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Golden Scissors [Solo Quest]

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#1Izanagi Aurum 

Golden Scissors [Solo Quest]     Empty Fri Apr 28, 2023 12:38 pm

Izanagi Aurum
He sits on top of a mostly tall tree, contemplating nature. He does, on occasion, take the opportunity to distance himself from the din of civilization. This is the only way he can truly rest, and he was doing so wonderfully until being jolted to the ground by a noisy boy. It was a little painful, but nothing he couldn't wipe away. Mr. Milano appeared to have sent word for him; he had gotten himself into a difficult situation. Aurum ran back to Baska, hoping that being on top of the roofs would allow him to arrive there faster without having to shove people out of the way.

He leaped from one building to the next. Finally arriving at Fernando's Boutique. He pulled the door open soon after leaving the roof, startled to discover the man perfectly unhurt. Milano jumped right into character and talked poetically over a specific set of scissors. "You know you're something else," Aurum frowns and turns away, dissatisfied He, on the other hand, regarded it as a compliment. "Look, Mr. Milano." "I am a very busy man, so...," the man stopped him from leaving and dropped down to his knees, pleading for assistance. Of course, Aurum, being quite lenient agreed to help.

The colorful man described the appearance of a very exceptional merchant in great detail. That did also help rationalize the sudden influx of people gathered over the market area. It seemed that the job required him to acquire a magical object, but knowing that it was nothing more than a pair of scissors took away all of the excitement. Regardless, his word is his bond, so he left right away to go get it. Of course, he sought the appropriate quantity of jewels from Fernando in order to persuade the dealer to hand up the item.

Passing through a crowded area with loud debates and heavy temperature was too much for him, it certainly would make it hard to find just one individual. “Nope! "This is just too much," he muttered, pushing people aside as he attempted to reach the roof of a neighboring restaurant. It was too early in the day for such a commotion; the last thing he needed today was noise, "Tsk! The sooner I discover him, the better off my day will be." As the open time approached, the crowd got more intense, and Aurum realized that if he ever had a chance to persuade this person to sell him the item, he'd have to find him first.

Finding one stranger amid that many would have been hard. But he was looking for the golden scissors, which glittered in the sun's beams from a distance. "There!" he said before racing at the individual jumping against the vendor as fast as lightning. They passed through a wooden wall, and the audience just saw smoke since he was too quick for most eyes to see. Of course, the vendor was displeased.

After Aurum apologized the merchant calmed down, and she finally allowed him to present his case, though she didn't need much convincing. It turns out the woman was familiar with Fernando's art and agreed to the trade if the guy made something unique for her. Of course, Mr. Milano agreed, and Aurum was given his award, but the biggest reward was the quiet time he finally had to himself.

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