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East to West (traveler)

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East to West (traveler) Empty Sat Apr 08, 2023 3:23 pm

Kishin, the lich with a masochistic streak, began his journey towards West Fiore, eager to relive the excitement of the tournament in Baska. He walked through the desolate lands, not showing any sign of fatigue despite the long journey. As he made his way towards Astera, Kishin took note of the barren landscape around him, the scorched earth and the wilted trees that had clearly suffered in the harsh sunlight. Some travel paths like this had become uncomfortable for the lich recently.

The journey through the desolate lands was long and grueling, but he pushed on with unwavering determination. He walked through the harsh sunlight, feeling the sun beating down on his bones and the dust kicking up with every step he took.

However, as he drew closer to the town, the barren landscape gave way to lush greenery and rolling hills. Kishin could see the town in the distance, a carpet of white buildings nestled between two shallow mountains. From afar, it looked perfectly uniform, but as he made his way into it, Kishin quickly discovered that every nook and cranny had something new to offer.

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As he approached the town, Kishin was struck by the stunning sight of the buildings that seemed to stretch up into the sky. The town appeared to be nestled between two hills, which provided a picturesque backdrop for the sea. Kishin walked to the coastline, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling town. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement as he discovered new surprises around every corner.

The travel paths were filled with people of all walks of life, from wealthy merchants to common laborers. The town outskirts had a bustling energy to it that Kishin found exhilarating, and he walked through plains with a sense of purpose. Despite his young age for a lich, Kishin was a seasoned traveler and knew how to blend in with the crowds.

He wore his signature mask, which concealed his face and added an air of mystery to his presence. His gun hung at his side, a constant reminder of the danger he posed to anyone who dared to cross him. Kishin made his way towards the beach, where he gazed out at the calm, azure sea. The view was breathtaking, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of peace wash over him. As he stood there, lost in thought, he noticed a group of children playing on the beach. They ran around, splashing in the water and building sandcastles. Kishin watched them for a moment, a faint smile crossing his lips before he turned away and continued his exploration.

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The air was thick with the scent of spices and flowers, and the sound of the ocean could be heard in the distance. Kishin made his way towards the beach, where the azure sea stretched out before him in all its glory. The water was calm, and the waves gently lapped at the shore. It was a breathtaking sight, and Kishin found himself momentarily lost in thought as he gazed out at the horizon.

Despite his violent tendencies and love of mental pain, Kishin found himself drawn to the beauty of Astera. The town was full of life and adventure, and he felt as though he could lose himself in the endless possibilities it offered. In particular, Kishin had 2 things he'd like to do in West Fiore, and he hadn't settled on Astera. Eventually, Kishin found himself at a small inn on the outskirts of his travel. He rented a room and settled in, eager to explore more of what the coastline had to offer. As he lay in his bed, he thought about the journey he had taken to get here, and the thrill of discovering a new town. Kishin knew that he had found the perfect vacation spot, a place where he could let loose and indulge.

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