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The Shula Region - AU Pokemon RP - 14th Birthday!

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The Shula Region - AU Pokemon RP - 14th Birthday! Empty Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:16 pm

[div align="center"][a href="http://shula.proboards.com/"][font size="7"]The Shula Region[/font]
[img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://i.imgur.com/7kZMwuw.png"][/a]
[font size="4" color="#7b18b7"]Active AU Pokemon RP with Regional Pokemon, Huge member based and driven plots, Active Staff, World lore plus chances to change and influence it as well as well known groups like Team Rocket and the Pokemon Rangers. You can pick from many types of trainer to play, almost all pokemon can be used for a starter and there's even rumors of hidden pokemon only found in this region!
[a href="http://shula.proboards.com/thread/3/plot"]Plot[/a] ~ [a href="http://shula.proboards.com/thread/1/basic-rules"]Rules[/a] ~ [a href="http://shula.proboards.com/thread/4/rare-pokemon"]Rares[/a] ~ [a href="http://shula.proboards.com/thread/19/class"]Classes[/a] ~ [a href="http://shula.proboards.com/board/42/link-back"]Link Back[/a][/div]

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