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Surgery [Solo Quest]

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#1Izanagi Aurum 

Surgery [Solo Quest] Empty Mon May 01, 2023 4:32 am

Izanagi Aurum
Concerned about the Doctor, Aurum decided to pay a visit to the Hospital. However, it appears that things have gotten worse since his last visit. The number of people flowing in and out of there was insane. "Honestly, no one back at the guild would believe me," he said, his jaw dropping in disbelief at the sight. When he entered, he noticed that the establishment was severely understaffed. He summoned a nurse to explain, and it turned out that the majority of the staff was also unwell. "What's going on?" he said, clearly concerned. He observed Dr. Gerard, who was overwhelmed, running from one side to the other. When Aurum called out his name, the Doctor turned around as it was a familiar voice.

They hurry to bridge the space between them. Gerard touched the Wizard on the shoulder and demanded that he accompany him. He seemed to be moving about pleading for aid. He referred to our encounter as divine intervention. Aurum isn't sure he'd put it that way, but he does want to help in any way he can. "It appears that you could use all the help you can get, Doc, so what can I do?" he asked, glancing at the doctor, who looked unable of focusing on anything. Aurum grabbed anything he could get his hands on and attempted to make sense of the medical charts in his hands. The Doctor indicated that he need His assistance in a critical cardiac procedure.

Aurum tensed his arms and shoulders, forcing his lips together. "Alright," he said slowly, taking cautious steps. He tried to muster bravery, but all he could do was look about anxiously for another solution. He smacked himself across the face and collected himself. "Right! let us go then," Gerard led him to the operating theater, which appeared to be considerably more ordered than the rest of the facility. While Aurum washed his hands, he was given a few garments that were for his own protection as well as the patients'. He had problems figuring out where some of it went, but he eventually managed to gear up.

On the patient's chest, the surgeon made a precise and deep cut. Aurum nearly passed out after witnessing him detach the chest bone and open the rib cage. Gerard generally asks him to get various utensils and clean previously used ones during the operation. The Doctor was able to complete the task with relative ease thanks to his assistance. Gerard, on the other hand, wounded himself and began to bleed near the conclusion of the surgery. Aurum's eyes widened when the Doctor instructed him to take command. They argued and yelled at each other, but he eventually caved. There was no other option; the patient's life was in his hands.

Following the Doctor's instructions, he was able to remove the patient's sick heart and put the new, healthy heart, almost making him puke. He finished by stitching the body back together. Soon after he left the room in a state of distress. He pushed up against the wall and slid down to sit. The Doctor appeared and attempted to calm the man, but he failed. "What the hell is going on Doc!" he shouted. All the Doctor could offer was what he thought was the cause. Aurum then was paid for his assistance and commended for his natural ability to perform under pressure. Despite this, he departed with a lot on his mind.

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