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In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith]

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#1Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Wed May 03, 2023 12:24 am

Izanagi Aurum
The weather is not ideal for practicing, yet he would still go about his everyday routine. He glides around the field while maintaining his hands on the blade, allowing him to practice his defense. He is aware of his centerline, an imaginary line that runs directly down the body, dividing it evenly into left and right. Training like this allows him to defend more quickly and efficiently. His mother used to teach him how to wield the blade. However, he was still a child, so most of it was just difficult for him to remember. He recalls that keeping the centerline also makes twisting or pivoting from the hips or stepping with the feet easier, allowing him to generate full body force, momentum, and inertia in every movement. He danced with her during her training because he was inspired by her elegance and strength. She taught him more than she ever could with words.

He now glides with the same elegance and strength every time he practices with his sword. To others, it would have appeared to be a lovely dance being kept on repeat. He knows he still has a long way to go before he can measure up to her mother, but every day he gets a little taller, a little closer. He comes to a halt and pierces the ground while crouching and resting on top of his sword. He exhales loudly and audibly, his eyes watering at the intensity of his anguish. She may have been gone for a long time, but as he trains his memories of her, they become more audible. So he comes to a halt and breathes in and out before continuing.

#2Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Wed May 03, 2023 6:10 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was a lesson and in some manner a mystical joy for Judith to see all of these new members. Even if they came and go pretty quick. To study how each one worked and went about their daily lives. Only for Judith it was much different compared to hers, It had it own sense of history in the making, a story yet to be told. A face yet to gain the smile of trial either simple or hard. Judith had always looked forward to these things.

Also never one that no one ever told the other members of Fairy Tail was the fact their guild master had a wonderful habit of just showing up out of no where. How she did this was either with magic or just the power of motherly knowing it was any one's guess, But none tried to solve that question. Only deal with the results of the smaller elf woman just showing up to talk to them.

In Izanagi 's case Judith didn't say hello. Rude of her yes but there was always something hidden with in Judith's meanings of going about things if one ever thought about it. One should never fear their guild master, But should also expect that in some manner would be lead the path wanted too when it was known to them. But Judith was here entirely to seek to know more of him.

She would wait until he his routine of sword stances where complete, something Judith knew very well of it's meaning and ideals. Not only from one of her children but from her husband. But when it was over just as he stopped to take a breath. With the sneaky tricks of stopping time as The Chronos Dragon Slayer who had means of time magic would just stop time for a moment. Judith would just seemingly appear out of no where at least two feet away from him, Then staring at him in the eyes for a moment asked him a riddle."What forever flows, Yet can stand still?"It was a simple one, but still a fun one.

#3Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Wed May 03, 2023 11:50 pm

Izanagi Aurum
He collapses, pulling his head back and opening his mouth. He lets out a gasp, startled by her abrupt appearance. However, once he realized it was the guild master, his heartbeat and muscles relaxed, as did his expression. He gets to his feet and walks up to a little garden fountain, taking a smidgeon of water with his two palms and hurling it at his face. "Tsk!" he exhales. "Before appearing out of nowhere like that, you should really attempt to say hello or anything." He whines childishly, but in reality, he is still intently pondering what she said. Unable to keep his interest buried any longer, he attempts to respond, "could it be... a ship?" he replied innocently.

He continues to respond with random words without thinking about it much. However, he reaches a point where he simply laughs at the responses he gave, realizing how ridiculous he sounded. "Sorry master, couldn't help myself," Aurum apologizes sincerely while wiping away a little tear from the corner of his eye. "So, what's the answer?" he said, one hand on his waist and the other on the blade he'd still had locked firm in the ground.

#4Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Thu May 04, 2023 11:36 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith's goal was some what achieved at this time. It was a good thing over all it meant she had not lost that touch of whimsical nature she feared she had lost over time while she was often left pondering to herself in many areas alone when the various members had left and gone home and her family members had gone to sleep for the evening for at times the many thoughts and what if's that she had in mind still linger and she needed to ponder if there was a way to get such thoughts to just merely leave her be at this time."I normally do, But where is the fun in that?" Judith with with a clever smirk upon her face and it showed she knew very well she should have."Keep in mind I am not your typical Guild Master, I have my own ways to do things."It was a good thing to point out because there was going to be plenty more of this interesting behaviour in the future. At least it was not malicious and seemed to be entirely of harmless nature.

Thus moving on from the topic at hand. The answer was wrong but she would state the answer to the riddle in a moment. Patting him on the shoulder."It is nothing to worry about, one can train discipline slowly over the years, I have seen it happen."This was a master teaching experience, Good thing will happen over time as you work towards them rather then rushing them. Then the answer to the riddle."The answer was time."Judith them seemed however still delighted."But thank you for playing along. Most people carry one on other conversations quickly rather than answer."

But Judith seemed interested in other things rather then just playing harmless game. She would even make sure he knew."After all, My goal here is to learn more about you as a person, After all A person's drive is one that I always seek to understand."Then Judith took a moment to ponder how she wanted to phrase what she had her mind at the time.

Then merely stated."How can I, Judith the Guild Mother possible help you as a member of her guild? What are you seeking out to do? What do you need help with?"Judith did sound extremely curious. All of this coming from a five foot four inches tall elf. You could almost mistake Judith as a young elf more than an adult woman at times. But much like everyone else. There was more to Judith than the looks shown here at the time.

#5Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Thu May 04, 2023 10:17 pm

Izanagi Aurum
He stowed his blade, carefully considering her remarks. "Learn about me..." he murmurs, drifting away from the moment and into the big river of thought. How could he respond? when a part of him is constantly grieving, always mourning their loss. He keeps listening as he attempts to get his brain around it and pay attention. His sword is now fully wrapped around his waist, and he crosses his arms, his shoulders somewhat stiff. "Help me?" he spoke again, puzzled as to why she would want to help. He may have been raised in the guild for some time, but the sense of community still eludes him. Mostly because, he always, had endured hardship alone.

"I certainly don't expect you to actually help or anything," he blushed, his gaze averted from hers. However, his family remains missing, and after searching alone for so long a bit of help might do him some good, Aurum carefully considered. My mother disappeared a couple of years back; she left on a mission and never returned...," he added, his eyes filled with emptiness and despair yet holding his cool act together. He chews his bottom lip, attempting to keep himself from crying. After doing it for so long, holding everything inside comes easy to him. His eyes quickly dry up and his heart freezes, turning frigid but secure from too much exposure, too much judgment, and too much hope. "It's a silly request anyway, she's probably simply dead, wasting resources looking for that woman is a waste," he replied brazenly, turning his back to conceal his genuine feelings.

#6Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Fri May 05, 2023 4:39 pm

Judith Karlinius
Already there was going to be a problem he was resisting the help of some one who will attempt to help no matter what. Mentioning that he did not expect her to help there was an eye brow raised."Oh really?"If anything Judith seemed almost slightly unhappy with that answer.After all who else knew the value of their mother than some one who was a mother herself."I raised four children to never give up on their goals and that is before I was guild master." Judith remarked about it because she wanted to make a point. She could help people in many ways, even if it seemingly an almost pointless venture. Judith seemed almost far more interested in trying in some manner.

So she was going to help him in some manner."You think of it that way, But do you have information on what that mission?"Judith seemed interested in knowing these small details." Find the details and trace it all back to finding a trail of where she could have ended up."Judith was good at knowing many things but alas Judith did not know everything in the end but she could be lead to being curious enough to find it out."Was your mother in a guild?"This was an interesting question to ask because she had connections to various guilds, the only thing being a risk was if she was a Fairy Tail member she would have to go digging around in the guild files to see how far back she had information on members. After all she did use to file names and favorite foods and drinks of her members when she took over, Before hand paperwork was done minorly as Judith was only a mere cook and drink maker.

But she did seem to have a plan."We go off of where we can find starting points and go form there."She seemed to still suggest it even if he might not want too.

#7Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Sat May 06, 2023 1:28 am

Izanagi Aurum
He rubbed his brow, somewhat disturbed. He seemed to have said something improper. This happens a lot when he talks about his mother, but he simply doesn’t want anyone else to disappear as well. So better they think he doesn’t want them to help. Even while his inner child shouts the exact opposite. In any case, it seemed that the master sincerely wanted to help. "Tsk, fine if you want to help, I guess there's no stopping you," he answered coldly, attempting to hide his happiness. Still, a fleeting smile escaped him revealing his true feelings.

He leans back, both hands on his waist, and looks up, as if searching for something. "She was, part of this guild I mean. She would often take me, and I'd get to spend time here in the guild while she soloes quests in order to keep a roof over our heads," He suddenly becomes serious and exhales, his shoulder drooping from emotional exhaustion. Keeping up appearances was becoming quite taxing.

"My family moved to Fiore after we lost our father back in Joya, in the same mysterious way," he draws his arms to his sides, holding himself as if he were chilly. He gets shivers every time he remembers what happened to his family. "Last time I saw her she agreed to a quest with a ridiculously large reward." She claimed she was going to be gone for a long time... as if she somehow knew..." he shakes his head, snapping back into reality.

"Anyway, that's all I know..."

#8Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Sun May 07, 2023 6:27 am

Judith Karlinius
Almost like with the normal Judith charm, he had yielded to Judith suggestion. In which Judith viewed as a wonderful thing as for it was entirely for good reason, Judith did like a good mystery and seeing families together again no matter the state of how many members of state. But this was more whimsical thinking of Judith as she was always generally looking out for these things."You could try and stop me, But nothing would stop me looking into it myself."Judith mentioned because she knew of this now she had a few things she needed to look into."it is not uncommon for Fairy Tail to have people join the guild and either leave quickly or never been seen again. It is just the things I have witness over the years."

Ending off with this point. it seemed there was a fair amount of history here that would mean more for Judith now after all she was member and he was often left here."Makes me wonder who was looking after you. I would have known these things for how long I have been around."She seemed to be even more curious now how none of this where things she knew about to start with. Showed her members still kept some thing quiet around her."I guess everyone has secrets that even the longest serving and active Fairy Tail member can not find out herself."Judith does not blame them. Judith was a small woman who walked over the guild started walking there and just some how ended up master over a long period of time.

But off of that phrasing Judith had an idea."Large reward missions are simple to keep track of. Thus we just need to go some looking around."IF anything anyone knew how the job boards worked some one had to file and get all of the posters some how."Time to go into my office and dig around older mission and job posting, Maybe check the higher end levels around b to s ranks level. Maybe even have to consider the few maybe 100 years quest." Then almost like how she seemed to just show up Judith just turned and started walking towards her office assuming he was going to follow.

#9Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Mon May 08, 2023 12:31 am

Izanagi Aurum
Aurum looks at her, dumbfounded; he has little to say. He's been praying for assistance for a long time, but nearly no one has genuinely cared enough to assist him. Though he admits he is partly to blame. So all he can think is, "This is really happening," but despite the fact that it is a miracle, he cannot bring himself to hope. "Aye," he said as soon as she said she was going to look at her office.

He raises his head, a finger on his chin, and follows her. "She is something else, I wonder if mom ever got a chance to meet her," he whispered to himself. Aurum's mother didn't share much about her adventures. Perhaps she just wanted him to be as unconcerned as possible because he was a child. This is the only answer he can come up with for himself.

"But given everything we've lost; I didn't mind helping... If she had just asked for help... if only..." he shook his head, slapping his cheeks. There isn't much he can do about the past or someone else's decision. He can only fight for her and look for her.

He hadn't been driven enough to do something about it in quite some time. "Perhaps things could be different with her...," he smiled as he stepped up his pace a little quicker to catch up to her.

#10Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Mon May 08, 2023 4:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was times that in which Judith does ponder if these things entirely where a bit too much for the people around her. That was either the charm or the annoyance of Judith depending on how you view it. While they were heading to her office, Judith stopped just before a door way that was not her office. It was in fact the kitchen she had made her main area while she was not in her office with paper work. Then with the sound of a few things being moved around in the kitchen Judith seemingly came out with a few glasses seemingly it was just water, with straws and slices of lemon.

Needless they might be Judith seemed to also make sure there was drinks in case needed. Then she closed that door and locked it just in case some one tried to sneak a few snacks or things they should not while she was not looking. Most people did not enter the kitchen or bar area only waiting by the window for Judith to make things. She also did not want to run out of beer or ale quickly either.

Then when they walked into the office, It seemed almost as easy to guess what it would be like for Judith to have: Well crafted desk, darken coloured wood in very well condition, on it varying files and requests Judith had yet to go through, various over all cabinets of wood matching her desk in colour. But the walls where a dark green. Aside from the files and papers, There was also various pictures on the desk. All of seemingly a family a small woman, with light purple hair, An tall older man somewhere in the range of 50 years old or more with greying dark blue hair, Two fairly tall young men with dark blue hair, a rather tall woman with dark blue hair. All posed like it was a family picture. Another picture being of all three of the younger ones with out the parents in it. With one of the younger male with in the picture looking like he had aged a fair amount. Like they where the oldest of them, while the remaining male seemed still some what youthful and the woman seeming no different just long dark blue hair but over all seemed to be taller than most women, These where if asked family pictures of Judith's family.

But Judith did not seem be in these as she was an elf with white hair and blue eyes, While the small woman in the picture with smaller in stature. With light purple hair and purple eyes. It might not seem like it was her, but as always there was stories to tell. Getting a key from her desk Judith started unlocking all of the filing cabinets."Looks for either a file with your mother's name on it. Or if you find all current and previous quests requests. See if any match what would be your mother's interest."Then as Judith started looking through the files of people she said."Also do not peek at other people's files needlessly please, most of this is important information."Judith was extending some trust in him.

She would place the two glasses of water on her desk."One of them is for you also."Which she also made sure was mentioned.

#11Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Tue May 09, 2023 9:29 pm

Izanagi Aurum
"Thank you," he replies sincerely before taking a sip from the crystal-refreshing glass of water. Placing it safely nearby, he continued to assist the master in his hunt for anything relating to his mother. It was definitely a long shot. Although a part of him was eager to try again, "What exactly am I looking for here," he wondered as he slid his finger across the countless folders in the cabinet.

He consistently goes through a large number of documents, returning them to their proper spot after he is through. Taking the master's admonition to heart, he made every effort to avoid materials pertaining to others. He became annoyed after a while of looking. He crosses his arms and turns his back to the desk. He can't help but notice the images on the table and wonder, "Who are they?"

He approached the desk, stooping down to the appropriate level to have a better look at the images. It was difficult to judge but given that they were in her office and on her desk, they had to be significant images to her. The longer he looked, the more he found several of them resembled the master, and that's when he understood, "Are these your..."

#12Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Thu May 11, 2023 3:20 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a good question one Judith did not know the full answer of only part answers over all."Either something with a name you know on it. Or a quest,take or a missions you view most likely possible was the one she chose to go off and attempt before disappearing."Keep in mind these pieces he would know more than Judith, He knew his mother better than Judith would."If it lead us to nothing then we have to plan again."Judith mentioned as a simple point about it she was not trying to just make things seems to be as a dead end so quickly but it was just her talking about the matters around them.

But it seemed maybe they needed a moment for other things to be talked about, Judith did not mind after all. So she would not even look at the file she had in her hands at this time, Then just put it on the table for a moment."There is a reason, Why I am most of the time called the Guild Mother rather than Guild Master." she found humour in it. it was fitting yet in some manner a bit of a joke as well.

But he wanted to talk about it she would."These are past images of my children and my husband, times long a go back when they where all around and healthy."Judith sure did look different in her younger years, but maybe it was the sign of how time changes all things either for better or worst."Much different as the times are now, But the entire point of how I lead has always been to treat each other like family...Even if at times everyone does not get a long."With that bit of a smile she had feeling he may want to know more, about them and he would likely ask shortly he if he wanted too.

So while she figured he would take his time thinking up what he found reasonable to ask."I have a weakness for trying to keep families together...I can admit it is one of the few flaws I have." But at least it seemed Judith would not be scared of questions.

#13Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Mon May 15, 2023 10:10 am

Izanagi Aurum
"Family..." Aurum thought as he glanced at the photo. He understands what it means, but it's been so long since he's known what it's like to have and be with family that it all feels distant, like if it were a dream he awoke from.

He straightened up and resumed his search in the cabinet. It fell silent for a brief period, but only because Aurum had entered his mind. He wasn't even looking for anything anymore; instead, he dwindled in his thoughts. "I'm not sure what that feels like anymore," he lamented, alarmed. When he took up a file, a photograph slipped to the floor. He kneels, and when he gets near enough, his eyes expand wider and wide, and his jaw drops. As he rose up from the ground, he immediately scooped up the photo. "It's... her..." he said, shocked, as he turned the photo, he was surprised to notice there were two names he didn't know. "A-ne-ko?" he said, perplexed because his mother's given name was Ahmya instead.

A raven-haired lady with noticeable crimson eyes stood in the image. She appeared to be drinking with a pal. Much is clear in the image; what he couldn't figure out was why the image had a different name for her. "This is her, this is my mother," he said as he handed the picture to the master.

#14Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Tue May 16, 2023 5:57 am

Judith Karlinius
If even all of this effort was all going to pay off and help was a good thing in intention, in some manner the closer of a mystery that would help a person move on to happier things in life if it went sour, Or brighten a person's life if it worked out as they hopped. But these where just Judith's internal thoughts."I will always try to see family stay pieced together."Judith then in some manner sounded depressed for a moment only just to mention."One needs to save what they can...After all mine is now fractured in some manner after the death of my daughter." Letting out a bit of a sigh. There was more to it but it would just dive into things that might not be entirely the new guild member's problem so to say.

Then she quickly attempted to change her mood and let out a sigh."But side from that and a few other things. Maybe i am just wanting to see people regain some things that I in some manner have lost in my own way."This might be just a mention to herself that might be a bit more out loud, Over all it seemed if anything it might to be a nice gesture.

But alas, it seemed fate had given them some favour. Thus Judith would put down what she was holding and walk over to what was being looked at."Oh? So she is on file...good."It seemed to have a bit more of a serious interest because Judith seemed to think it was a interesting twist. When she was handed the picture. Judith seemed to stare upon like she was trying to recalling she might have saw.

shifting a few things around Judith seemed to take out blank piece of paper and started writing a few things down."This might be a good start, Just means we need to find anything on Aneko of mention. Or who she might have been drinking with there."Thus Judith seemed to then offer the picture back to him."Do you want to hold on to this?"

#15Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Tue May 16, 2023 8:56 am

Izanagi Aurum
"I'm not sure..." he doubted, the more he glanced at the photo, the sillier his quest to discover someone who plainly did not want to be found. It pained on the inside to see the photo, to have discovered something after all these years.

Maybe he should let it go, but that would seem like giving up. He wasn't the kind who simply gave up. He only had made it this far because the guild master chose to assist him. That's why he decided to reveal his mother's true name. "Her real name is Ahmya," he said, his gaze riveted on the photo.

"What does this mean, Master?" He inquired, his eyes hollow, retaining as much grief and sadness as he could. But it will eventually crumble. He was terrified at the prospect of not knowing who his mother was.

Then came the icy sensation, a peculiar wintery grasp that became fixed within him. He grasped his chest, and exhaled, trying to expel as much bad energy as he could. His shoulders lowered, and he was much more able to make a decision.

“Sigh. "I'll keep it," he said, reaching out his hand to grasp it.

#16Judith Karlinius 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Wed May 17, 2023 7:50 am

Judith Karlinius
What it meant was a good question, However Judith could not give a straight forward answer. More of her personal believes would stem out from it. However if anything maybe Judith could speak some of it through actions. Judith knew very well how emotional withdrawal worked it was how she used to deal with her own children at times because acted much like her husband. So she simply walked over and patted him on the shoulder."It can mean many things, Fate never gives us all a straight forward answer."It was almost a pointless answer and she knew it but most likely it was because Judith did not want to give him false hope or wrong ideas.

Hopefully maybe the idea was understood, over all still Judith would be mentioned."We still have many pieces to attempt solve, We only have the starting pieces. The end of this tale is far from happening."She was talking about it way of a story teller, it was a bit odd yes but maybe that point was to kind of mention that, We are at the started went it ends we do not know.  But there was the between parts of starting to end they still needed to happen.

Then Judith went back to digging around to see if more things came up from the name of mentioned."With other names mentioned ill see what else I can find."With that Judith took a sip of water and went back to the task at hand.

#17Izanagi Aurum 

In the Garden, a Fairy Dances [Social, Judith] Empty Fri May 19, 2023 10:11 pm

Izanagi Aurum
He was determined not to allow himself to be captivated by the latest discoveries. With the master's instructions in mind, he tucked the photograph into one of his pockets and started his search through the endless files. He took a sip of water and continued, combing through numerous bits of information, and learning as much as he could without going too far and violating someone else's personal information. Of course, he wouldn't want someone to do such a thing to him. Though because he hasn't been in the guild long enough, he did not expect to have a file. Or so he reasoned as he continued his persistent hunt.

After some time, he was able to complete his search at his side. He turned around to finish the contents of his cup. “Sigh. "Did you find anything else on your end?"

He couldn't have asked for a better day. He had gained far more than a lead; he was optimistic, sparked, and reignited. Despite his best efforts to stay cool and secure, his goal necessitated that he light up. As he thinks about this, he smiles and chuckles a little, his eye sparkling a little brighter than before. "I seriously need to chill out..." he adds, brushing away a tear from the happiness he feels within.

#18Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith would flip thought a few more things while in depth of thoughts of maybe she was pushing this too hard already. Judith did think she had gone a bit fair to dig into it. After all maybe it seemed these things were a bit more rushed than anything else. Considering the amount of files she may have to go through. Judith had another thing on her mind that might be good to suggest over all just in case. After all the mental health of a guild member is still important to take into account. After digging through a few more files.

It was mindless files of previously posted s rank or 100 year missions. Overall she just kind of put the files down for a moment."I do not know what else to find, However I do need to ask one thing while we are here."Making sure to look at this guild member for a moment and seemed to wait and see his reaction to just be sure."Do you need a break from this? I can make you something to eat and you can take time to process information and do a few other things while I look still."It was more to be done but Judith had actual worries. For the tasks a person like Judith was willing to take was not one that some one else would be able to take as well.

#19Izanagi Aurum 

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Izanagi Aurum
He can't help but become lost in the photo as he pulls it out. He observed how joyful and warm his mother appeared. Her dark hair, which ranged from brown to black and fell below her waist, was knotted at the tip to make a tail. Her red eyes, she used to tell him the most ridiculous stories about how they became so scarlet. Sebastian chuckles a little, exhibiting a bit of joy, which is a pleasant change from the serious and oblivious warrior he is most of the time.

He pulled his head back, unprepared for the master's kind remarks. It's not that he hadn't encountered compassion before, but it was unexpected since he was so deep within his head. However, he is not the sort of person who would take advantage of someone like that, so his initial reaction was to turn her down. "No, thank you." "I have a warrior's resolve; I can go days without food," he declared confidently before cursing at himself from within. His stomach growled a few seconds later. His mouth dropped wide, and his cheeks swelled in shame. "I see, my body has betrayed me," he concludes childishly, scratching the back of his skull.

#20Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It would be a worthy distraction she could set up here if done right after all it most would be much better than just digging through papers. If anything it was a good effort on his part to attempt this but Judith only knew better for the reason of just knowing at times people worked differently and sometimes one could not resist a wonderful meal."Given I have raised a daughter who became a knight, two sons and a smith for a husband, I can tell when a person might need a hearty meal."Judith had to know how to feed many people over the years.

So she just needed to lean nicely into it."But here is a good chance to learn other things. Like what I can cook you, Or what could you learn with in the kitchen if you lack the skills of it."Judith seemed to as always offer maybe something different and interesting to make put a buck into the tense moment they had at this time."Besides, I get to know guild members better by learning what to eat and drink, Even if most simple at times." Judith also was prepared and ready to be wrong if pointed out. But she gathered her glass of water. Hoping he would suggest something for her to cook up at any point.

#21Izanagi Aurum 

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Izanagi Aurum
He blushes slightly and looks away from her as he pushes both his index fingers together. "I mean," he stops himself, assuming he would probably be asking for too much. As a result, he relaxes and smiles at her. "Anything you can offer, I'd be grateful for it," he remarked humbly, but honestly, he is yearning for something sweet. Although having a sugar rush doesn't seem like a good idea, he can't stop himself. He's only lately started stopping by Olly's for a slice of cake. Since he's been going frequently, they always have a plate waiting for him. He daydreams of swimming in a river of sugary bliss as he thinks about the cake store.

His parents instilled this tendency in him. They all ate so many sweets that they began racing each other around the streets of Joya. Because of the high sugar levels and the unusual workout, they would frequently wind up burning it all. But now that he doesn't have someone to run against, he tries to wash his sweetness intake.

"Anything sweet would be nice," he said, clearly committed to the idea. He asked respectfully, yet there was a hint of timidity in his voice. When it comes to sweets, he appears to adopt a juvenile demeanor verging on insecurity. So, he slaps his cheeks to break out of it.

#22Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It would be a good moment to continue on, As long as some one was at least pretty forward about the things they might want it would be good and easy to work with making."Well sweet things area simple to make, I know many things off hand i could make off of that alone."Judith did know many things after all she was the long time a guild cook rather then a guild master."Cookies, Pies,Muffins,Cupcakes, Tarts the list goes on." Over all it was not a bad idea but before she had an idea that might be interesting at least to her.

"Well rather then just standing there and waiting, do you want to try and work along with me and make something for your sweet tooth wishes?"
Judith wanted him to just try this and give it a shot. She was not here to judge him if he was not good but teach him how to improve over all how to do better if he lacked the skills, it was a means to show improvement and being open. normal things Judith always did to kind of show Judith should not be feared towards most things that might be scared of mentioning.

Then she seemed to smile about her idea, She felt it was a wonderful idea to do. Even if most people where some what scared about the idea of cooking or baking in the came kitchen as Judith since she had so many things before hand they where use too. Even if equally honestly intended Judith did expect most people to refuse her offer.

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Izanagi Aurum
Aurum listened attentively to Judith's proposition, his scarlet eyes lighting up with anticipation. The mention of sweets and pastries had always been a weakness of his, and the thought of learning to make them himself was undeniably enticing. He smiled warmly, his eccentric demeanor shining through.

"Well, Judith, I must say your offer is quite tempting," he replied, his voice carrying a gentle and friendly tone. "I've always appreciated the artistry and skill that goes into creating delectable treats. And to have the opportunity to work alongside you, is an honor I cannot pass up."

Izanagi stepped closer; his curiosity piqued. He couldn't resist the chance to learn something new while indulging in his passion for sweets. After all, it would be a delightful change of pace from his usual responsibilities.

"I'd be more than happy to join you in the kitchen, Master," he continued, enthusiasm lacing his words. "I may not possess the same level of expertise as you do, but I'm eager to learn and lend a hand.”

With a nod of determination, Izanagi gestured towards the kitchen, ready to embark on this culinary adventure. Despite his typically laid-back nature, he had a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic when it came to completing tasks. And if it meant he would get a chance to make and eat something sweet, he was more than willing to put in the effort.

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Judith Karlinius
Thus progress was man, Judith's means of leading would continue on. lessons of bonding trust and expression of will towards working with your follow guild members it was perfect. In her eyes at least every guild master would work differently and that was a matter for another time."It is a lesson, For I was the guild's cook and barkeeper. Before I was the guild master."Judith mentioned as they move on to that part of the day.

But everything happen as it should be at this time. At least even if he was not at the same level as Judith, He did not seem scared by doing this with Judith. Which she answered."It is never about being equally skilled than I in this endeavour, It is about learning from the offers and chances of life before you at the time."Which was what she wanted him to take away from this event was learning what you can even if some one was better than you.

Thus upon opening the door. Judith simply walked over and turned on the oven and it to what they would be baking at temperature wise. Then she washed her hands. Quietly opening a few fridges took out a few things. Butter and eggs. Then placed jars that contained all of the dry materials"And here we start. Ready to follow along?" She said that while she waited for him to find the spot she would settle in to follow along with Judith for mixing and making dough and she would watch and see how she could help him with what he might not get. Judith was a helpful teacher not a strict one that would just tell some one they failed unless it is was horrible and really needed to be said.

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Izanagi Aurum
Izanagi felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness as he stood beside Judith, ready to embark on the baking adventure. He watched attentively as she turned on the oven and prepared the ingredients. Butter, eggs, and jars of dry materials were set out before them.

"I'm ready to follow along," Izanagi said, his voice filled with determination. His hands trembled slightly as he attempted to mix the dough.

Izanagi's hands trembled as he grasped the mixing bowl, eager to show his baking prowess. With a determined expression, he plunged his fingers into the dough, attempting to blend the ingredients together. However, instead of the smooth and elastic consistency he desired, he found himself confronted with a lumpy and uneven texture.

His movements lacked finesse, causing the dry ingredients to clump together rather than blend seamlessly. Izanagi's grip on the mixing spoon was slightly off, resulting in an inconsistent distribution of the butter and eggs throughout the dough. As he mixed, he noticed patches of flour remaining unmixed, creating small pockets of dryness amidst the moist batter.

Frustration welled up within him as he realized his mistake. He had underestimated the importance of a gentle and even mixing technique, rushing through the process in his eagerness to keep up with Judith.

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