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Ex's Closet [D-Rank]

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Ex's Closet [D-Rank] Empty Sun Jan 15, 2023 7:34 am

Hellebore stood outside a familiar apartment with her hand raised to knock. However she appeared to be hesitating, was she really going to accept another job from this idiot Maxwell?

Her contemplation was suddenly interrupted when the door she was about to knock on was yanked open. Standing there was the same idiot as the other day, his hair still just as ridiculous.

"Who the hel- Ah! You're the cat that did me a solid the other day. Dam, you got purrfect timing. See I got another job for you, interested?"

Why did everyone feel the need for cat puns. Not worth getting into it thou so Hellebore just nodded. Might as well just find out what weird "job" Max had for her this time.

"So my girl broke up with me- I mean I broke up with my girl recently and I left something at her place. It's in a little yellow box. Need you to sneak in and get it back for me.
There is just one catch, place has a vicious guard dog. I'd go myself but that monster recognizes my scent."

He was probably just scared. Hellebore nods wordlessly and accepts a sheet of paper with an address before Max stomps off where ever he was heading today.

Vicious guard dog? Shouldn't be a problem, dogs are dumb. Hellebore decides to take a quick stop at a butchers for some scraps of meat. From Max's description it's probably a rather large dog so she better get a fair bit.

It doesn't take long for her to find the right apartment. A quick peak over back fence reveals a tiny almost adorable dog resting in the sun. No sign of the vicious monster Maxwell warned her about. Hellebore drops quietly into the yard, keeping one eye on the little dog while listening out for this guard dog. No sign of the later but the former is starting to stir. It might be a harmless little thing but best not to take any chances, it's barking might alert the other dog, or the neighbors.

Hellebore takes out a little bit of the meat she had brought and carefully approaches the small furball. It seems a little startled when it fully wakes up so she tosses the meat to the little guy, who starts happily devouring it with his tiny tail wagging vigorously. It was almost cute, you know, for a dog. Leaving some more food to keep him occupied Hellebore slips into the house.

She was after a little yellow box, so time to toss the place. Not the first time Hellebore had searched a place for valuables. It didn't take her too long to find the box, buried right at the back of a closet. Excellent.

Hellebore gave the tiny dog a little more food on her way out. Still no sign of this vicious guard dog thou. Unless.
A thought occurs to her but she really wants to reject it. Was the vicious guard dog Maxwell was talking about this fluff ball? It couldn't be right?

Arriving back at Maxwells place Hellebore gives the door a quick knock. It doesn't take long for Maxwell to open the door, seems like he was back already from where ever he went earlier.

"Back already? You work quick."

Hellebore just nods at him and tosses the little yellow box his way. After catching it he turns around and opens it, hiding the contents from her.
She rolled her eyes at this, having no care what was in the box. Maxwell seemed satisfied thou and handed her the payment for this job.

622/500 Words.


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