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Sins of the Father Part III [SL]

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Daisuke and Misora's synchronized footsteps reverberated through the stairwell as they ascended towards the top floor. Both moved silently with weapons at the ready, determined to confront Akira. The defeated bodies of the henchmen they had defeated lay strewn throughout the stairwell, from the top all the way down to the bottom. To preserve their signature weapons for the ultimate showdown, the twins had chosen different approaches to eliminate their enemies. Misora wielded a Rune Knight saber, which she had acquired from the Hosenka station. The gold-trimmed handle bore the emblem of the Rune Knights near the hilt, and its lightweight and versatility made it an excellent choice compared to the standard-issue swords from the Era location. She resolved to have several delivered to her back home for personal use. On the other hand, Daisuke transformed their companion, Merry, into his gun mode to dispatch the opposition. He fired non-lethal mana blasts to ensure no one died from the shots. After eliminating the last henchman, the twins arrived at the entrance to the penthouse area on the thirtieth floor. They halted and prepared themselves for the final encounter.

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"Are you ready for this?" Daisuke asks his sister, who nods in agreement. "Let's go!" he exclaims, kicking down the door. They enter the penthouse, which resembles a large dojo. A vast window at the back of the building provides a stunning view of the city, while a small bamboo garden is located in the room's right corner. Rare weapons, treasures, and antiques are on display along the walls. Most of these items have been missing or stolen for years. Only someone like Akira could possess such a collection. The man himself stands with his hands clasped behind his back, gazing out the window. He appears to be aware that the twins have arrived but does not react to it. The twins approach him, pointing their weapons at Akira. "Akira Kuroto! You're under arrest for your crimes against Fiore," Misora cries out. The man chuckles lightly and turns to greet the twins. "I've been waiting so long to meet you, the famed Sato Twins," he says.

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The twins remain on guard as Akira moves along the room, showing no amount of concern. He moves towards a table and pours himself a small glass of a brown liquid before beginning to place it up to his mouth. He stops, just shy of reaching his lips, before he turns towards the twins. “I’m sorry, would you like a drink? You must be exhausted from fighting your way up here.” A lone shot and the shattering of glass could be heard echoing throughout the room as the barrel of Merry’s right gun was smoking. Akira, sighing deeply, placed the remains of the glass he had in his hands on the table. “You could have just said no. You’re just like him, you know. So impulsive.” “Who the hell are you talking about?” Daisuke says, his irritation rising. “Your father. He always acted the same in situations like this.” “You know nothing of our father! Don’t act like you know him.” Misora yells, her own irritation rising as well. “Oh, did you think I was referring to Jun Sato? I’ve never met him.

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His words stun both twins into silence. By his words. His demeanor. Could it be possible that he knew their real father? “Merry…stand back.” Daisuke says sternly as the exceed returns back to his cat-like form. “Aye.” Merry says, knowing the gravity of the situation as he quickly moves away. Misora tosses her saber on the ground and withdraws Luin, her knuckles turning white with how tightly she grasped the handle. Daisuke followed suit, drawing Galantine from its resting place as the sky illuminates and the blade is coated in flames. “You will tell us what you know.” Daisuke says in anger as the man only chuckles. “I suppose we’re doing this then? I can spare some time.” Akira says as a reddish-black aura envelope him. His eyes turn the same color as his aura. A silver saber, not unlike the one Misora recently wielded, materializes in his hand. He extends his free hand and motions for the twins to come towards him. “Five minutes. Last five minutes and I may tell you something.

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The twins, Daisuke and Misora, charged in together, their eyes filled with irritation and determination. Their legendary weapons clashed evenly with Akira's saber, creating a shower of sparks as they struggled to gain an advantage over each other. However, Akira remained calm and collected, with no hint of worry or concern on his face. He seemed to be smiling with a sense of knowing and nostalgia, which only further infuriated the twins. Despite their best efforts, Akira surprised them with his impressive speed, quickly reengaging with Daisuke and appearing unaffected by the flames produced by Galantine. As Misora neared him with Luin aimed at his throat, Akira casually tossed her aside, his focus solely on Daisuke.

Locking eyes with him, Akira spoke softly, "Out of the two of you, you resemble him the most. Your eyes have that same carefree but dark quality. I wonder what would happen if I brought out that darkness?" Daisuke's anger intensified at the man's words, causing him to break their stalemate and unleash a large wave of flames towards Akira. However, the skilled swordsman easily dodged the attack with his superior speed, his smile growing wider with each passing moment. As Daisuke raised his sword to block Akira's next attack, the older man feinted to the left and then swung his sword with all his might to the right. Falling for the trick, Daisuke left himself open, and Akira saw his chance.

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With lightning-fast reflexes, Akira struck Daisuke's sword with a resounding clang, sending it flying out of his hand. In the same fluid motion, he followed through with a quick jab to the young knight's chest, causing him to stumble back in pain. Daisuke clutched his chest, gasping for air, while Akira leaned in close, his smile now a wicked grin. "I am disappointed," he whispered, his voice low and menacing. "I expected much more of a challenge from you two. To only have reached this level of power at your age... The things you should be able to do at this point would far exceed what you have done. A pity..." He sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. As he neared Daisuke, his saber slowly slid across the ground as he moved. As he brought his saber up, ready to impale the youth, a sudden burst of cold engulfs his body. He glanced down towards his legs and saw ice slowly creeping up his body. Turning to his right, he saw Misora standing with Luin stabbed into the ground. The weapon’s ‘Absolute Zero’ ability taking effect.

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Ah, young Misora. I had hoped to spare you for the moment as I only required one of you. I guess I’ll take the boy.” As he goes to break free of his icy constraints, he feels the blade and searing heat from Galantine resting at his neck. A bloodied Daisuke gripped the sword tightly, his body trembling in anger. Misora also closes the gap between them and places her weapon alongside Daisuke’s. Sighing, Akira mockingly puts his hands up in surrender. “Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn’t take your head.” “Don’t you want to know?” He says coyly. When the twins don’t take his bait to respond, he proceeds anyway. “I know your father. I know what he is...and I know what you really are." Daisuke's eyes widened in shock at Akira's words, and he looked over at his sister in confusion. Misora's expression was unreadable, but her grip on Luin remained steady. "What are you talking about?" Daisuke demanded, his voice shaking with anger and fear. Akira chuckled, shaking his head.

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"I'll answer your questions, but there's a task I need you to complete for me," the man said with a hint of urgency in his voice. “Screw you!” Misora responds with a scathing retort, brandishing her weapon and pressing it against his neck. The man winced as a wave of cold washed over him. “There is a location hidden within Sakura Alley. A location where something I am to acquire lies. All I propose is that the two of you help me get there and obtain it. That’s all.” “And just why in the hell would either of us help you gain anything?” Daisuke says, his rage beginning to boil over. “Because that place also holds some information that I’m sure you’re interested in. Information on your father specifically. Not Jun Sato of course. Your real one.” The grip on the twins’ weapons lessens as Akira takes note of this, knowing that he has them exactly where he wants them.

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You help me and I help you discover your origins: your parents and just where exactly you come from. You can’t sit here and tell me that you aren’t curious. The fact that you haven’t attempted to end my life shows that. You want to know more about them and I’m giving you direct access to find that information. It’s a good deal if you ask me.” Daisuke and Misora exchange glances, each of them staring deeply. They were easily able to read each other’s thoughts and understood what the other was thinking. After a long pause, Misora decides to speak. “I…want to know, Daisuke.” Grumbling, Daisuke lowers Galantine from the man’s neck as Misora slowly does the same with her weapon. “If you are playing us…if this is some sort of joke, I swear to you, I will end you.” As the twins sheath their weapons, Akira slowly straightens out his clothing. “I knew you would see things my way. Shall we?”  

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