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[WIP] Birthright Settlement

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[WIP] Birthright Settlement Empty Mon Mar 06, 2023 8:07 pm


Name: Birthright Settlement

Difficulty: Long

Participants: Kishin, invaders


Objective: A friendly monster has appeared. Kishin juggles between saving and killing off the lineages of famous faces. Along the way, their faces are removed from the lore.

  • Adragne Shouko Karyuusai│Unbreakable Machinedoll
  • Adriana Rangiku Matsumoto│Bleach
  • Arthurias Lelouch Lamperouge │ Code Geass
  • Dark Universe Kuri Mercy│Overwatch  
  • Dante Donquixote Rosinante│One Piece
  • Elgar’nanl Sesshomaru│Inuyasha
  • Gabriel Alvaro Garay│Wand of Fortune
  • Icarus Suzaku Kururugi│Code Geass
  • Ishtar Syndra│League of Legends
  • Isildur Thranduil│The Hobbit
  • Jyu  Metal Bat│One Punch Man
  • King Reign Howl│Howl's Moving Castle
  • Lestat Caedis Zufall│Castlevania
  • Lilian Caedis Lenore│Castlevania
  • Lucius Caedis Dragoslav│Castlevania
  • Micah Grimoire Mea Selen El Philizar│Dame X Prince
  • Michael Hubert│Reine Des Fleurs
  • Midas Mikage Towano│Aquarion
  • Nagi Kabuto│Naruto Series
  • Nerva Griffith│Berserk
  • Raphael Ghislain│Reine Des Fleurs
  • Seth Grimoire Chrom Rem│Prince X Dame
  • Theseus Jeremiah Gottwald│Code Geass
  • Zade Kyoshiro Tohdoh │Code Geass/Kenpachi │ Bleach
  • Zagan Chrollo│Hunter x Hunter
  • Zaira Irisviel│Fate Series

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