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Gang Gang [B rank Quest]

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"Here" Naryuu grabbed the photo before looking it over. A fiery red hair individual with strong features. Especially strong bushy eyebrows.  Only his eyes darted back to look at the client. "His name?" He asked simply before tucking the photo and beginning to aimlessly pace around the rooftop. "Cedric Frye Rune Knight Squad leader. He uses a spear and flame magic well known in the area. Put quite a dent in our operations as of yet. Hence why he needs to go." Naryuu adjusted his blade. He knew all to well the dangerous of fire. He would not allow any flame to burn stronger than his own.

"We put out word of a fake operation at one of our old warehouses. Location is on the back of the photo. Your choice if you wish to wait there or in the surrounding area. None of our people will be there and I'm sure capable you're capable of making the judgement." The gang member was dressed in a all black suit with white vertical stripes. With a swirl of shadows the man disappeared leaving Naryuu by his lonesome. Looking up to the sky it would be nightfall soon meaning it was time to head out regardless.

He could infer as to what time they might show but without info a stakeout was the only option. Grabbing his mask he slipped on the beak-face making sure it was properly seated. His blade stuck to his hip and the beak-coat firm against his body. His earrings seated nicely as he stretched his arms. Walking to the back end of the rooftop Naryuu spun on his heels before darting off with a running start. He exploded off the ground with his running start and shot his legs up in parallel to meet his hands to gain maximum distance. The feather effect of his armor let him gracefully soar across the street below and touch down on the opposite building. Darting through the building tops he pulled the photo to follow the directions to the warehouse.

The run would help to loosen up his body as well. Considering Rune knight's come in squadron's  it would potentially be an all out team battle. Or maybe the hot head was one to do things on his own. Regardless all options were valid to consider and the worst would be random annihilation of the building. As such he would wait in the area and would blend in to the darkness. Just out of sight to be able to respond quickly. He had Lust now but he couldn't summon her too soon so that he may conserve his mana reserves.  After finding a place to hunker down Naryuu simply waited.

Possibly a few hours went back as he had taken a small power nap. Tucked into the corner of the rooftop but was awaken by a massive boom. Immediately jumping up he peeked to spot a glowing aura of fire. It seems they blew a whole into the side of the building. Naryuu shifting to a crouch stuck out his hand before turning. A flaming spiral of flames before revealing a kneeling woman. Wearing adorned black armour with black leggings and tabi boots. Both her arms are bandaged. She has short hair with a streak of red with her bangs and ends of her hair blending into the black nicely.She has a arm sleeve with the mask of a giant red oni and its fangs.

"We have work Lust. See them over yonder" Naryuu and Lust turned as she quietly nodded. "Quiet as ever I see." I won't be using anyone else but you."  Lust simply threw up a handseal as a magical circle appeared as she was enveloped in an aura of flame before turning half invisble. " I want him to assume it's just me and then end it ."



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Naryuu had circled around the buildings to enter the front door behind the man. His half silent steps always aided in his endeavors. The man was alone except with two other rune knights. It seemed like it was meant to be a small operation. "I don't care to be kept waiting you know." He dragged with a blank look on his face. The target and his accomplices said something since he was in 50m he could hear everything. "What do we do?!" One whispered on the left as the man walked forward brandishing his spear.Heavy resounding steps and the jingle jangle of armor.He stood at least 6 ft tall it seemed. "Scary." Naryuu gasped while rolling his eyes.

A magic circle appeared around the spear's tip as the man aimed towards Naryuu's body. Naryuu created a handseal with his left hand. With the sword in his right he only extended a few fingers to grasp it creating a magic circle underneath himself. The man released a spiraling flame 2m wide that rushed towards his position. But Naryuu had already dashed 10m with the aid of his spell  He made contact with a railing above him now being halfway between the original distance. From here he would dash again as they would have momentarily lost sight of his position.

Another dash 10m to position himself behind the enemies. However Spearman caught on and was the first to respond. Naryuu expected this and already being close enough he had the advantage over the spear man. Slashing his wrist it wasn't a deep cut but enough for the effect of his blade to take effect. The deafening would set in removing his ability to hear. Naryuu with nimble footwork dance around the trio before attacking the first subordinate. Aiming for the neck where there was a gap in armor because of the helmet shape. Naryuu now leaving close range had to dodge and roll as the spear grazed the back of his armor.now

Two versus two for now once he killed the other knight all he had to do was distract the the flame guy for Lust to swoop in and kill him. He had enough mana to spar and hold out. Naryuu backed away as the Captain stood between Naryuu and the subordinate. Clearly he didn't want to them to die but sadly he would fail. With a rush Naryuu charge the spear man while stay light on his toes. His eyes traced his shoulder movements to anticipate the coming attack. With his blade angled the spear slid and went to Naryuu's outside shoulder. Reaching for the handle he spun vaulting. A backwards kick to the side of his head. However the man was beefy and took the attack well. With his free hand he snatched Naryuu's ankle. Naryuu promptly responded with a second kick to free himself and press off not able to steal the spear.

Naryuu kept moving but the readied another fire spell with his free hand. Throwing the spear to move the man's arm Naryuu side stepped dodging a quick fire ball as the two now had a nasty and fierce exchange. Naryuu with was in his effective range but the strength of the man's swings were not to play around with.

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With a desperate maneuver Naryuu went on a desperate thrusting barrage to overwhelm the man with pure speed. Picking up the pace the man was barely dodging considering his armor now had a chink in which Naryuu drove into as he stepped in one final time. His back foot dug deep into the earth and put the entire force of his body behind it."Now Lust Strike!" Twisting the blade inside the man Naryuu had given the order to Lust. She fell down still half invisible. Like a spider she entrapped the Rune knight between her legs grabbing his neck. With a swift and deadly swing  she spun upside down snapping the man's neck with ease.

"You can kill the other too." Lust slowly walked towards the last night who foolishly charged at her. With wild and rage induced swings even an infant could dodge the attacks . It was quite pitiful he thought to himself. Lust with a final side stepped gripped the pommel of the rune knight's blade and tugging it backwards. She swept the outside foot with a clean disarm of the blade. Flipping it in her hand she then sank the blade through the neck before turning to Naryuu. With  a simple bow from her he released her taking a deep breath. Maintaining her spell and her was irritating enough he thought flicking the blood off his blade. Walking out of the warehouse he heard his employer by the door.   With his hand extended as he walked out the money was dropped into his hand with a soft ploof. Tucking it away Naryuu threw up a hand and walked off with a small smirk. "Pleasure doing business. Call me if you ever need more vermin exterminated from these streets." Naryuu then disappeared becoming one with the night.

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