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Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane)

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#1Mary Jane 

Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 1:18 pm

Mary Jane
Everything felt like a disaster and yet Mary Jane should not give up. Not right now. She was a walking paradox if you asked her. What happened to taking it slow and all the like. Suddenly she was going to strange places and meeting people that she had no idea about. If she had been nervous going into the Guildhall of Blue Pegasus, that was nothing compared to with this.

This morning in the inn they spoke about a necromancer. There was a necromancer in town and she was very scary and all that. Well, necromancers could speak with the death, right? So maybe this person could help Mary Jane to figure out what happened to Adelaide and how to continue her search. She was not sure if this was a safe option. Considering what was said in the inn and the general vibe that people like necromancers gave off? Oh god why did she go alone? Because she had not dared to tell Michael or anyone else for that matter. With her bag clutched in her hands she made her way into the direction of this necromancer. That was all she knew, no name, no nothing. She should have openly asked. She should not have been scared that someone would laugh at her about it or anything. This was a matter of finding answers and that went above all else. Mary Jane regretted that the moment she started this search today. It frustrated her a little too much that she was behaving like a scared baby. If she could leave the Cult and move from Caelum to Fiore, she could go and approach this unknown person for a question.

She had some money from the job and was willing to pay whatever it took. So, this was the second step she was going to take, all for the sake of Adelaide. Now that she had had enough visions about the city, Mary Jane had turned her eyes to the cobble stones. Hopefully this walk would not give her strange vibes... she would probably have enough for today. She went on a quick march, her hands still clutched around the strep of her bag. She held on so strong that the knuckles of her right hand were white. She should summon up the questions that she had. That she did not mean to offend and actually was looking for help. Hoping that a necromancer might know more about how to follow a guide that was not here. If she could maybe figure out if the speaking person was dead or not. How to find the blond man in her visions. Anything.

Wait, she stopped, was this the necromancer her house that she was going too? Was she that person again that was going to be so rude? She should not offend her.. No matter what her role was or her attitude, Mary Jane wanted to show the respect to everyone. yet she could not help but mumble a quick prayer to the Divine and the Ilumin to give her some more courage. Well, rather a lot of coure and rather quickly, thank you.

~#FCC201 [Mary Jane] & ~ #FF9900 [Adelaide]

Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Fri May 26, 2023 5:27 pm

of all things Averie planned to day, having guest was not on Averie's mind if anything it was almost in her mind to not really think about it at all that she had to expect some one coming to visit her, she had settled really only for now here just because of Alisa and her sister but she did not consider the place her home yet. Even then this place was just books and a bed with some clothing but there was a lot of books. So much so that the chair she was sitting on when at home was also made of chair. But that was a different situation for a different time that possible might never happen ever. She never expected visitors after all even if she was liked some how by the guild master of one of the local guilds here, Does not mind the people really did like her either.

But it really the main part was finding Averie, Did this woman know know what she was looking for to find Averie, She was not hard to spot you could just look for a small icebergian woman who seemed more ghostly than a person her blue eyes almost in it's self seeming light blue but lighter than most people. But did this woman know this? Averie could just have been over all a hiding in plain sight until found moment.

Over all she was not really going to stand out. So it would be an interesting task to achieve. But at least Averie was outside looking around and just kind of seeing the place around her. She had some what gotten use to the city so far. Maybe she would find a new book today. Maybe she would get a candle holder because she did not own much.

#3Mary Jane 

Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Mon May 29, 2023 12:15 am

Mary Jane
This was going to be a search party, something something about finding a needle in a haystack. Mary Jane should have focused on knowing how to find this woman instead of only trying to find her. But the Caelese had been too thrilled to just know that there was someone that could maybe help figure out the answers. But how was she going to approach someone randomly, a stranger, and ask her all these questions. What had she said to Michael again? That it was just the loads of impressions and bad sleep? She had not dared to admit that there was like a second person her memories living in her mind. But what could a necromancer do? Well it was obvious to Mary Jane that Adelaide had to be dead, how else would she get her memories in visions?

Someone had said something about it was like seeing a ghost when they mentioned the necromancer. But how did a walking ghost look like? And that's when Mary Jane spotted someone, her whole vibe was too bright and she stood out. Was this the needle? And how do you ask that? Was a necromancer proud of her job or her abilities? If not, should Mary Jane mention it out loud completely or was she making a mistake. Good god, why was she asking so many difficult questions to herself. If she would go and overthink this; nothing would happen. Shortly she noticed that the woman was surrounded by a dead rat, a dead white wolf and like a zombie wolf version. They were not really there but it meant that Adelaide had once encountered a necromancer as well. She shivered unbeknown to herself. The summoner was not known or visible in her vision so Mary Jane decided that this was the Illumin's way of telling her that this must be the right person.

Well... here goes nothing. What was she going to loose anyway from speaking out loud to a stranger? nothing except maybe a bit of dignity.

"Excuse me." She tried to be as polite as possible to get, the white-haired woman, her attention. "I hope I am not rude to ask, but I am looking for a necromancer. Someone let slip that I should be able to find her here." And than what Mary Jane? You are going to ask her if she could summon someone from your brain and talk to her? How did this power even work? She was not too known with magic, hers had been praised... not trained for sure.


Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 4:23 am

With how this was phrased it seemed to leave Averie for a thought about how this was not a normal situation but in some manner she still felt it was a ruse or a trap. After all people did ask this way before only to throw a stone at her or pull out a knife to stab her, because you know people don't like nercomancers all that much it was common to know that. But she would not ignore her at least, if anything she was preparing her for the possible matter of some one doing some to her.

"I am who you are looking for.
"Averie admitted to who she was. Her voice was sounding form distance lands, She did speak fiorian at least but you could tell she still sounded she was from Iceberg."Your going to throw a rock at me now aren't you? Or doing something different and pulling out a knife because i am the evil nercomancer."So she still waited to see what happen. Part of her just wanted to start running as she always did in these matter because she would rather not have to find a doctor and ask to get some stitches or ask for her sister's help in recovering.

But she looked at this person and waited and so far it seemed nothing was going on, Or that she left them in a state of in which could be called spotlight syndrome at least she thought anyway. Maybe as this went on she would see how this was settling down. As nothing went on Averie seemed to think things would be okay and she would not worry about getting attacked in some manner. But it was entirely waiting to see what would happen over time currently here.

#5Mary Jane 

Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Tue May 30, 2023 7:15 am

Mary Jane
Mary Jane did not expect that answer and stared at the white haired lady. This? Oh bless Illumin. ”Oh thank god.” Which was maybe not the right choice of words. But apparently she had it far too silent as this woman asked if she was going to throw a ROCK? PULL OUT A KNIFE? What was wrong with the world!? How… she stared at Averie with her mouth wide open. She shook her head mildly, ”Why would anyone do that?” She stared in disbelieve. Just because someone got a magic that might be slightly creepy to most, did not mean this person was a bad guy? Mary Jane was not even sure if she believed in bad guys. Everyone should have a reason to do what they had to do… maybe she had not met people like that yet. She also had no intention of meeting them at all. ”Eh, no. I mean, I would not do that. I eh I went looking for you as I have a question and I thought maybe you could help, if you don’t mind. I don’t mind paying for it.” Always pay people for their help, that would be well enough. Besides, never expect people to do everything for free. She should show her manners.

So she offered her hand, ”My name is Mary Jane and I am from Caelum.” Where Mary Jane her accent was slightly different, this young lady also had an accent. One that Mary Jane could not place as she had never been outside of Caelum until… well this week. Depending on Averie her answer she wondered how to bring the message. She was not even sure if Adelaide was dead, but then how else would it be possible to get her memories?


Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 3:44 pm

Well this might be easier now that she knew she was from Caelum for one simple reason she would just change to that language with out a second thought. Why would anyone want to do that? one of the many lessons Averie had to deal with is how and why some one would learn Nercomancy and what benefit's it has to the people around them. Averie did often try to tell people that, but still no one listened to her. But answering with out a delay in perfect Caelum."Plenty of reason, after all magics related to death isn't exactly considered a norm or okay by most people."This sounded clear and with out problem. Averie showed it was over all able to be prepared for most things. She just knew speaking caelum with out any warning was odd. Averie over all was an odd being.

But focusing on the actual conversation at hand, it seemed the reason for wanting to talk with Averie was for something that she would actually intend to use nercomancy for."Find people? a simple task depending, Are they alive for dead?"That was a key detail to mention, both would mean different things. Thus the answer was needed. She did forgot to mention her name, that was some what normal of her.

#7Mary Jane 

Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Mon Jun 12, 2023 12:05 am

Mary Jane
Mary Jane her eyes turned a slightly bit bigger when the white haired woman suddenly spoke to her, in her native language. Caelum scared her. it made her wonder for a good second if this woman was a spy. But that was ridiculous as it was Mary Jane who tried to find her, not the other way around. She needed five seconds to completely realize that and just slow down. Good god, Mary Jane, relax. She came here with a reason. The speech in her native language made Mary Jane forget for a second that she had asked why someone would hit Averie with a knife or a rock. The answer was kind of a given, but Mary Jane believed that everything happened for a reason. So getting the magic must be a reasonable thing to have as well. "Should it not depend on what the person does with it?" To help or to harm? Hm, maybe too big of a question for someone who understood completely nothing. Though it was definitely easier to convey in her mother tongue.

The question the white-haired lady gave Mary Jane was kind of an obvious one. Though the red head had completely forgotten to elaborate on it. She should have done so, stupid. She frowned, not sure how to talk aobut it. "I don't know." The words from Alisa went through her mind. Adelaide did not have to be dead to be able to have her memories taken away and implanted into Mary Jane. She had no idea that this was the truth. "I have visions of a woman and I think she is dead, which I am trying to figure out for sure." But that would ask a lot from this lady and Mary Jane was not even possible if she could just randomly figure that out. She should have thought this through... Mary Jane called herself stupid for the second time in one conversation. This did not bode well...


Dead Men tell No Tales (Averie & Mary Jane) Empty Tue Jun 13, 2023 9:59 am

It would move on from the personal view of nercomancy being positive or negative Averie was the one who did study the magic and it was not really until she got to Fiore did people want to not do things to her to possible end her life or hurt her."See, I tell people that many times. But whenever I tell them i still either end up bleed or the wraith of an angry person assuming I am lying to them about not harming anyone."She then would move on to the other parts of the conversation at the time.

She was more than willing to help this person with this problem after all she had no other things going on this time unless Alisa just showed up at her place of staying at this time and told her she was being dragged away for something. Or her sister just kicked her door open to make sure she ate something and drank some water at least for that day between her studying so many things."Hm...that can make the matter a bit confusing to deal with. But I can still possible help you."Averie said she was still not going to say no.

Then she simply said."Come with me, We will have to go into my current what you would call home and dig through a few books of mine to continue on from there."Then she simply turned around and started walking behind her almost like she had come from it not and was now heading back.

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