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Monster Hunter V [A-Rank] [Daisuke]

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Monster Hunter V [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Sun May 28, 2023 11:26 pm

Once more, Daisuke made his way to the doctor’s laboratory to handle another one of the doctor's requests to retrieve or eliminate one of his deranged creations. It had only been a short amount of time since Daisuke began frequently taking these requests as he considered it another method of training for his eventual trip to Joya. Things had been going smoothly but the young Captain realized that he was beginning to reach his plateau of learning that he’d be able to obtain from hunting these genetically enhanced beasts. As he ponders his eventual next steps, he spots Commander Tachibana and her men going over their work. Almost mechanically, he smiles and nods at them before entering. Before long, he finds himself face to face with the doctor’s massive computer screen. “A pleasure as always, Captain. Are you ready for today’s target?” the doctor says without looking up from his screen.

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Monster Hunter V [A-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Sun May 28, 2023 11:30 pm

I want all of the details of this creature and those thereafter before I go on these missions from hereon?” Daisuke says grumpily, his gaze also fixated on the screen in front of them. He was constantly caught off guard by the strengths and abilities of these abominations. An uneasy and unnecessary unknown that the man had finally grown tired of. “As you wish…” the doctor says tersely. A few rapid strokes on the keyboard and a medium sized creature appears on the screen. Its rather repulsive appearance caused Daisuke to visibly show his disdain for it. “Today’s subject has highly poisonous toxins through its body. It can be transmitted from its blood or it can be spit up as a projectile. It can also be secreted from its tongue which it can extend and can be used like a whip. If possible, I humbly request that this one remain alive. I would love to study the mutations of the toxins in the body.

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He is a goddamned psychopath.” Daisuke mutters as he treks through the area to find the creature. As he walked, he could hear the soft clangs of the metallic capsules in his pocket. They were items given to him by the doctor that would ‘aid in the creature’s retrieval’. While Daisuke wanted to just kill it, he sought this to be a different form of training, one of control. Suddenly, a putrid smell began to fill the air, causing Daisuke to immediately place his hand up to cover his nose. The smell was a combination of what could be described as rotten flesh and soured milk. He quickly rationalized that the smell was likely coming from the toxins the creature emitted. This meant that he was close. As he moves a little deeper in the forest-like area, he sees the creature in full. The creature, feasting on a deceased animal, looked to be an inhumane cross between a wyvern and a chameleon.

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It was roughly the size of Daisuke’s car and its body was a striking green color and was covered in scales that were a darker green color. This was accompanied by a bright colored yellow tail. The wings attached to its front were tattered and it had yellow eyes which quickly darted back and forth as it ate. As it dives its head back down once more it takes another bite, it stops and sniffs the air. Its eyes dart around quicker than the last time before they settle towards Daisuke’s general location. The food in its mouth drops to the ground as he begins to slowly trot towards the captain. “Shit…” Daisuke says as he draws Galantine as the blade quickly becomes engulfed in flames. Thanks to the doctor’s information, he knew what this creature was capable of and vowed to make sure the creature didn’t even touch him.

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As expected, the creature attempted to begin their skirmish by firing off a volley of toxic spit towards the captain. Daisuke, thinking fast, quickly runs his hand along Galatine’s blade and unleashes a wave of flames towards the creature. The toxic liquid evaporates immediately as it comes in contact with the flames as the rest of the fire quickly travels towards the beast who instinctively jumps back. Its tongue extends from its mouth towards Daisuke’s last known direction in an attempt to bludgeon him but misses its mark; Daisuke having moved away long before the tongue extended. The creature slowly lurches forward; the yellowed eyes dart back and forth, fruitlessly attempting to find its target. Suddenly, a searing pain radiates through the creature’s body as it unleashes a roar of pain and anguish. A thud is heard as it glances behind and sees its tail harmlessly laying on the ground below.

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A thin line of gray smoke emanated from the creature’s tail, signifying that Daisuke had used the blade’s increasing escalating temperatures to effortlessly slice the tail and sear it closed to prevent bleeding. The sight of seeing its severed tail sends the creature into a frenzy as it recklessly charges towards the Rune Knight. It furiously strikes at Daisuke with its tongue who easily dodges each attempted strike. Upon the last attempted strike, Daisuke pivots to the right and brings his sword down in one fluid motion, simultaneously severing and searing it as well. The creature reels back in pain as Daisuke moves to finish things up. As he begins to trail his hand along the blade once more to completely eradicate the creature, he remembers the doctor’s request to keep the creature alive. Sneering, Daisuke intentionally reduces the flames from the blade and charges forward. His form blurs as he moves, faster and faster with his right hand tightly gripping the blade’s handle. As he appears directly in front of the creature, he jabs the weapon’s pommel directly onto the creature’s throat, causing a gurgling sound to emanate from within. With a resounding thud, the creature falls to the ground, unconscious.

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And that’s that.” the Captain says as he takes a deep sigh and places Galantine back in its sheath attached to his back. “Well done, Captain Sato. I must say, you continue to impress me with your prowess. If you please, press the button on one of the items I gave you and toss it at the creature.” The doctor’s voice chimes in through the lacrima. Daisuke, sneering, does as requested and removes one of the metallic capsules from his pocket and presses the small indented button before tossing it. A pop, akin to a gunshot, echoed as the creature was immediately trapped underneath a net which glowed a faint blue color. “So that’s it..” Daisuke says, as he notices the equipment to be similar to the mana restrictive cuffs the Rune Knight’s used to detain. “I assume your men are en route to pick this thing up. If so, I’m done for the day. Send my pay to the usual spot. I’ll be back later on.” Daisuke says as he shuts the lacrima off, not caring to hear if the doctor had a retort about it.

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