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Sins of the Father Part II [SL]

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Sins of the Father Part II [SL]  Empty Thu Feb 23, 2023 6:18 pm

The twins make their way to the Rune Knight facility with their captive in tow, carefully slung across Daisuke’s shoulder. Merry, still being praised for his impressive abilities, rested atop the man and rubbed his belly. “Merry, why didn’t you ever tell us you can turn into guns?” “You never asked.” Merry said frankly, prompting snickering from Daisuke. “Can you turn into anything else?” Daisuke says as the Rune Knight facility comes into view. “Not that I’m aware of. I wasn’t told of anything else. Only to never reveal it to those who would use it for wrong doings.” This intrigued the twins as they wondered what else their small furry friend could be capable of. All eyes are drawn to the trio as they enter the facility with their captive. A couple of individuals begin to stand up to demand what they are doing there but stop once they see the Lieutenant badges. “I’m Lieutenant Misora Sato, this is my brother Lieutenant Daisuke Sato. We’re on official business regarding the Akira Kuroto case. Could one of you direct us to the interrogation room?” Two of the officers stand up and salutes the twins before taking the man from Daisuke’s shoulders to the room.

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So, how do you want to play it?” Daisuke says while nibbling on a snack. After carrying the man all the way to the facility, he gained a bit of an appetite. So, the twins and Merry decided to have dinner, with Merry passing out immediately afterward. Misora, softly petting a sleeping Merry on her lap, looks out on the monitor at the man sitting in the darkened room. He had awoken a short time earlier and was refusing to give up any information. “We should question him together. Keep the pressure on.” “Should we go for the usual then?” “That’s fine. It’s my turn to be bad cop this time.” Daisuke opened his mouth to protest but remembered their last outing of good cop – bad cop and his promise that she would be able to do so this time. “Ugh, fine.” He says as he turns to head out of the door. Chuckling to herself, Misora gently wakes Merry and, with him in tow, heads out of the door with her brother.

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Get me out of these restraints. You shitty Rune Knights can’t hold me here for long. I’m not telling you shitheads anything. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before the boss comes up with something to get us all out of here.” Wordlessly, the twins enter the room side by side, Merry following along from behind. They move in opposite directions around the chair, hands clasped behind their backs. They stop with Daisuke standing directly in front of the man with Misora standing behind the chair a close distance away. “We just want a few of our questions answered. That’s all. Don’t worry, it’ll all be off the record.” “An ‘off the record’ interrogation at a Rune Knight facility by two Rune Knight lieutenants? Right. You take me for an idiot Sato?” Misora places her hand on the man’s shoulder and tightens her grip, surprising him by the amount of pressure she’s able to apply. “I take you for a dead man if you aren’t cooperative.” “Testy…” he says as Daisuke shoots her a look and she lets go of his shoulder. “You’ll have to excuse my sister. She can be a little aggressive when she doesn’t get the responses she’s looking for. Anyways, as I mentioned, off the record.

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Daisuke begins to methodically pace around the room with hands clasped behind his back, always making sure that the man is able to keep his eyes on him at all times. “Obviously, you are in league with Akira Kuroto. If you tell us his location, we’ll make sure you get something out of it.” “Something out of it? What do you take me for? I have everything I need. Jewels, lacrimas, all of it I already have. Now, if you were trying to offer up a few rounds with your sister, I might consider it.” The man laughs uproariously before Misora wraps her hand around the man’s neck and begins to squeeze. “How about I kill you, huh? Squeeze the life out of you and watch that small speck of life in your miserable eyes fade. Would you like that?” The man attempts to talk but finds himself unable to do so, Misora vice-like grip tightening. Suddenly, she lets go as her hand is replaced by the tip of Luin. “Or how I use this and slowly freeze you to death. Oh, you forgot about this didn’t you? Merry found and removed those shitty lacrima you placed on our weapons. I’ve been meaning to pay you back for this.

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Daisuke watches her scare tactics intently, deciding at the last minute to put a stop to it. He firmly places his hand on Luin and forcefully lowers the weapon. “Calm down sis. We’re here to get information, not kill him.” “Fuck that. I’ve had a bad day and this asshole has made it worse. No one will miss him.” She spits venomously. “Relax.” He responds forcefully, prompting his sister to back down. Daisuke pulls up a chair and places it directly in front of the man before sitting down, a weary look appearing on his face. He was tired of the run around and wanted answers. “Look man, I get it. You got a code. You can’t rat out your boss. Something worse than death will happen to you. I’ve been around the block; I know the drill. I’m trying to help you and give you the best possible situation where you come out of this on top. I can’t do that, however, unless you help me out here. I’m not asking for much. Just a location. Something.

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Kiss my ass Sato. I told you; I’m not telling you shit. We run this city. We run all of it. The boys will get me out of here. Get ready for the hell that’ll come your way.” “They don’t give a damn about you!” Daisuke says with voice raised. He stands up and kicks the chair away, getting up close to the man’s face. “If they gave a damn, they wouldn’t have left you. They would have busted you out by now if their numbers ran as deep as you say. Akira doesn’t care about you. Please don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’m trying to help you.” “Go fuck yourself.” The man says defiantly. Daisuke sighs and stands straight up, taking a deep breath before heading towards the door. “You know what? Fuck it. Misora, kill him. We’ll go back and comb every part of this city until we find him.

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As Daisuke slams the door behind him, Misora could be heard chuckling darkly. Merry hops on her shoulders as she stabs Luin on the ground. The temperature in the room begins to plummet as ice starts to form around the man’s legs. “Hey! What the hell is this?” He says as the temperature climbs down. “You heard him. You get your wish, you get a few rounds after all. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to last a longer than one round.” The man begins to scream as the room gets colder and the ice spreads further up his legs. He struggles to get free but with the restraints and the ice, he is unable to. “Sato! Come get your sister.” He screams. To his surprise, Daisuke does not reenter. She begins to pace around methodically, mimicking her brother’s pacing just a short time ago. “How to kill you? How to kill you? I could let Luin to the job and bring the temperature down so low, you’ll freeze to death. Because I’m its owner, I’m immune to the cold so I could just sit and watch you die.

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Or I could just run you through with it and let you bleed out. But you know what? I think I have something better. Merry, if you will?” “Aye!” Merry says as he quickly turns into his gun mode. Misora places the pistol in her right hand up against the man’s temple as the mana begins to pool inside the barrel. The searing heat causes the man to scream in pain as the mana charges. “This…this is much better. Up close. Personal. Just so I can hear. The. Pop.” “He’s at the large gambling hall at the Quarter. It’s our base. Please!” “Thank you!” Misora says as she delivers a right hand, knocking the man out cold. “The right wasn’t necessary. Though your bad cop act is getting very good.” Daisuke says as he reenters the room, having watched the entire scene from the window. “You think? I thought I laid it on too thick.” “Nah, you did good. You as well Merry.” ‘Thanks!” Merry says, returning to his normal form. “Come on you two, we have a criminal to catch.

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