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Medicare [Solo Quest]

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#1Izanagi Aurum 

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Izanagi Aurum
Aurum has been feeling really fatigued and exhausted recently. He wakes up exhausted no matter how much sleep he gets. So he arranged an appointment for himself. He had been waiting for hours due to the sudden rush of patients. Finally, one of the doctors, Gerard, approaches him to examine him. Aurum's eyes widened in astonishment when he learned he had been judged to be in good health; yet, he was urged to rest more. "Now that I think about it, I've been sleeping less and less these few days," the doctor smacks his own forehead, astonished, before telling Aurum about the hazards of poor sleeping habits.

The young warrior observed the doctor's shoulders were heavy. That, along with his exasperation every few seconds, was a clear giveaway. Aurum, on the other hand, took the doctor's instructions to heart and attempted to leave the room quietly. However, it was too late. An unexpected epiphany prompted the doctor to seek his assistance. Of course, he couldn't say no as usual. Especially when it impacted other people's lives. The doctor rose up and closed the office doors.

Gerard described the problem swiftly. Giving more information than Aurum genuinely required. For some reason, the hospital has become considerably busy than normal, with everyone appearing to be suffering from the same symptoms as Mattoro. He seems to have omitted to administer some critical drugs to his patients while focusing on finding a cure. The Doctor began to expound on the significance of the mission, but Aurum had already left and was on his way to the first patient's house. Before leaving the premises, he took the two white bags in Gerard's office as directed.

"I wonder what type of medicine they get," he pondered. He opens the bag and discovers the medicine, is in fact similar to the one his mother used to take. He walks aimlessly through the streets of Baska, transported into his past. The drug eventually helped her heal, but her illness was awful before she got the remedy. Taking this into account prompted Aurum to hurry to the sufferers, empathizing with their predicament.

The streets were nearly empty, which was unusual for the city, but he didn't think twice about it. Instead, he took advantage of it. He arrived to the first patient's house on time and gave out one of the white bags with care, going entirely out of his way to ensure she consumed it correctly. He was familiar with the technique because he had witnessed it being performed previously. The second patient, on the other hand, did not respond as rapidly because he was paranoid. However, after breaking down the door, the patient became more compliant. He refused to take the medicine, so he stood in his presence fretfully until the elderly man yielded to his demand and took the medicine.

"Hello, Doc! "I'm back!" he said, announcing his return. Gerard thanked Aurum for going in his place and saving him a lot of trouble. He appeared to be concerned about his reputation if he failed to care for everyone, but Aurum tapped him on the shoulder and sighed, "Everyone here needs you, you ought to take care of yourself."  The doctor said his goodbyes, but not before rewarding him for his trouble.

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