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Monster Hunter I [S-Rank] [Daisuke]

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Monster Hunter I [S-Rank] [Daisuke] Empty Sat Feb 11, 2023 1:16 pm

A bright smile was plastered on both of the Sato Twins faces as they walked through the city of Crocus with a strong sense of pride. Due to their recent accomplishments, Daisuke’s impressive display against the cult-corrupted wyvern that loomed over the Era Dungeon and Misora’s valiant efforts during the offensive against the dark invader who threatened to attack Era, both twins had been promoted to the title of Seated Knight. It was an honor that that both of them cherished. With that, they were one promotion away from obtaining the same rank that their father held for so many years. When Jun learned of their promotion, he nearly cried out of excitement. He and Haruka always knew that the twins would be something special. The fact that they were accomplishing this at an accelerated rate only furthered that thought process. The two of them decided that they would do their first request as Seated Knights together and choose something that they assumed would be a good showcase of their skills: Hunting Monsters.

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Holy shit…” Daisuke exclaims as both he and Misora stand with mouths agape at the towering ivory building in front of them. The building was as impressive as the castle grounds of the Rune Knights, potentially even more so. “You can say that again…” Misora chimes in, quickly attempting to regain her composure. “Come on, let’s go.” She says as she pulls her brother towards the entrance. Both of them felt a strange sense of unease as they moved closer to the building. It felt…unnatural. As they ascended up the stairway, Daisuke spots an armed female walking towards them. Her deadly gaze fixated directly on the two. “I hope she’s not going to be trouble…” Daisuke mutters as he and Misora stop moving. Upon getting closer, the woman spots the Rune Knight badges on their persons and lessens her gaze, though still remaining cautious. “Officers of the Magic Council, what business do you have here?” She says bluntly.

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I’m Officer Misora Sato and this is my brother Officer Daisuke Sato. There was a flyer requesting some assistance in hunting some monsters in the area. While we were here in Crocus, we decided to help out.” “Oh…you’re his replacements…” She says with both a hint of intrigue and sadness. Her attention wonders as she seems to fondly remember something…or someone. “His?” Daisuke chimes in, his curiosity piqued by her words. Both twins picked up on this but only Daisuke was tactless enough to prod her on the subject. His question was rewarded by a quick jab to the side and a death glare by Misora. “What?” Daisuke mouths as she rolls her eyes. Snapped by to reality by the directness of the question, the woman reverts to her previous cold persona. “It doesn’t matter. My name is Mizu Tachibana. I’m the Commander of the forces around here. Follow me. I’ll take you both to see the doctor.

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Commander Tachibana takes the twins through the massive building, briefly showing them skeletal remains of some creatures and explaining a bit of a backstory of both the creatures and their creator, Hiroshi Sakyo aka the Dread Doctor. The name triggers a memory for Daisuke from his youth. His father, coming back from a trip from Crocus, mentioning a psychopath by the moniker of the Dread Doctor who was responsible for creating abominations. They were dispatched to handle the threat and many Knights lost their lives in ordeal; Jun was considered one of the lucky ones. Whenever he would return from a trip to Crocus, he would always exclaim in amazement how that ‘deranged psycho’ was able to avoid prison time for his crimes. “Alright, he’s in here.” Commander Tachibana says as her words snap Daisuke back from his remembering. The two found themselves standing in front of a massive door with the word ‘Warning’ draped in red lettering across it. “Should you two need anything, I’ll be back out front. I have to make sure more of these things don’t get loose.

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The twins thank her for showing them the way and bid her farewell as Daisuke opens the door. The room on the other side was a massive laboratory with a computer screen almost as large as the wall in rest upon at the end of the room. There was a man sitting in front of the screen, furiously typing away at the keyboard in front of him. He stops his typing momentarily once he registers that the door has been opened but continues to type soon after. “Please close the door on your way in. Can’t have everyone seeing…” he says without looking back. Misora complies and closes the door as the two make their way towards him. “You’re that crazed Dread Doctor I assume?” Daisuke says, prompted a loud sigh of embarrassment from his sister. The man chuckles as he motions for the two to come closer, still not removing his gaze from his work.

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He types the last bit of what he needed in his computer and finally stops his typing before cracking his knuckles. Turning around, he reveals himself entirely. An elderly man in his near seventies with grey hair reaching down towards his shoulders. He wore all white and had powder blue gloves across his lap. Daisuke internally noted that he saw a hint of red specks on them which he instantly recognized was blood. A cane was propped on the desk in front of him. “I’ve been called many a name. Dread Doctor, freak, deranged psychopath…I believe your father favored that one.” “You know about our father?” Misora exclaims as Daisuke’s body tenses up. A shiver shot through their spines as they were now fully on guard. “Of course. It is my business to know about the people and ongoings of said people in the area. Plus, I’ve had many a run-ins with Lieutenant Sato while he was in service. A fine man indeed. How is he?” he says with smile.

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Fine.” Daisuke says briskly, wanting to end the conversation at that moment. There was something about the doctor that concerned him. Doctor Sakyo, still flashing that off putting smile, moves closer towards the two. ‘Did Ms. Tachibana inform you of what I’m requesting from you?” “Briefly…” Daisuke says before Misora, deciding to take the reigns of the conversation. “That’s fair. She normally leaves this sort of thing to me. Likely irritated that she has to do so much. No matter.” He says as he turns to his chair and pulls up four images. “Unfortunately, some of my children have escaped. They are currently roaming around Fiore but a large majority of them have remained in the area. These four have been spotted somewhere in the area. I need the two of you to bring them back.” The twins look at the creatures in the photos in an awed silence, noting that they looked more akin to myth than actual roaming creatures. But, after hearing just what the doctor specialized in, they weren’t surprised.

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How do you expect us to bring these creatures back?” Misora asks. “I only need you to detain them really. Once they have been detained, you need simply contact me and I’ll dispatch a unit to retrieve it. Bringing them back alive would be ideal but killing them is also fine. Just ensure that they are intact.” Daisuke massages the corners of his eyes and turns towards his sister to begin going over their gameplan. “So, how do you want to tackle this? We take them all together or split up and do two and two?” “I’m sure we can take them separately. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can be rid of this.” Daisuke nods in agreement, wanting to be finished with the doctor as soon as possible. They both turned to the computer to begin to process of choosing who would go after what. “If I may make a suggestion…” Doctor Sakyo says, appearing next to the twins with surprising speed.

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His hands lightly trail alongside Galantine and Luin prompting the two to jerk back. “It might be in your best interests to go after the two on the right Mr. Sato as they have an inherent weakness to fire while your sister handles to the two on the left as they have one to ice. The skirmishes would be in your favor.” Anger shoots across Daisuke’s face as he reaches for his weapon, ready to draw as Misora places her hand over his. He glances towards her as she shakes her head negatively. The doctor, lightly chuckling returns to his seat. “Their last known locations as well as a couple of lacrima to contact me are on the table near the entrance. I wish you both success.” “I hate him.” Daisuke says as he two exit the lab. “He creeps me out but we have a job to do. Afterward, we need to press him on what he knows about it.” Deciding to not let his irritation towards the doctor get the best of him, Daisuke agrees and heads off to find and stop the first of the creatures.

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A slicing sound could be heard as a few vines dropped to the ground, Daisuke slowly combing through a surprisingly thick forest-like area. The vines were few in numbers at first but grew numerous as he ventured deeper and deeper inside. Seeing no other alternative, Daisuke decided to carve his path with his standard issue steel sword. He figured it would best to use that instead of dull Galantine’s blade with a rather trivial matter. Along the way, he saw small white tufts of fur scattered throughout. Remembering the image he saw from the computer earlier, he knew that he was getting close to his target. As he moved to examine the tufts of fur closer, he noticed that they seemed to be crackling with residual electrical energy. “Electricity? That crazy bastard imbued these creatures with magical powers? Father was right, he really is a deranged psychopath.” Daisuke sighs as he goes to move deeper into the forest area.

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He enters a clearing and spots his target from a distance. It was a crystal blue creature that greatly resembled a unicorn. Its face had the characteristics of a lion and its body was covered in scales. Its white mane flowed in the gentle breeze as its body crackled with electricity. Daisuke was awed by both its majestic and the fact that the crazed doctor was actually able to create something such as this. The creature, oblivious to Daisuke’s presence, continued to graze on the grass in the area. The young Rune Knight decided that a sneak attack would be the best option. He’d end it in one blow as quick as possible. He lowered himself towards the ground and moved quietly, his grip on the steel sword tightened. As he came within what he believed to be striking range, he raised his sword and readied to strike. The creature, sensing his presence, kicked its hind legs back, striking Daisuke square in the chest. The force of the blow sends him flying backwards as a stream of electricity courses through his body. He screams in pain as he violently crashes through a couple of smaller trees before coming to a halt against a much larger tree.

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Daisuke remained in the seated position for a few seconds, partially due to the shock of being hit that hard and partially due to the lingering effects the electricity that shot through him. “I’ll kill it.” Daisuke says as he struggles to get up. His body had felt like it had been hit by a truck and some blood dripped from his mouth. Daisuke, noticing the blood, quickly wipes it away and moves back towards the spot where he last saw the creature. Upon his approach, the creature stops grazing and turns to greet the Rune Knight. The beast glares at Daisuke as electricity crackles arounds it, ready for another offensive. Daisuke places the steel sword back in its sheath, never taking his gaze off of the creature. Reaching behind him, he draws Galantine as the sword is immediately wreathed in flames. The creature, noticing the now flaming sword, moves back in fear as Daisuke advances forward. “I guess that damn doctor was right. Fire is its weakness.

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The creature rears up on its hindlegs as it neighs before a bolt of lightning strikes the ground in front of Daisuke. “Shit…” Daisuke exclaims as he instinctively moves back, realizing that the strike was a warning shot. He knew, however, that he could not back down. He needed to defeat the creature. Realizing that Daisuke was not leaving, the creature unleashes another strike of lightning towards Daisuke now with the intent to strike him. The youth narrowly dodges the strike as he swings Galantine towards it with the intention of consuming it in the same attack that killed the wyvern. The creature charges through the wave of fire, severely burned, with horn aimed directly at Daisuke. He quickly brings his sword up to guard against the attack as the charging creature pushes the two of them back. Electricity crackles around them both as it continues its charge; Daisuke’s body convulsing in pain. He knew that he needed to end this as soon as possible as the longer the skirmish went on, the more it favored the creature.

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He plants his feet on the ground, momentarily overpowering the creature and halting its momentum for the moment. He quickly trails his left hand along the blade as the fire that consumed the blade increased. With a roar of defiance, he swings his blade upward as a large explosion of flames consumes them both. As the fire dissipates, it reveals both man and creature laying on the ground. For Daisuke, he was extremely out of breath but alive. For the creature, however, it glared at Daisuke before drawing its final breath and slowly closing its eyes. Cursing the creature for the trouble it caused, Daisuke fumbles around in his pocket for the lacrima and activates it. “It’s dead.” “Wonderful. I’ll send a retrieval unit. It seems your sister has finished up her first target as well. Your reward will be waiting here if should you want to return to recuperate before tackling the next one.” The doctor says before he cuts the line. “Bastard...” Daisuke says before closing his eyes and lets out a sigh of relief

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