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Investigate the Weed [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank]

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Investigate the Weed [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Mon Jan 16, 2023 12:04 pm

Lotus hadn't quite recovered from their last encounter with a beanstalk, she still felt rather ill. However no matter how Ashley tried to coax her into leaving this job to them Lotus was determined to accompany her sister.

So here they were meeting with Inspector Nilan at the edge of the forest. The man himself was surrounded by scientists and appeared completely exasperated. As the sisters approached they could hear the gaggle of scientists shouting out different theories and demanding more samples while they also criticized each others theories to prove that others didn't need the samples as much as they did.

"Enough, Enough! The mages I have hired have arrived. Please be patient and you will all get the samples you need."

Nolan pacified the scientists enough to excuse himself and approach.

"I'm glad you could both make it. We have discovered that the cause of the overgrown plants is related to some careless use of magic. However as you probably heard from all the yelling we require more samples to be sure of the details. The plant originates deeper into the forest, take these sampling devices and bring back anything you think might help."



Investigate the Weed [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Mon Jan 16, 2023 2:07 pm

Lotus had ignored their warnings, pushing herself past her limits. Collapsing. Ashley's heart had wrenched at that moment, the fear of losing their beloved sister, their one and only confidante excluding their father. Panic. Fear. It had been a little overwhelming. Although once Lotus regained consciousness they had played it off as no big deal, it had in fact been just that. A very big deal.

It almost made them want to stop working on the whole investigation. Almost. But if they had Lotus would have asked questions. It was better for them to believe their big sibling was infallible. It was what kept them by their side. If she were to ever discover how weak and powerless Ashley truly was, they were confident Lotus would leave them, like everyone else.

Their mind had been so preoccupied that they startled a bit at the inspector's voice. Glancing around they couldn't remember arriving, they really had been lost in their own little world. It was time to stop that and get to work. They took a deep breath, steadying themselves. Telling themselves it was all going to be okay as they now gave their full attention to Nilan as he explained the research team's discovery.

Magic huh? It definitely would explain how a beanstalk suddenly grew to the size of a castle wall overnight.



Investigate the Weed [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:23 pm

Lotus followed along as Ashley lead the pair into the forest. Her sister was always so reliable and so capable, Lotus truly felt blessed to have her in her life. Out of everyone in her life Ashley was the only one Lotus trusted wouldn't abandon her, even if she was useless or a burden. After mentally reassuring herself she pushed the little voice in her head that claimed otherwise deep deep down. She loved and trusted her sister unconditionally.

The deeper they went into the forest the weirder the plant life became. They found a number of vines that had been cut off and yet had continue to grow on their own. Weird.

There were also some plants in really bright vibrant colors that Lotus could only assume where way bigger than they should be. She didn't know much about plants thou. Probably better if she only grabs the samples Ashley asks of her rather than grabbing whatever catches her eye.



Investigate the Weed [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 3:16 am

Ashley examined the plants thoroughly as they traversed through the forest. Taking out a small book on the local vegetation, comparing what they saw with the drawings and details held within the pages as they flipped through it. From what they could gather many of the plants were indeed overgrown, although not to the same extent as the beanstalk that had grown in the township.

There were also numerous oddities in regard to colours that didn't match the descriptions or spines the plants normally shouldn't have and the like. As they went along, Ashley was sure to collect samples of any plants they believed were 'incorrect' according to the notes. They had started wondering if perhaps they'd overdone when they'd had to start relying on Lotus to carry some of the canisters that contained the plant pieces, but still they pressed on.

That was until they felt it. A strange energy that seemed to be draining them of their energy. It was odd and they felt their head spin, growing a little dizzy. Turning back they suggested that perhaps it was best for them to turn back, while they would happily press on if they were alone, thy did not wish to risk having their sister pass out again.


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Investigate the Weed [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 4:02 am

Lotus watched Ashley examine various plants and compare them to her notebook. Every now and then Ashley would decide a plant was abnormal and collect a sample. What made them abnormal? Lotus had no idea. All just looked like plants to her.

Ashley just kept collecting more and more. Becoming increasingly overburdened but still didn't ask Lotus to help so she reached out to take some of the samples herself.

"Hey Sis you don't need to push yourself so hard. I'm feeling a bit better, I can at least do this much."

It was a blatant lie, she was not feeling better in the slightest. In fact the longer they spent in the forest the worse they felt. Almost as if her energy and mana was seeping away. It was an immense relief when Ashley suggested turning back. Lotus was worried she'd faint again if they pushed much further.

After returning to inspector Nolan and handing over the silly plant samples in return for wonderful lovely jewels their job was done.

Time for a proper nap.



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