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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo Quest]

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#1Izanagi Aurum 

Fantastic Fabrics [Solo Quest]   Empty Tue Apr 25, 2023 7:03 am

Izanagi Aurum
A pink flier stood out among the others on the board. For his first quest in a long time, it seemed acceptable to begin with a simple task. It came with a fancy name and a clothes business address. "This is the place," The swordsman approached the workplace and was pulled inside before he could even knock. “Whoa!” He was dragged into a dark room by his shirt, "Where did the light go?" a single spotlight shines on a colorful man who postures and introduces himself as Milano, Fernando. He was profoundly dramatic about it, but he explained everything to Aurum.

"So, you want me to pick up some fabric for you?" Aurum asked, but Milano went on to emphasize the necessity of purchasing the best textiles available. And how vital it was that he completed everything on the list, but Aurum was already out and about before Milano could finish. He also seized the bag of jewels Fernando had put around his waist. “Right! So, what's the first one on the list?" he asks, scanning the list, scarcely able to pronounce the names of the textiles listed. Fortunately, he had spent enough time in Baska to know where to look for them.

The swordsman had been spotted moving swiftly from one section of town to another. He would have done it quicker, but he was always stopping to help people as he went about his work. He even assisted an elderly lady in retrieving her pet from a relatively tall tree. Along the way, he tripped over a young man who appeared to be hunting for a cloth in Aurum's possession. He tried his best to conceal his yearning for the item, but not well enough for Aurum not to notice. "Here, I can just get some more," he remarked, turning around.

It had been a while, but he was almost done. He needed to go to the flea market, where he discovered a very tall merchant with leaves built up into a form of afro. Fortunately, the individual was nice enough to offer him a large sum of fabric in exchange for some of the jewels he had left in Fernando's bag. "Many thanks!" "Have a wonderful day, everyone," he remarked as he exited the building to return to Fernando's boutique.

He slammed the door wide, revealing a towering sight of cloth. Fernando became entangled in the current of fabric that rushed within. Swerling eyes as he was temporarily knocked out. Needless to assert that the swordsman was able to carry out the order and outperform expectations. Mr. Milano is still baffled as to how he completed the list in such a short period of time. "Sorry I took a while, Mr. Milano," he apologized, though Fernando was perplexed because he was more than on time. He didn't have time to squander, so he paid Aurum and pushed him out of the business.

“Hm… "He must have been in a hurry," he says as he walks away, his arms resting on his back.

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