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Monster Hunter III [S-Rank] [Daisuke]

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Monster Hunter III [S-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Sun May 21, 2023 8:41 am

As Daisuke ascended what is commonly known as the Ivory Tower, he could only think of the final words of his father and the warning that came with them. Eventually, they needed to head to Joya and find the item that their father mentioned. The threat of individuals even stronger than Akira and the hint of becoming stronger before going there. This alone struck a chord with the twins who decided to do just that and train. The twins, however, decided on taking different paths to enhance their strength. For Misora, she sought it best to hone her training elsewhere. So, the day before, she decided to take a mission that would send her to Northern Fiore for a long period of time. Daisuke opted for a different path and remained in Central Fiore. He wanted to hone his skills one and a time and knew of one place in particular where he could accomplish that.

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Ah, it’s been some time since we last saw one another. It’s good to see you Lieutenant Sato…or should I call you Captain Sato now?” Daisuke stops dead in his tracks as he hears the doctor’s words. It wasn’t public knowledge that Daisuke and Misora had been promoted to Captaincy after coming back from Hosenka. The Rune Knight’s Organization had planned to make a giant spectacle about it but that was derailed by the twins’ plans to train and Misora’s abrupt mission acceptance and departure. As such, they planned to quietly release the information later on with the focus being solely on Daisuke since he was to remain in Era. Still, at the current moment, only a few top brass knew of it. The Captain opens his mouth to retort but decides against it as he knew he would not get a straight answer from the man. The doctor was shady, calculating, and the fact that he even admitted that much was proof that he was attempting to bait him.

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You as well.” Daisuke etches out with gritted teeth. The doctor takes note of this and smiles before returning his gaze towards the computer screen. “I assume that you’re here to subdue more of my test subjects?” He says. “Yeah, what do you have for me this time?” Daisuke says tersely. “Straight to the point. That’s what I like about you.” He types a few strokes on his keyboard before a video feed of an incredibly large creature appears on his screen. The creature resembled a bear but one could tell it was so much more than just a simple bear. As the creature lumbered around in the video, the doctor turned towards Daisuke once more. “This is subject A02. As always, your objective is to either bring back the subject alive or leave it largely intact enough for future study. Should be relatively straightforward.” “Anything I have to worry about with this one?” Daisuke says, remembering the lack of warning the last time nearly cost him and Misora their lives. “It loves honey.” The doctor says plainly before returning his gaze back to the computer, done with communicating for the moment. Daisuke sneers in a combination of frustration and disgust before quickly exiting the room. It was time to hunt.

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Daisuke trots through the familiar forest area near the Ivory palace, glancing at the residual signs of battle from his previous exploits there. Broken trees, faint stains of blood, the lingering smell of something burned. Though as he walked, he noticed newly destroyed structures and signs of fresh blood. As he reminisces on the events from the past, a thundering roar stops him in his tracks. “So the creature did this. It sounds like it is close…” Daisuke says as he lowers his center of gravity. He moves slowly towards the direction of the sound, his eyes darting back and forth to ensure he is not caught off guard. Before long, he sees his target. A massive beast with turquoise fur and a hide-like exterior along its back. It sat on the ground licking honey from its elongated red nails. The same hide-like exterior that covered its back also lined up its forearms like a brace. Daisuke knew that this would not be an easy challenge. However, he grew excited about the upcoming confrontation. He had grown stronger from his ordeals in Hosenka and this was the perfect time to show that he was not the same person.

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As the creature finishes licking the rest of the honey from its claws, it gets up and lumbers towards the hive to get more. As soon as it moves to cover its paw, a wave of flames engulf the hive, burning it to a crisp. The beast moves back in a rage, its head darting around to see just who disturbed its meal. Suddenly, its eyes settle on Daisuke who stands a good distance away with Galantine drawn and alight with flames. “Oh, did I disrupt your meal? Sorry about that.” He says with a smile. The beast roars in anger as it charges towards Daisuke, surprising the man with its deceptive speed. Daisuke brings Galantine up to block the charge as the beast slams up against the weapon, pushing the young captain backwards. Daisuke digs his feet into the ground as he attempts to hold his ground, the beast furiously attempting to gnaw at Daisuke’s face, barely being held back by the raging flames from the sword. As the last snap becomes too close for comfort, Daisuke pushes backwards to create some distance between the two.

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Still in a blind rage, the creature charges towards Daisuke once more, tongue flapping in the wind. Suddenly, the creature leaps up and spreads its body out in an attempt to flatten the captain with its immense size and weight. “Child’s play.” Daisuke says as he uses his superior speed to dodge as the creature crashes down, breaking the ground as it lands. As it starts to get up, completely unphased by the jump, it sees Daisuke darting around. Daisuke moves faster and faster each time he changes direction, a tunnel vision-like gaze focused on his target. He could tell that it would be futile for him to waste his energy attempting to strike the creature from behind if the material on his back was in fact the same as what was on his forearms as it was durable enough to withstand both the blade and flames of Galantine. The only place to strike would be the soft underbelly and deal the fatal blow there. His form began to blur as he moved, pointing the tip of Galantine forward. A guttural growl escapes from the creature as Daisuke’s blade is plunged deep into its gut.

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Instinctively, the creature attempts to bring its claws down on Daisuke in an attempt to free itself. Unfortunately, its attempt is deterred by the increased temperature and flames from Galantine as Daisuke quickly runs his hand along the blade. With a grunt of effort, Daisuke swings his sword as the combination of the strength behind the sword and the flames cleave the creature cleanly in half. The upper half of the beast falls to the ground as its eyes dart towards Daisuke. It stares at him with a look of pure rage before its eyes slowly gloss over, dead. Seeing that the blood has been burned off of his weapon, Daisuke quickly sheathes it and places his hand on the communication lacrima on his ear. “I’m sure you’ve been watching everything doc, but the remains of this beast is ready for extraction.” “Impressive Captain. The team will be at your location shortly.” Wordlessly, Daisuke ends the communication and begins his trek back home for the evening. For the training he sought, he would be back tomorrow to deal with another creature.

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