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West To East [Travel]

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#1Izanagi Aurum 

West To East [Travel] Empty Tue May 02, 2023 4:00 pm

Izanagi Aurum
Aurum, packed and ready to leave, waits at the station for his transport. There was a modest station structure and a few metal seats in the area. He's been waiting for the train on one of the benches for many hours because he's a morning person. As his eyelids begin to drop, he closes them and takes a short rest. When he awakens, however, the train is already in front of him and about to depart. He rushes to the door, hoping to get inside. Fortunately, he arrived just in time and was safely escorted to where he sat and waited inside.

Traveling from one location to another is referred to as a trip. And when it comes to trips, train rides occupy the top rank, or so Aurum believes, his smile visible as the forests and mountains fly by at a faster rate with each passing second. What he likes best about it is that he may sleep and relax while being transported to a whole new place. However, he is still thinking about the last thing the Doctor told him, and a part of him wishes he could stay and do something about it. Whatever the fundamental cause was, it had to wait. "I have to talk to her first," he said almost softly, mentally sliding away.

WC: 219

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