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Fuyu Haruto's Ranking statistics

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#1Fuyu Haruto 

Fuyu Haruto's Ranking statistics Empty Mon May 22, 2023 12:11 am

Fuyu Haruto
Claiming my starting Unique Companion ticket.

Also claiming this:
Fuyu Haruto's Ranking statistics CD8iLuH

Source: D to C
Stat Points: +20
Mana Boost: +300
Distribution 15 STR, 5 SPD

Source: C to B
Stat Points: +40
Mana Boost: +400
Distribution 10 SPD, 15 CON, 15 END

Adventurer Specilizations:
C rank:
Soundlessness: You don't make any sound when moving on your feet on land. This allows you to remain undetected from those you're hunting.
B rank:
Accurate Shot: You receive an additional 10% Mana Cost Reduction and a 1 post cool-down reduction to all your ranged weapon spells.


Fuyu Haruto's Ranking statistics Empty Wed Jun 28, 2023 11:53 am

@Fuyu Haruto You don't claim the ticket for the companion you make the companion and state you are claiming the companion with your class perk. They have claimed the B-rank coupon and been awarded their rank ups.

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