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Pirates! (Averie) (NQ C-Rank)

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Pirates! (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Thu Jan 26, 2023 3:08 am

Vex having heard of pirate activity in the waters just out side of the docks was tasked with a mission to help get some cargo back from pirates that was stolen just a few hours ago and she hopes that Averie can help her with this task which is why Vex had sent for Averie and Vex had gone ahead to find them a ship to take them out so they can combat the Pirates in the water and try to get the stolen cargo back. The captains look at her and she starts wheeling and dealing with the captains as they were going to need to make sure that they will not just get ripped off and a brave younger captain says he will take up this task and take them out into the waters and help them to route the pirates and send them to the ice waters in which they steal from the good folk that are going goods around the world and the country.

She follows the man to his ship at the docks and he waits for Averie to come to them as she sent Carla to fly around and look for Averie to help lead the woman to the ship so that they can set sail and take on a threat on the waters where Vex will feel at home with her nature and water magics and can really shed some light on the pirates as she helps them into Tutrix's embrace as they pass on to the next world if their souls even could be saved and she hopes the necromancer will not judge her too harshly for this.


Pirates! (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Yesterday at 1:24 pm

It seem eventually she would be lead to the same way she showed up in fiore a boat, Just for other means then tales by drunken captain going on about how she keeps losing to a kraken with many losses, deaths and countless faces lost to the sea. In some manner Averie had to wonder if that captain was okay and manage to achieve that goal. Or did she have to build up more jewel, a mass another crew and possibly fail again. But she was getting distracted from the task at hand because some one was gathering her attention.

They where off to catch up with Vex, Hopefully not arriving too late. She had a feeling was just fine still, It seemed they if anything it was just on time. Over all Averie as a person did not have much worry because it was just how life was at times. At least still Vex continued bringing her along these missions it was different and now how Averie expected things to go but maybe Vex was just that different for once in her life. Hopefully this different turned out well. Since it was just how she needed things to be at times.

It would not take too long for Averie to get to this boat, As well as where Vex was. It was more she seemed to be taking her sweet time getting their until Carla came for her. Then she rushed a bit quicker because it was wasting time that this point.


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