeling that he felt prior.

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The day was still early which meant that there was time for things to improve. He makes it to his house once more, tossing the things in the kitchen. His coffee was cold but the pot was still warm, a good thing he left it on. He’d just make another one later, but first he needed to dry off. He quickly departs upstairs and dries himself off, getting a fresh pair of clothes as well. He begins to make his way down the steps before the doorbell rings. “Great…” he mutters to himself. The last thing he needed or wanted right now was a visitor. It wasn’t even noon and he had enough stress for the day. He thought about ignoring it but another ring quickly dismissed that notion. He slowly walked to the door, hoping that whoever was there would be gone by the time he got there. However, he wasn’t so lucky. The door opened, the rain dripping down from the roof as he glanced at the person standing in front of him. His face said it all.

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A wet and disheveled woman was at his doorstep, a look of sorrow in her eyes. “A…Ayumi?. What are you doing here?” Daisuke says with surprise. Ayumi was an old girlfriend of Daisuke’s from back in their schooling days. Daisuke had only run into her once since that time, shortly after he became a Rune Knight. She was the victim of an abuse case with her then boyfriend, a well known but lowly criminal around Era. Daisuke took him down and received a less than stellar thank you for his troubles. “You said…you said that I could contact you if I needed anything. Everything has just gone to shit and I didn’t know where else to go.” Daisuke stood wide eyed for a moment, taken aback by her appearance. After the “warm” reception he had gotten from here the last time they spoke, he didn’t think he’d see her again. But there she was, standing in the cold rain.

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I shouldn’t have come here, I should go.” She says beginning to turn away. “No, no it’s fine. You just caught me off guard coming here. Please come in.” He ushers her inside and sets aside a place for her to sit. As he closes the door, he sees her shivering profusely. Wordlessly, he moves to the hall closet and grabs a blanket before draping it across her shoulders. “Would you like some coffee?” he said with a smile. She nodded as he moved to the kitchen to prepare the coffee, the obvious question looming overhead. It didn’t want to bluntly say it but he felt he had no other option. “So what brings you all the way out here? And how did you even find my house anyway? I just got it.” She looks towards the ground as he finishes pouring the coffee, beginning to mix in the sugar and cream.

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She pauses, tightly clutching onto the blanket as if it were the only thing holding her together. Tears began to well up in her eyes as Daisuke could see her futility trying to force them back. Despite her appearance, she still wanted to seem like she was remaining strong but the facade was slowly beginning to crack. “The guy you fought before, my…ex now, he came looking for me after he got out. It…didn’t work out so well. He said he’d ruin my life, make me end up on the street and come crawling to him for assistance. He told every one of his associates things about me and my family that I’d preferred to keep to myself. Things, I’m still not quite sure how he found out. I didn’t want anyone to be in danger so I left. I heard that you got promoted and were a Captain now so I went to look for you. I tried at the Rune Knight location first but no one would tell me anything about you that wasn’t public knowledge. I happened to run into your mother and she remembered me. We spoke and she gave me the address. You said the last time that we met that I could come to you for help. I didn’t have anywhere else to go.” As she finishes, her body trembles. Daisuke couldn’t tell if it was from the cold or just a physical expression of her emotions from the story.

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Thanks mom…” Daisuke says internally as he rolls his eyes, knowing full well of his mother’s intentions. He sighs as he hands her the coffee before sitting down to hear the rest of her story. He genuinely felt bad, for such a beautiful woman to go through all of this was tragic. He was literally at a loss for words; unfortunately, Ayumi interpreted this the wrong way. “I shouldn’t have come here. I should have known you wouldn’t be able to help. I’ll just do what he wants and go to him.” She gets up but Daisuke places a hand upon her shoulder, a stern look in his eyes. He stares at her for a moment before pulling her close into a hug. Her arms dangle to the side for a moment before slowly moving up. She hesitates but eventually concedes and embraces the hug. Tears stream down her face as she buries her head into his chest.

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A few moments pass and the two find themselves sitting upon the sofa, drinking coffee and reminiscing on their youth. During their conversations, he discovered that she didn’t have much. Before everything happened, she lived with her ex who also provided for much of her comforts at home. With that removed, she had nowhere to go. Feeling sadness, Daisuke agrees to let her stay in his home for a time until she gets back on her feet. He’d help her get a job around town and help straighten her life up. His place was big enough so that an additional person would make the place seem livelier. She shivers a bit due to her clothes being soaking wet, Daisuke faintly noticing this. “Can I use the shower?” "Sure it is right upstairs. I have some spare clothes you can borrow.” He leads her upstairs and shows her the shower and where the spare clothes are before leaving her to her shower. “Are you hungry? I was going to make a late breakfast a little while ago. I can still whip something up.

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That would be great, thank you.” she says as the door closes. He sighs and descends down the steps, striding into the kitchen to begin. He goes to the refrigerator and pulls out two eggs from its carton as he hears the water from the shower beginning to run. He grabs a skillet from the dish rack and places it upon the stove before turning on the heat. Grabbing a slab of butter, he cuts off a small section and places it in the skillet to melt. Within seconds, the eggs are cracked, whisked and placed in the skillet to be scrambled. He puts some bread in the toaster and jam to the side as she finishes up with the shower. Everything was all laid out for her, it was just enough. His appetite had disappeared after today’s festivities. He only wanted to sit back and relax. Make the most out of the already ruined day. Why today of all days did all of this have to happen? It was his day off, the rare time in the week that he gets to relax. Distance himself from work and most of the ignorant people the world has to offer and just relax. One day, ruined.

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He takes a sigh and gets lost in his thoughts for a moment before faint, damp footsteps stir him from them. He glanced up the stairs to see Ayumi descending in a pair of shorts and a shirt that he had lying around, hair still a bit damp from the shower. She was draped in one of Daisuke’s robes, something he internally noted. “I took the liberty of using your robe. Hope you don’t mind.” “I see that…It looks better on you than me.” he says chuckling. Her wet bare feet made little puddles as she walked, her body now relaxed instead of tense like earlier. It’d probably been such a long time since she had a hot shower. “Smells great.” She smiles as she sits down in front of the food. It doesn’t take long before she starts tearing into the food. It was probably the first time she’s had anything close to a home cooked meal. “Didn’t you fix anything for yourself?” she says in between bites. “No, I ate earlier. Eat up; there is more in the fridge if you want.”  She looks at him and smiles before turning her gaze to the plate in front of her. He leaves her alone and goes out on the porch and sits, drinking the rest of his coffee as he stares at the vastness in front of him. “I wish today was over.

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