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Sins of the Father Part IV [SL]

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Are these absolutely necessary?” Akira says as he expressively shows the mana-infused cuffs around his hands. “Be thankful I haven’t gagged you.” Daisuke says as he pushes his prisoner forward. With Merry perched atop his right shoulder, Daisuke, along with Misora and the captive Akira made their way towards Sakura Alley. “Kazuma. Your father’s name is Kazuma. I did say that I’d answer if you lasted the five minutes.” Akira says as they quietly walk down the road. Against their better judgment, the twins decided heed Akira’s words of knowing of a place that would allow to learn more about their parents, their father specifically. The twins had always wished to know more about their parents and where they came from. Unfortunately, this desire for knowledge has sometimes clouded their rational thinking and do rather questionable things. This was one of those times. “We aren’t that far. When we get there, I’ll instruct you on how to get in as only you twins can open the pathway.” “Only us? You never intended to beat us from the start, did you?

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Akira chuckles at Misora’s words, impressed that she deduced his thought process. “I said I’d tell you something. I don’t intend on telling you everything I know. Not yet at least.” “Bastard.” Misora mutters as Akira, pleased with himself, quietly continues forward. Before long, the quartet find themselves at an abandoned building tucked away on the outskirts of Sakura Alley, hidden by vegetation. The air felt thick, the overwhelming sense of mana could be felt by even the non-magic users such as Daisuke and Misora. “This? This what you couldn’t get to? Another abandoned building?” Daisuke says in exasperation as Akira could only chuckle. “Dear boy, no. This is merely the gateway but it is concealed illusion magic. I had to make sure no one else would discover this. If you’d kindly remove these shackles, I can show you.” Both knights sigh in annoyance as Misora nods towards Merry who quickly morphs into his gun form. She grabs both pistols and places the barrel of the one in her right hand at the back of his head. “One false move and you are in for a very severe headache.” She speaks.

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Begrudgingly, Daisuke removes the shackles from the man as he rubs his wrists. He takes a step towards the area, Misora following suit, as he begins to chant in a foreign language. As he chants, the feeling of power increases, a blackened aura once again enveloping Akira. Daisuke, becoming increasingly concerned, places his hand on Galantine. He sat ready to fulfill his prior warning of cleaving his head off his shoulders should the situation cause for it. “Release!” the man speaks in their native tongue as the visage of the abandon building fades. Replacing it is a small temple-like structure with a golden seal placed in the middle of the entrance. Upon gazing at the temple, the twins feel a sense of familiarity towards it. “The seal upon the temple requires a blood offering on the eyes. Your blood, both of your blood, is required.” Akira says. Daisuke and Misora, both seemingly entranced by the temple and the familiar feeling they got, walked towards the entrance. As they reach the seal, they see the face of a dragon emblazoned on it and the spots on the eyes for the offering.

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After you…” Misora says as both she and her brother bite their thumbs to draw blood and place them upon the seal. The ground rumbles as smoke begins to emanate from behind the entrance. Slowly, it creaks upon to reveal a swirling white void. Instinctively, Daisuke moves to touch it but finds himself frozen in place. He realizes, in horror, that this was the work of Akira’s magic. A firm hand is placed upon his shoulder as he sees Akira slowly walk between the siblings. “Once again, I must thank you two. You done admirably. Now, I will be able to reclaim what is rightfully mine. What was stolen from me from that bastard father of yours. Don’t worry, when I return, I’ll make sure that you two are dealt with personally before I destroy this place. I think I’ll target Era first.” Laughing, he enters the white void. A short time later, the effects of his magic wane as the two are once again freed. “We need to go after him!” Daisuke shouts. Misora nods, ready to end things with Akira once and for all. “Merry, go to the Rune Knight headquarters and let them know. Have them bring everyone.” “Aye!” Merry says as he returns to his cat-like form and leaves to carry out his task. Wordlessly, the twins enter the swirling white void, ready to finish their mission at all costs.

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Darkness engulfed his entire line of vision, whatever he lay on was damp and cool. It felt gritty and wet, as the sound of waves crashing could be heard in the background. Daisuke slowly picked himself up, finding himself in a strange world near a large body of water. The sky was a pale orange color, with gray clouds in the background. The air had a certain thickness to it, quite unlike the atmosphere that he was normally accustomed to. Daisuke noticed that his sister was nowhere to be seen and frantically yelled her name. Unfortunately, she did not answer. Knowing that Misora would be more than capable to handling herself, the knight walked around in somewhat amazement and wondered just where he could possibly be. Just then, a sudden and powerful roar shook the ground. The sheer sound it produced was deafening, Daisuke scrambling to get his bearings. As he glances up, he sees it; a dragon.

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The dragon was black in color, easily one of the largest things he's ever seen. It swooped down from the sky like a bird, its eyes locked onto the man. He draws Galantine but notices that the flames that usually engulfed it did not appear. In fact, he could not feel any sort of magical energy from it. In this world, in this dimension, it was just a piece of steel. Steel that would have no effect against a creature such as this. Seeing no other alternative, he turns to run, pushing his body to the limit. His heart pounded, his blood coursing through every part of his body. He huffed and glanced back, seeing the dragon coming nearer still. Just when the situation seems bleak, the knight found his salvation in the form of a small cave. Seeing this, he began to run faster, feeling the dragon’s hot breath nearing down the back of his neck. When he reaches the cave he dives inside, the dragon's snout closely following. He scurries to the back as the dragon continues to get inside, moving about.

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As he scurries, he slips on the wet rocks, getting in the striking range of the dragon who quickly takes advantage. It locks its powerful jaw around Daisuke’s leg, instantly breaking the bones. He screams in pain as he attempts to get free, the dragon dragging him back into its territory. Seeing the only thing to do is to fight, Daisuke fights through the pain and furiously swipes at the dragon with all of this might. As he strikes, he could faintly feel the magical energy begin to course throughout Galantine once more. With a roar, he strikes at the dragon once more with the blade now alit with flames. Fire spreads across the creature’s snout as it howls, releasing Daisuke who moves deeper into the cave. The dragon stumbles backward and quickly flies off in a daze. Daisuke moves to a safe but decently lit position in the cave and went to examine his injuries.

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His leg was bloodied and battered, broken in three places. The pain was unbearable, it took all the strength he had left not to pass out from it. He turns to his side, seeing a few sticks and begins to formulate an idea. Picking up two of the sticks, he places them on either side of his leg before removing his headband. He takes a deep breath, knowing the worst of this is about to come. A sharp, resounding pain comes as he puts the splint together, testing out its durability. It throbbed greatly but he had taken care of it for the moment. Exiting the cave, Daisuke could only groan at the situation in front of him. Just when he thought all was bleak, he sees a giant structure in the distance. A golden palace so large that it actually dwarfed the entirety of the Era. “She’ll likely be there.” Daisuke says as he begins to make his way forward.

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The seconds passed by like minutes, the minutes like hours and the hours like days. The different periods of time seemed to run together; he didn't know how much time has passed. His body was weak and he ran on fumes and instinct alone. He was hungry as he only drank what water he could, and tired but he persevered; determined to find his sister and stop Akira’s machinations. Pushing his way through to a clearing, Daisuke found himself staring up at the base of the palace. The palace was even larger than he first anticipated upon closer inspection. He was like an ant in the dirt looking up a fully grown human. Soft roars could be heard inside, a sure testament that something was inside. His mouth dry and the sun beaming down on him, the Rune Knight heads in. The inside was surprisingly empty and dark, though oddly enough, he expected something more. Continuing his walk, he had the sinking suspicion that something was watching him.

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As he entered the main hall, his heart began to pound and an uncontrollable rage built up within him. A good distance away lay Misora’s broken and bloodied body, barely clinging to consciousness. Luin lay shattered around her and the blackened boot of Akira resting atop her head. Her eyes were nearly glazed over as they slowly shifted towards Daisuke. Without even speaking, he could tell what she was thinking. Relief that he had arrived followed by immediate worry about his condition. “Idiot…” he mutters, noting that she’d be worried about someone else despite the condition she was in. Akira smiled as he held a large amulet in his free hand. “Daisuke…so glad you could join us. I wanted to wait until you arrived to start the festivities but she was persistent.” He says the last bit as he forcefully kicks Misora’s body towards Daisuke who quickly catches her. He cradles her near lifeless body as she attempts to speak. “Kick his ass…” she says as darkness overcomes her. He places her resting body down as he returns his gaze towards Akira. “Looks like I get to kill you after all.

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