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Monster Hunter II [S-Rank] [Daisuke]

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Monster Hunter II [S-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2023 8:48 pm

What the fuck is that?!” Daisuke exclaims as he stares at the behemoth on the monitor. Misora stood next to him, both of their mouths agape at the sight. Daisuke, exhausted after his battle with the unicorn like creature, had decided to take Doctor Sakyo up on his offer to recuperate before tackling the next one. Misora had finished dealing with her target shortly before Daisuke finished his and also decided to head back to rest up before dealing with the next one. The twins compared stories of the creatures they faced, both in amazement of what the other dealt with and the genius of Doctor Sakyo. For Misora, she dealt with a red quadrupedal creature that was covered in scales and bony protrusions. It sped around her with the greatest of ease, using both its double row of razor-sharp claws and its massive tail as a club in an attempt to kill her.

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Monster Hunter II [S-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2023 8:49 pm

In order to kill it, she had to activate Luin’s ‘Absolute Zero’ ability to freeze the creature entirely before breaking the ice that contained it. Thankfully, the pieces that remained were sufficient enough for the Dread Doctor to continue his studies without interruption. Both turn towards the doctor, willing gaining the will to close their mouths as he sits in his chair with an approving smile on his face. The creature they saw was a…. pet project of sorts. The first successful creation that combined the DNA of two already living creatures and enhanced them further instead of the normal method of just enhancing one living creature. He also decide to add more to it and combine not one, but two different magics into it. Unfortunately, he could not perfectly combine the full capabilities of the separate magics but surmised that what he combined, along with the strength of the creature, was more than enough.

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Monster Hunter II [S-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2023 8:51 pm

Isn’t it magnificent? X-1, one of my crowning achievements. I must admit, I’ve outdone myself on that creature.” The doctor beams with pride as he looks at his creation on the screen once more. “You are deranged.” Misora says, taking the words right out of her brother’s mouth. The doctor shrugs, unfazed by the twins’ words and eases into his chair. “Call my genius what you will. It doesn’t matter. The proof speaks for itself. Regardless, there seemed to be an unexpected change in plans. One, I am greatly interested in.” He types on the screen the images of the two creatures the twins were supposed to go after appeared on the screen. Suddenly, a giant red X appeared over them. “The creatures that you two were originally meant to go after have suddenly been discovered…deceased. Their bodies mutilated. Such…. beautiful carnage. Thankfully, I am well aware of the culprit.

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Monster Hunter II [S-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2023 8:52 pm

It seems that there was another of the creature I sent Mr. Sato out to contend with. I had originally thought it deceased but it seems that life found a way. With that, your objectives have changed. The creature has been spotted near X-1’s location. It might be prudent for the both of you to go together to take care of them both.” Daisuke shoots a glance at his sister who nods at him in approval. The small respite they had was more than enough to get them back up to fighting shape. It was time to finally finish this quest. As the twins grab their respective weapons and head towards the exit, the doctor turns around and stares at the image of X-1 on the monitor. “It will be interesting to see the combination of lightning magic and a hint of the legendary Saiyan magic. I wonder if the twins can handle it.

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The forceful grunt of Daisuke swiping at vines could be heard through the sunny sky as the twins ploughed through the dense area. Thankfully, Misora had opted to use Luin from the outset of her fight so she still had access to her standard issue steel sword as compared to Daisuke who has his broken very early on. So, in order to get through the area, the two decided to take turns. Daisuke, having lost the initial rock-paper-scissors contact, was first up. He knew, however, that he would likely wind up using the sword for the remainder as Misora was notorious for never taking her turn during this sort of thing. It was something that they always argued about when they were kids. Another swipe of the sword cleared more vines and revealed white tufts of fur just like the last time. “Be careful. Those tufts are electrically charged too.” Daisuke says as he notices his sister absentmindedly getting close to some. She nods and quickly thanks her brother as they move deeper.

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As they come to a clearing, they are met with the creature. This one, however, was even larger than the one Daisuke fought. Whereas the one he fought was similar in height to the six foot Daisuke, this one dwarfed even that by nearly double. A deep scar was adorned across its face, closing its right eye. Unlike the other, it was immediately aware of the twins’ location as it turned towards them. Electricity began to crackle around it as it reared on its hindlegs. “Shit! Misora, move!” Daisuke screams as he remembered the tell from the last time he encountered one of the creatures. Sure enough, the creature discharged a powerful bolt of electricity towards the two. The bolt, however, traveled over their heads and rocketed through the trees behind them. “Was that meant to be a warning shot?” Misora asks, still in awe of the display of power. Daisuke, knowing an inkling of what the creature could be capable of and its mannerisms, was skeptical. When he fought the last creature, it performed differently. The differences could be attributed to the obvious fact that this one was more battle hardened than the last but there was something amiss. Something didn’t add up. Unfortunately, Daisuke’s concerns were realized when a deep roar echoed from behind them.

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A boulder, many times the size of the creature, sailed towards it from behind the twins’ general location. The creature, acting fast, discharges another bolt of electricity towards the boulder; destroying it on contact and scattering dust and debris everywhere. The twins, kneeling down to take cover, are knocked aside as a large figure zooms towards them and charges towards the creature. It reaches for the creature, grabbing it by the neck as it attempts to force the creature towards the ground. Electricity sparks around the two behemoths as they continue to fight and jockey for position. Their deafening roars could be heard echoing during their fight before they split off, the dust slowly starting to clear. Both Daisuke and Misora stand with mouths agape once more as they get a birds-eye view of the creature they saw on the screen earlier. X-1, a frightening brown creature which had the upper body and incredible strength of an ape with the lower body and horns of a bull.

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The creature had somewhat of an underbite with two large fangs protruding from below. It had piercing red eyes with black sclera as approached the electric charged creature for round two. The unicorn-like creature rears up and charges towards X-1 with horn aimed squarely at its chest. Even though he was not the target of the charge, he instinctively took a step back as he remembered the charge from the last creature he fought. As the creature nears, X-1 grabs the horn as the two collide, preventing it from piercing its skin. Using its superior strength, X-1 stops the creature’s forward momentum and uses it to finally force the creature down. The creature begins to charge up electrical energy in an attempt to perform a point blank blast as X-1 begins to pull on the horn. Harder and harder it pulls, becoming angrier and angrier at its inability to do so. Suddenly, the horn snaps as the built up energy discharges prematurely. A massive explosion engulfs the two behemoths as Daisuke instinctively moves to shield his sister from the blast.

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Thanks.” Misora says as Daisuke helps her up. A thick blanket of dust covered the area as the two attempt to survey the area. “You think it did our work for us?” Daisuke asks hopefully, not wanting to deal with either creature. To his horror, his answer was revealed. A loud crunching sound could be heard as the dust began to clear, revealing X-1 unharmed and chewing on the severed horn as if it were candy. The creature lay at its feet, dead from a combination of the blast as well as the removal of its horn. Finishing up the last bits of the horn, X-1’s attention shifts towards the twins as it rears up and begins to beat its chest. Suddenly, the fur along its body begins to stand and turn a light golden color as golden electricity crackles around it. With a roar, the creature shoots a golden beam of pure electricity towards the twins.

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Shit…” Misora replies as she moves in front of Daisuke and draws Luin. She stabs her spear into the ground as pillars of ice erupt around the two. The electricity strikes the ice pillars, shattering it on impact and blasting the two a good distance back. As the creature beats its chest once more, Daisuke and Misora rise up. “Remind me to kill the doctor.” Daisuke says as he draws Galantine from its sheath. The legendary sword erupts in flames as Daisuke points it towards the creature. Misora stands beside him with Luin at the ready. “The combo?” Daisuke says. “We hadn’t used it outside of training. You think now is a good time?” “Can you think of anything better to contend against that?!” Daisuke says as he exaggeratingly points his sword towards the now approaching behemoth. Misora sighs, knowing that her brother had a point and readies herself. “Since you didn’t get to cut down any vines, you get to go high.” “Wait what?!” She exclaims as Daisuke runs towards X-1 with a mischievous grin on his face.

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She sneers in anger and takes off towards her brother, quickly catching up with him. They run side by side, each of them matching the other’s speed, before splitting off. Misora runs towards the right, catching the brunt of the creature’s attention for the moment. She runs at an increased speed towards the massive creature, dodging an initial strike with its club-like arm as Luin glows a bright blue color. She performs a couple piercing strikes to it as ice begins to spread along its right arm. X-1 roars in anger as it slams its arm on the ground, shattering the ice and continuing its assault. It opens its mouth and attempts to fire another beam of electricity towards Misora but is violently interrupted by Daisuke with a wave of fire. The smell of burned flesh permeated the area as the unreachable part of its back had been horribly burned by the flames. With its attention and rage directed towards Daisuke, Misora begins to channel her mana as a light blue aura envelope her.

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The creature swings wildly towards the youth who manages to either dodge the strikes entirely or block them with the still alit Galantine. The strikes blocked by Galantine only served to further enrage the beast as its skin began to char. With its rage at its peak, X-1 slams its fists on the ground and unleashes a beam of electricity towards Daisuke even larger than it shot previously. “Oh shit…” Daisuke thought as he knew he would be unable to escape from the blast. Seeing that Misora was almost ready, Daisuke decided to throw caution to the wind and used Galantine to block the attack. The blast hit dead on, pushing the youth back a considerable distance. Though Galantine was able to keep the majority of the sustained blast from engulfing Daisuke, he still felt the residual crackles of electricity surge through his body. His body twitched in pain as he continued to withstand the blast.

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Misora, finally ready, charges towards X-1. She leaps up on the creature’s massive body, dragging Luin along the bull portion of its back so the weapon’s freezing ability can take effect before reaching the nape of the creature’s neck and leaps off high into the sky. As Daisuke sees the blue speck of energy in the sky, he trails his hand along Galantine’s blade as his body is enveloped in a reddish aura. He begins to move forward through, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed as he cuts through the beam. The twins knew that they only had one shot at this. One shot to get it right. Misora begins to her descent towards the creature with the tip of Luin pointed down, her form blurring into a blue streak. On the ground, Daisuke moves just as fast, his form also blurring into a red streak. As Daisuke’s blurred form nears closer towards X-1, he leaps up to swing his sword horizontally, meeting Misora’s strike in the middle. The two attacks collide against X-1 at the same time, creating a massive white explosion upon contact.

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Minutes later, Daisuke comes to, the now dimmed Galantine at his side. His sister, moderately injured, lay a good ways away from him with Luin stabbed in the ground. “Misora!” he yells as he attempts to move. His body feels heavy and he knows that he’s likely broken a bone or two. “I’m fine…well that’s a lie. I’m alive at least.” She says, her body in equally bad shape. The creature’s remains were nowhere to be found, having disintegrated by the sheer force of the two attacks. As the twins lay on the ground, a soft and familiar voice could be heard in their ears. “Well, it seems that you two managed to kill X-1. I must say, I am very impressed. A shame that you could not leave its body intact.” “Screw…. you.” Daisuke says as the doctor’s soft chuckle rings in his ear. “No matter. I’ve dispatched a team to retrieve you and take you to the local medical facility. All expenses for it will be paid of course. I have also included a little bonus as a thank you. Do keep in touch Sato twins. I may require your services in the future.” He says before disconnecting. Both Daisuke and Misora manage to raise their middle fingers up in the air, correctly figuring that the doctor was somehow watching and could see them. Doctor Sakyo, seeing the display, smiles as he turns the screen back towards his research. “Those twins are certainly something. Unsurprising, given their true parentage. I can’t wait to see their growth and the growth of my children.” He says as he opens a new folder with subfolders ranging from ‘X-2 to X-30’ inside.

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