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East - Central  Empty Tue May 16, 2023 8:30 pm

What the hell is this?!” Misora says as Daisuke pulls up in a sleek, five seated black convertible car as Merry lays spread out in the back seat, barely taking up a space. “You like it?” Daisuke says as he hops out and expressively shows off the car. “How?” She says, still incredulous. “Apparently one of the rewards for bringing in Akira was a mana car. All the ones they had on display were admittedly garbage so I convinced the owner to let me have the prototype. This is the Regalia. You like it, right Merry?” Daisuke says proudly. “Aye!” Merry says dreamily as he continues to nestle in the soft seat cushions. Misora raised a finger to speak but stopped herself, knowing that whatever arguments she could have come up with would have been futile. After the hell they had been through, it was nice to have something comfortable for once. Resigning to it, she simply places Luin in the back of the vehicle next to Galantine and sits in the passenger seat. “Well alright!” Daisuke says a he hops back into the driver seat and floors it.

The two drive in relative silence as they race down the road back towards Central Fiore. There wasn’t much to discuss, there wasn’t a need to. They knew what they had to do: travel to Joya and find the item their mother left for them. Before that though, they needed to train and get even stronger. It was the only way they would be able to deal with the dangers that lay in front of them. For now, however, they would relax.

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