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Monster Hunter VI [A-Rank] [Daisuke]

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Monster Hunter VI [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:26 pm

Is that a giant fucking chicken?!” Daisuke exclaims as he sees a video feed of the creature he was tasked to bring in that day. The creature, who roamed around on screen carrying a large white egg, looked to be an unholy cross between a chicken and a wyvern. It was tan colored and had scales along its body. Daisuke, remembering that the last creature also looked to be crossed with a wyvern, began to think that these creatures might have been created around the same time. Unlike the last creature, this one walked upright like some of the dinosaurs from yesteryear. The captain wondered what else the doctor had cooked up with these wyvern series of beasts. He visibly shuddered at the thought of the creatures he would eventually have to face if he continued. As it sits down on the video feed and begins to use its beak to drill into the egg, Daisuke turns to the doctor and speaks. "What the hell is wrong with you?

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Monster Hunter VI [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:28 pm

Those without the scientific know-how to truly grasp the concept of my work always believe that there is something ‘wrong’ with me. There is nothing wrong. I am just creating a magical reconnaissance.” the doctor says as he shoots a surprising glare towards Daisuke who stifles a chuckle. For as many times he had come to handle the doctor’s requests, he had never seen him break his cool and confident nature. To be able to finally get under his skin, if only momentarily, was a victory for him. “So what can this one do?” Daisuke asks. The doctor types a few strokes on his keyboard as the video feed disappears and the usual information takes its place. “This subject has no magical capabilities nor does it have any inherent talents such as poisons. I wanted to test its physical prowess so there is nothing you have to worry about in that regard.” Daisuke inwardly takes a sigh of relief, happy that for once, he would not have to deal with anything crazy.

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Monster Hunter VI [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:33 pm

Straightforward then. Fine. I’ll go deal with this one before it reaches the city and leave it alive for retrieval.” Daisuke says as he heads towards the door, lazily waving his hand towards the doctor. “Captain Sato…I’ve a request before you go.” the doctor says, stopping Daisuke in his tracks. “As the subject has no powers, I would like to request that you deal with it on even grounds. That would mean not using your legendary sword to deal with it.” Daisuke’s eyes narrow at the doctor’s words as he attempts to figure out just what the man was trying to achieve. His motives were always shrouded in mystery. As Daisuke begins to refuse the request, he stops himself and thinks that it would be a good training method to deal with things without relying on the impressive firepower that Galantine boasts. This would be a good way to ensure that he would not gain a dependence on the weapon. He lowers his hand and sneers before wordlessly exiting the room.

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Monster Hunter VI [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:35 pm

Daisuke walks towards the creature’s last known location with a scowl on his face. He had made a stop by his family home to pick up a spare saber that Misora had brought back from their trip to Hosenka. The blade was light and incredibly sharp which Daisuke figured would serve as a suitable replacement for the time being. He did, however, still bring Galantine with him just in case of an emergency. While he opted to go along with the doctor’s request, he still did not fully trust him. As he neared the location, he could hear a rapid tapping noise echoing. On the ground, he could see white shell-like pieces scattered along the ground which he immediately recognized as pieces of an egg. “It’s close.” he says as he lowers his body towards the ground so as to not spook it. Before long, Daisuke spots his target. The brown creature sat on the ground, lapping up the yoke inside of the large egg that it cradled. Occasionally, the creature would pop its head up and glance around, yoke dripping from its beak before returning to its meal. “I should sneak up on it, try to take it out in one blow.” Daisuke says as he places his hand on the saber and slowly moves around to get a better vantage point.

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A few moments pass and Daisuke finds himself at his desired location with his saber drawn. While he would not have the sheer stopping power that he would be able to put behind with his primary sword, Galantine, he was confident that his prowess with the saber would be enough. As he raises the blade and prepares to strike the creature, he notices that the beast has stopped eating and turns its attention towards him. “Shit…” Daisuke says as the creature unleashes a terrible sound before lunging towards the Rune Knight Captain. He barely dodges the lunge but the blowback from the creature manages to knock him around. He quickly tumbles through the brush as he hears the creature continue to make the sound before running off. “Ugh, this is going to be tougher than I thought.” Daisuke says as he picks himself up off the ground and sheathes his weapon.

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For several hours, Daisuke and the creature went through a version of cat and mouse. Daisuke would continuously comb the area looking for his prey before eventually finding it. Each time, he would try a different method and each time would end up with the creature running away and Daisuke becoming more and more agitated. He knew that he needed to deal with this creature soon as it was slowly making its way to civilization. The last thing anyone would need was this abomination running the streets. As he moved through the brush, tracking his target, he could just imagine his sister nagging him as if she was there with him. “You moron! I could have done this ages ago. All you do is rush in and fight without thinking things through…” Daisuke suddenly stops in his tracks as the hypothetical beratement begins to sink in. “Perhaps she has a point…” he says as he sheaths his saber and proceeds to head in the opposite direction.

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Monster Hunter VI [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:41 pm

He arrives back in the same location around thirty minutes later tightly clutching a large egg that he found a ways back. Given that it was surrounded by broken egg shells, he figured that the creature left this particular one for a later snack. Carefully, the captain smashes a hole at the top of the egg and digs his hand inside to gather a portion of the yoke. He spreads it around the area in an attempt to lure the creature. As he hears that same terrible sound getting closer, he sticks his hand in the egg and places one of the metallic capsules given to him by the doctor inside before leaving the egg alone. He moves behind a tree and grabs another capsule, readying himself for the creature’s arrival. As predicted, the creature arrives and spots the egg inquisitively before going to gorge itself on another feast. It rapidly begins pecking its beak at the opening Daisuke made in an attempt to make it bigger. Suddenly, a loud clunk can be heard as the creature’s beak hits the capsule and activates it. The trap springs open, shattering the egg and completely covering the creature. It attempts to escape but finds itself unable to, again letting out the terrible sound. “It’s done.” Daisuke says as he taps the lacrima near his ear. “Well done, Captain. Very ingenuitive to capture it like that. A retrieval team is en route.” He says gleefully. “I’m curious…did you make more of these things?” Daisuke says, thinking that the size of these eggs seemed odd to him. The sudden disconnect of the line answered his question. “Bastard…” he mutters as he leaves.

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